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What Is the Project We Have Worked on?

It is an educational project consisting of an extensive monitoring system of public schools from entire Italy. The system enables a user to keep track of the learning progress of a certain student, school, region, and Italy overall. This analysis provides valuable data on how educational processes may be optimized in the pursuit of reaching optimal learning results. This data is important for making sure that all schools across all regions are funded sufficiently and justly and no students are left underprivileged.

The platform is not accessible for external users. Instead, each person should be authorized by a super-admin – a responsible person from the Ministry of Education. The users are categorized in accordance with the strict educational system hierarchy.

The higher the level of a user is, the more access and opportunities they are granted. For instance, students are allowed to view only their courses and learning progress. Teachers and other users of higher hierarchical levels have a right to manage courses and examination sessions. Admins and super-admins can add, manage, and delete some users, courses, institutions, etc.

Our Cooperation


The primary question was related to data security: how to enable users to access certain information according to their place in the educational system? Solving this issue required long hours of brainstorming and planning, but through continuous cooperation, we managed to develop the ultimate hierarchy. Another concern was associated with a huge amount of data that the system had to process. In particular, the geographical database featured over 8000 towns and villages, where each of them had at least one school. Eventually, the system had to contain data of about 300 thousand students. Our back-end developer did a great job in the pursuit of making the system work fast even when there are a lot of simultaneous users.

Finally, we had to take into account the specific features and needs of schools for students with disabilities to ensure that our system is as inclusive as possible.

Our Team

Three senior JS developers, one dedicated Project Manager, and one Quality Assurance specialist have been helping our partners to develop the project.


The application has been developed for the web platform. As for the development technologies, we used Angular, Node.js, Express, and MongoDB.


Waterfall – all the requirements were clear from the very beginning, our developers had an excellent experience in development methodologies, and we were badly limited in terms of time.

What Makes This Case Special?

We partnered up with a learning transformation company that supports people in their professional development. The project is run by a team of experts in design, management, and maintenance of training courses and workshops, which are based on the exclusive learning methodology invented by our partners. This methodology is a unique way of acquiring new personal and professional skills, managing learning tools, optimizing learner behavior patterns, and developing competitive potential. Our partners strive to help their users in:

  • Developing leadership skills;
  • Shifting to innovation;
  • Managing talents;
  • Acquiring useful skills;
  • Boosting performance and productivity;
  • Making a valuable social impact.


Keenethics worked seamlessly alongside the internal team and produced fast, efficient code. They accommodated expanded work-hours to meet tight deadlines and responded quickly to inquiries. Customers can expect a highly productive team that delivers high-quality products at competitive rates.
– Technical Lead

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