Elixir Development Services

With Keenethics, you'll be confident about app performance. Build reliable software with Elixir, a high-performing functional programming language.
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Elixir Web Development Technologies

We work with a large tech stack when providing our clients with Elixir development services. Our tech specialists are always ready to take on a new project and contribute to its success by integrating different frameworks, libraries, technologies, and APIs.
Phoenix LiveView

Get a powerful tool for creating interactive, real-time experiences on the web.


With Ecto, developers get an intuitive query syntax enabling them to interact with databases in a way that is easy to understand and maintain.


Broadway is a powerful Elixir library helping developers define data flows and easily construct complex pipelines for processing and transforming data.

ExUnit (Native Elixir Testing Tool)

Our specialists use ExUnit, a robust and flexible internal unit testing framework, for testing and debugging Elixir code easily.


Enable interactive and intuitive interfaces in dynamic high-end React capabilities.


With GrapghQL, you get smart organizing dataflow between front-end and back-end with no worry about security.


Fast software development of any scope is a core reason to request Vue.js.


Explore how to develop large-scale web software in an object-oriented way with TypeScript.

Rest API

With our Rest developers, you can shape the way you view, change, and share content using one architectural style.


With MongoDB, a cross-platform database, we help companies to handle heavy write loads, large data volumes, and location-based data. 


An ability to handle complex query structures and high levels of concurrency makes PostgreSQL database a popular choice for many companies.


If you’re looking for a reliable mediator to communicate messages and data between different systems, RabbitMQ is one of our choices. 


You get high performance with Redis providing your app with fast read and write operations.


Use the easy way to configure, deploy, manage, and maintain complex systems with Kubernetes.


AWS is an excellent cloud computing platform packed with powerful services and features. With this tool, you get auto-scaling, load balancing, and data encryption, helping you optimize performance, reduce downtime, and ensure data confidentiality.


One of the reasons we use Terraform in our development is its ability to efficiently manage infrastructure at scale with reduced risk of errors or misconfiguration.


Reliable and thoroughly-tested software solution with Keenethics

We often go the extra mile to deliver smart Elixir development solutions for our clients. As a web development company, we use Elixir for scalable products. If scalability and functionality are priorities for you, our expertize in offering Elixir-based solutions can be exactly what you can benefit from.

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Do you catch yourself responding to the same question again and again? Cordian is a reliable, intelligent AI assistant in data visualization, analyzing questions with natural language processing and producing the response with deep learning. You get higher productivity through instant answers, security through verified content, and effectiveness through a flawless workflow.

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GetPart is an Estonia-based procurement platform for on-demand manufacturing aimed at making procurement of metal components simple, safe, and efficient. By following a standardized template, a Customer can easily create a price request. A Supplier, in turn, can make an offer. Customers can efficiently compare all offers they’ve received and eventually make a deal with the selected Supplier.

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When using a paystub generator, you choose a template, enter company and employee info and an earning statement, and download and review your final pay stub. You can be sure about the accuracy of all deductions since the pay stub generator uses the latest accounting payroll software to ensure accurate calculations.

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Ruuster is ​​a tool that helps clients plan their home-buying process and eventually purchase the home of their dreams. With the help of Ruuster, anyone can easily plan their home-buying process by following actionable step-by-step checklists and guidelines. Understanding costs and learning your budget makes this process much easier for a buyer.

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Bookmaker is a book publishing platform that unites storytellers, writers, and editors. Through Bookmaker, it’s easy to maintain communication, schedule interviews (in-person or remote), fill in surveys, update or approve the draft of the book, and create a cover and a book design. Constant collaboration between all participants allows the customer to get a uniquely designed and printed book.

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The idea behind BankerAdvisor was to create an efficient investment banking service for buyers and advisory firms that would provide relevant insights into bank operations based on verified client reviews. For us, this app is an opportunity to make investment banking more efficient by providing unbiased reviews and showing the advisory services their weaknesses and strengths.

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The Key Reasons to Use Elixir for Your Project

Let's review the key reasons to use an Elixir solution in your project:

Reducing reliance on JavaScript

The unique Phoenix framework targeting Elixir application development allows seasoned developers to create apps without the use of JavaScript. Using the so-called Live View feature, experienced professionals can create interfaces solely via Elixir.

Working with small and big projects

Elixir is notable for relying on the so-called Erlang VM. The key types of project it targets include real-time apps, such as chats, that can grow user bases rapidly. Erlang VM presents a unique framework of handling concurrency, which involves complex process isolation that stops deadlocks.

Providing a wide range of functions

Elixir is a full-scale programming language that enables you to create any feature you want using a highly functional language. It's especially efficient for web and mobile applications, making Elixir a perfect go-to development framework for reducing an average software development cost.

Ensuring high stability

The use of Erlang VM as a basis is a key feature of Elixir. It makes the platform highly stable due to features like process isolation. One failed process doesn't disrupt everything in an app.

Our Elixir Expert Opinion

If you want to bring Elixir into your organization, you will find no better consultancy, development service, and support than the Keenethics team. Our experts will bring resilient, fault-tolerant, and scalable solutions to your project and satisfy functional and non-functional requirement.

Oleg Okunevych
Elixir Software Engineer
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Elixir Development Process We Follow

We guide businesses through every stage of software development while delivering effective and elegantly designed app development solutions to improve your daily business processes.
The goal of business analysis is to test the project idea.
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Through continuous testing, we make sure the code we develop is clean, effective, and free of bugs.
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The goal of a discovery stage is to test and develop the project idea.
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Software grows outdated, technical errors occur, and the project idea undergoes changes.
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Our Customers Say

We were impressed with Keenethics from the get-go. They really get startups and are able to work without perfect project plans – making clever and reasonable assumptions as they go and clarifying when the need arises. Great team, solid communication, and fast-paced, high-quality development. They really get startups and are able to work without perfect project plans.

Jens Munch
from the UK
Founder of Pace, a revenue management software provider

The greatest thing about Keenethics is that this company is all about ideas. They do not strive for money only. These people aim to make a difference in the software world. They promote ethical values and show others how to meet Tech4Good demands. They were so excited by how new technologies can be used for the common good that they even asked me for an interview that was published on their blog. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Hernando Sanchez-Faddeev
Leiden, Netherlands
Chief Executive Officer, Owl Tech B.V.
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We have hired Keenethics to design and develop (web and mobile app) a cloud manufacturing platform. Our goals were to get a MVP product within limited timeframes and fixed budget. The Keenethics team has managed to deliver the product on time, with the required quality and with professional attitude. I’m absolutely satisfied with our cooperation and can recommend the Keenethics team as a group of professionals, who knows what they are doing.

Aleksei Germ
CEO at GetPart, an on demand manufacturing company
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Why Choose Keenethics as an Elixir Development Company?

2-week trial period

We, as an Elixir development company, offer a 2-week trial period split into two options.


First option: We don’t charge for the first week of development if you’re unsatisfied with it.


Second option: If we terminate our contract by the end of the notice period, we don’t bill you for the last week of the development.

2-week trial period

Quality with the Strike Force approach

You hire a dedicated team of our best software developers, Strike Force, to set the ground for a successful project launch. We deliver a full-cycle Elixir web development solution in industries ranging from education, healthcare, finance, and banking to real estate. Within a month, they’ll set up the project architecture and major development processes for the client’s solution. Afterward, we suggest switching the developers to the junior and middle ones while the Strike Force stays as a consulting team. This way, you have a more affordable project with top-notch quality, no matter the project size.

Quality with the Strike Force approach

Improved ROI with a UX audit

Our UX audit shows you what upsets your users and holds back the success of your solution. This approach is the best way to cut development expenses and improve your ROI in the long run. In the UX audit, we analyze the design of your solution to improve user flows. At the same time, we eliminate the pain points of your users as well as improper design practices. Learn more in this UX presentation.

Improved ROI with a UX audit

Mental health program and motivation inside the team

Our mental health program implies that an employee’s happiness translates into high productivity and quality relationships. In Keenethics, people are the highest value. Our Mental Health Officer monitors the mental state of employees to guarantee a low employee turnover and to exclude associated project delays. So, you hire a keen team of dedicated developers that are excited about what they’re doing. Learn more in this mental health article.

Mental health program and motivation inside the team

Hire Elixir developers

We're responsible for every stage in the development cycle, from idea to execution. Contact us if any questions arise, and don't hesitate to trust us for all project-related issues.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

Let's Start
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FAQ about Elixir Software Development

What does outsourcing to an Elixir development company imply?

Building a team for an emerging language differs slightly from ramping up for a well-known, established technology. We’ll tell you what we did to train and recruit talent, set expectations, and motivate specialists. Suppose you have a technical team that wants to use Elixir in development, but they don’t have a background in using this programming language. In that case, we can offer our expertise in development and training your technical team. When it comes to outsourcing, you can hire Elixir web development specialists for end-to-end development or outsource some developers who’ll join your internal team to collaborate, improve and execute more project tasks. 


Before outsourcing the Elixir development agency, it’s essential to consider your project needs and requirements. When you set them properly, it’ll help you to select the company with the appropriate expertise and skills. The company’s portfolio, tech stack, and customer reviews will help you find the right company among competitors. When you find a partner, a vital step is to assess the company’s management and communication skills. Finally, discuss the project idea, requirements, costs, timeframes, and output with your Elixir development company, and you can start on your product development. 

I have an idea for a product. Can Elixir be used for MVP?

We can do a basic web app; during the first week, you’ll be able to see the actual results. This is achieved by our transparent development and delivery process at Keenethics.

Can I hire Elixir developers for my project full-time?

Hiring Elixir developers part-time or full-time depends on your project needs. Factors influencing your choice are:


#1 the presence or absence of your internal project team;

#2 scalability of the project;

#3 project goals and requirements you want to cover;

#4 your budget and need for long- or short-term cooperation.

How do your experts deploy the Elixir app?

Do you want to deploy your app to make your customers happy? Our tech experts can help you deploy your Elixir app to AWS, EC2, Azure, or bare metal solutions.

What apps can we develop with Elixir programming language?

You can use Elixir for different purposes thanks to its concurrency features, high performance, and simplicity. This programming language is a good choice for IoT, chat, blockchain, and gaming apps. By the way, Pinterest and Financial Times are popular Elixir apps. All in all, Elixir is versatile. If you need advice concerning your project, contact us, and we’ll offer you the experts in Elixir. 

Is there a difference between Elixir and Erlang?

Yes, there’s a difference between Elixir and Erlang in language syntax, flexibility, built-in libraries, and ecosystem. 


#1 Elixir simplifies syntax and provides more readable code than Erlang.

#2 Thanks to meta-programming functionality, Elixir has higher flexibility than Erlang.

#3 Another benefit of Elixir is that it can ease advanced features thanks to numerous libraries and frameworks.

#4 The Elixir ecosystem simplifies web development due to its ever-expanding range of tools.


What fares better, Elixir or Erlang? They’re both great choices. While Erlang is a well-established language for distributed app development, Elixir is a young though but rapidly growing language with some inherited features from Erlang. If you’re interested in what language is preferable in your case, you can always consult our specialists, and they’ll advise on your queries.

How much does it cost to build an app?

Everything depends on the scale of your project and the overall project demands. Thus, the best option is to ask our team of developers for a detailed assessment of your project and the costs it will likely have during the development lifecycle. Our top quality Elixir development service works with both small and big projects. In this regard, we offer hourly rates (per developer) of 25 to 50 dollars.

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