Web Development Services

Developing high-quality and fault-tolerant web platforms for the Internet and private networks

What Is Web Development?

The Internet has turned into a universal environment where people communicate, rest, and work. Each web platform is a particular ecosystem with its own population, opportunities, and threats. However, hiring a professional and skillful team of web developers is the best way to ensure that the users of your website are safe and satisfied with their web experience. Some say that web development is going obsolete as mobile devices conquer the world. However, there are some strengths that make web development a decent competitor to mobile tech.

  • perfectly scalable
    Web platforms are more convenient for complex tasks than mobile applications.
  • any device or browser
    Unlike mobile applications, which are tied to a certain platform, web platforms are universal and can be accessed from any device or browser.
  • easier to develop
    Web apps are easier to develop and maintain since they are not platform-specific.
  • does not require approval
    The deployment of a web platform is almost instant as it does not require approval from App Store or Google Play.
  • radial chart
    Although web platforms cannot function offline, there is no need to download and install them. It saves the user time, effort, and storage space.
  • phone

    If you want to combine the advantages of both web and mobile software, you are welcome to develop a progressive web app.

What Do We Offer?

  • UI/UX Design
    UI/UX Design
  • Continuous Support
    Continuous Support
  • Web Software Development & QA
    Web Software Development & QA
  • Tech Consulting
    Tech Consulting

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

“One size fits all” is neither professional nor effective. We understand that your business is unique, with its special features, interests, and needs. Our PMs and business analysts are here for you to collect, analyze, and implement all your requirements. Also, we have software engineers who, besides their general technical expertise, are knowledgeable and skilled in specific industries, ranging from education software development services to ecommerce.

2 Building value

We cooperate according to both Time & Material and Fixed Price approach, whichever you find to be more suitable. Our pricing policy is equally suitable for small businesses and start-ups and for large corporations because, while providing cost-efficient solutions, we do not compromise quality. If you are not convinced, see what our long-term partner has to say or let us estimate your project!

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Our professional Project Managers are ready and willing to organize project development according to your requests and to choose the optimal development methodology together with you. They will make sure that you are constantly involved in the development process if you want to, or they will provide you with a perfect final product if you do not have time to communicate continuously. If you want to manage the project yourself, our developers would gladly play according to your rules.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Our UI/UX designers develop elegant and responsive interfaces, which are visually appealing and intuitively clear. In turn, our proficient developers create robust and fault-tolerant solutions, and QA specialists make sure that the web platform is bug-free and functions perfectly. Check our case studies to make sure!

5 Protecting your data

We understand that information and data are the most valuable assets in the 21st century. Therefore, we ensure the physical safety of our servers and proper encryption of online data. We also sign non-disclosure agreements with our partners and employees to prevent any leaks of information about our clients or operations.


These are some of the applications and websites that we have developed:

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