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Let Kids Move

A social movement for a healthy education of children promoting physical activities and standing desks. It brings proactive parents and entrepreneurs together in improving the organization of school education.

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We strive for a tech world devoted to the social good

Max Savonin, CEO at KeenEthics

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Quality with Strike Force

Quality with Strike Force

You can hire a team of our best senior developers called Strike Force for a perfect start to your project. Within a month, they will set up the development environment, major development processes, and project architecture. Afterward, we suggest switching most of the team members to junior or mid-level developers, while senior developers stay as consultants. This way, you have a more affordable project with a perfect quality set from the start.

UX audit

UX audit

Our UX audit shows you what upsets your users and holds back the success of your solution. This approach is the best way to cut the development expenses and improve your ROI in the long run. In the UX audit, we analyze the design of your solution to improve the user flows. At the same time, we eliminate the pain points of your users as well as improper design practices.
Learn more in this UX presentation.



You can employ our escrow partner as a middleman securing your costs. Before we start development, we may agree on the terms upon which the escrow agent releases your payment to us. To calculate your approximate escrow expenses please visit our partner’s website. With a minimal escrow fee, you can sleep well knowing you pay only for the job done properly.

Motivated team

Motivated team

When working with KeenEthics, you hire a keen team of dedicated developers. Our Mental Health Officer monitors closely the mental state of each employee to ensure happiness, motivation, and loyalty. With our employee satisfaction checkups, we ensure low employee turnover and no associated project delays. Learn more in this mental health article.

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The people who form our strategy aimed to pursue our business vision

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