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Mike Casey,
Georgia, USA

Due to their responsiveness & patience, the collaboration itself progressed smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a high quality product & ensuring their continued engagement. KeenEthics’ skillset was exactly what was needed, & despite a language difference, communications never suffered.

Our part

Prior to cooperating with any bank, a buyer needs to learn about bank fees, interest rates, and customer services. Asking an expert for advice could make one’s business up and running. What if we could bring an expert opinion into the smartphone?

The idea behind BankerAdvisor was to create an efficient investment banking service for both buyers and advisory firms that would provide relevant insights into bank operations based on verified client reviews. Buyers would be able to make better decisions and investment banks and advisory firms would be able to improve their services by relying on clients’ feedbacks.

For us, this app is an opportunity to make the investment banking more efficient by providing unbiased reviews and showing the advisory services their weaknesses and strengths.

Customer’s story

Mike Casey has more than 30 years of experience in financial and operational leadership. Having served as CFO in several leading public software and technology companies, such as MAPICS, iXL Enterprises, Manhattan Associates, and IQ Software, noticed that it was quite a challenge to pick the right service for each specific sector. Neither was it easy to ensure a smooth transaction experience. After a thorough analysis, Mr. Casey figured the common problem of all companies:

“There was no way for them to get an unbiased and insightful advice.”


KeenEthics have been hired to develop a solution that helps buyers see the realistic picture of the investment banking market by providing the users with an access to the client reviews. Our main goal was to make a resourceful application that would simplify the choice of banks for cooperation.

Similarly, we wanted to make this application valuable for the bank owners who’d be able to use the feedbacks as the first step in overcoming the weaknesses in the operation of their businesses.

BankerAdvisor – an even-handed assistance for investment banking

How it works

The application provides a flexible search by banking services and industry sectors with the opportunity to sort results by rate and most reviews. A user may add a rated review with recommendations to a service. At the same time, bank owners are able to create a new listing or claim the existing one by setting premium accounts using Stripe service.

Reliability first

To protect a bank owner from unfair feedback, spam and bots we use reCAPTCHA. Also, all users have to log in via LinkedIn to verify their accounts.


We wanted to create an app that would simplify the search for the most convenient bank.


The discovery stage was conducted together with our partner company Qubstudio. Together with our clients, they thoroughly researched the demand for the service to be developed. The market niche was not yet taken. Likewise, we did not find any similar services or direct competitors, and given the obvious need for the service, the app has vast potential.


For this application, we went through the vast amounts of information to examine the peculiarities of the financial market and investment funds. We created the separate Customer Journey Maps for buyers and bankers to determine the target audience.


We used prototyping to model the user’s interaction with the application. At this stage, we went through building a project architecture and sketching, to the development of an MVP concept.


In the end, we developed a user-friendly interface and ensured an excellent user experience based on the results of the previous steps.

Development challenges

Our first goal was to use proven technical stack and to provide a fast result with high quality. The second goal was to grant customer access to edit all information across the website. That is why we chose our main stack to avoid any unexpected situations.

The website has flexible payment plans and works in sync with the Stripe payment platform. Moreover, we have implemented “complex search” and will work on intelligence search and smart recommendations in the next version.


A user-friendly app with more than 1000 trusted bank reviews.

BankerAdvisor main features

  • Flexible search
  • Add rating and review transaction basing on your experience
  • Create new or claim existing bank
  • Protection from bots and spammers
  • Stripe service for payment
  • Gather data with Google analytics
  • Log In via Linkedin

Ultimately, BankerAdvisor will help the app users to save a lot of time and resources and make the industry more trustworthy.

Technologies used in making the app










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