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What Is Brainable?

Industry:Education, Entertainment
Size:< 10 employees
Location:New York, USA

Do you want to challenge your working memory? Then Brainable is a perfect choice for you. After graduating from schools, colleges, and universities, we have no time for training our cognitive skills. At work, we do numerous tasks, while at home, we do some housework and then want to have rest. So how to find time for self-improvement? Together with Brainable founders, KeenEthics team gives you the answer.

The idea behind Brainable is to give users the chance to combine useful activity with a pleasant one. If we talk about our daily rest, what activities come to your mind? Usually, these are reading, watching Netflix, or playing games, aren’t they?. Brainable focuses on the last one and makes playing games not only entertaining but also useful. With only 15 minutes per day, you can make fun and simultaneously stimulate your brain using Brainable. 

Our Cooperation

Technologies:Node.js, Express, Firebase, React, Redux-Saga
Team:2 developers

Challenges & Solutions

To get a high-quality product in the end, we had to be doubly careful at the beginning. The first challenge on our way was to choose the open source app. We spent a lot of time selecting the right and the most reliable one. One more challenge was to improve the sending speed. At the beginning, the speed was unsatisfactory, and we had to figure out what could be done to improve it.

After we had configured the database, upgraded the app instance to AWS, and went from 8-12 emails per second to nearly 100 emails per second, the problem was eliminated. Despite challenges, we are proud of our results so far: the goal was to send 2 million emails per day, now we are steadily sending 3.6 million emails daily.

Our Team

At the beginning of the development process, one developer was assigned to the project. Soon, the number of team members increased to 2. It allowed our developers to enhance the speed of building software without compromising the quality. If you decide to try Brainable, you’ll see how many interesting features this brain games website has — this is the result of the prolific cooperation between KeenEthics developers and the project founders.


Complexity is not a problem for KeenEthics — it’s an opportunity! If the project requires us to apply numerous technologies, we eagerly use it as a chance to demonstrate our proficiency. For Brainable, our developers used the following technologies: Node.js, Express, Firebase, React, and Redux-Saga. As a result, users got a platform with a dozen of interesting functions, from progress tracking to training scheduling.


Kanban system was the best choice in the case of Brainable. Since the team consisted of two developers, the main task was to ensure continuous delivery and clear focus. The aspect of communication was no less important because of the wide range of technologies applied. On top of that, we did not want to waste both client’s time and money. Thanks to the correctly chosen methodology, we maintained the highest efficiency and maximized productivity. What did we get in the end? A powerful and entertaining platform with brain games that resonate with audiences of all ages.

What Makes Brainable Special?

The project bears significance for both users and the team that stands behind it. For users, the platform gives the opportunity to train the mind while resting. Playing games for the brain on Brainable is both useful and pleasant — and that is the main peculiarity of this project.

For KeenEthics team, the case of Brainable is also valuable and interesting. If you ask our developers about the most memorable experience with Brainable, they will definitely mention the unique system of Google Analytics. In this project, Google Analytics covered the following categories: users who reached the registration, users who filled out the email and saved it, users who selected the plan, users who paid. Such customization allowed Brainable team to see the engagement rates clearly, increasing website traffic and effectiveness.

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