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Offering React JS development services for the development of responsive user interfaces and management of dynamically changing data

What is React JS?

React is a JavaScript library for building the most visually appealing and responsive user interfaces. It can be used to build simple but elegant one-page websites or basic mobile applications. At the same time, it allows us to build major applications and platforms, which can operate with large and dynamically changing data without the need to incorporate other libraries or constantly reload the web page.

ReactJS development is simple but efficient. The code written with React is quick and easy to test and debug. You can hire React.js developers to create a scalable and adaptive application or a platform, which will never fail your business nor your users.

Our highly-skilled professionals offer ReactJS development services of the highest quality. With us, ReactJS app development becomes even easier.

What is our experience with React?

These are some of the projects that we have worked on as a ReactJS development company.

Banker Advisor

Banker Advisor helps users to find their way around financial services, commercial banks, investment banking, and investment management. The idea is pretty similar to TripAdvisor. The user finds a company that offers some kind of services, checks its profile, and reads through trusted client reviews. To write such a dynamic web platform, the client made a decision to hire ReactJS developers. Hopefully, he never regretted his choice.

Platform: Web
Technologies: Keystone js, React, Redux, Express, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, AWS (SES, SNS, S3, EC2)
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 5 developers, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX designer, and 1 PM

BusinessFinance & Banking


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WordLabs is a business incubation web platform, which aims to elevate innovative ideas. The goal of it is to help individual entrepreneurs, organizations, and society in general. In particular, beginning entrepreneurs may meet their peers, investors, and employees here. Organizations can select a business idea to take it under their wing. The society overall receives an advanced technology and business community. Initially, we were hired as a ReactJS development company, but we are happy that, over the years, our cooperation grew into something bigger — a genuine partnership between two companies.

Platform: Web
Technologies: MongoDB, React and Meteor
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 10 developers and QA specialists, 1 PM



no description

Why choose React JS?

Quick launch.
A React.js development company can launch a project in a short time as the framework takes only a few minutes to set up.

Responsive design.
React is the most convenient framework for creating interactive and intuitive designs. Reactjs app development is the optimal decision for fetching and recording dynamically changing data.

Reusable design components.
A React.js development company can develop applications for different platforms almost simultaneously and two times faster.

Easy integration.
With no extra effort, React can be integrated with other libraries and frameworks, such as jQuery, Angular, Backbone, or Vue. The code written with React is more predictable and easier to read and debug.

Suitable for any project.
A Reactjs developer can make any idea work: both create a complex web or mobile app from scratch or integrate some new features into an existing software product.

Comprehensive documentation.
The React community is large and steadily growing. For this reason, there is a comprehensive documentation of this framework and a lot of readily available solutions for ReactJS development .

What do we offer?

Web and mobile ReactJS app

React applications maintenance
and support

UI/UX development for

React data management

Custom React software
development solutions

React.js migrating

Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

You can request Reactjs development services and robust solutions in multiple industries, including education, e-commerce, healthcare, finance, business services, fashion, food, real estate, and logistics. Our Reactjs developers have not just technical expertise but also industry-specific skills and knowledge.

2 Building value

We are ethical towards our employees, partners, and customers. You can be sure that we communicate and cooperate with the principles of honesty and transparency in mind because ethics is more than just a part of our corporate name.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Let us promptly turn your idea into a perfect final software product. As a full-cycle React.js development company, we offer Reactjs services including discovery and research, design and development, testing and debugging, deployment, maintenance, and support.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Our team has a great deal of expertise in React development, and we are willing to share it with you. React is the JS library we use the most. Almost half of the projects we have developed are React-based.

5 Protecting your data

You can be sure that we closely follow all the data security regulations and NDA requirements, Also, we want our pricing strategy to be fair and transparent. When you hire React.js developers, we want your software development experience to be pleasant and trouble-free. For this reason, we employ a pricing strategy of your choosing, should it be a fixed price or a Time-and-Material approach.

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