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Nonprofit Industry

Organizations in the nonprofit sector work in order to serve the public interests, not earn a profit. These companies are particularly important as they pursue remarkable goals, which other businesses might not be interested in. Such companies are the foundation of the Tech4Good movement, and they aspire to the world being a better place. Running a nonprofit company is worth respect. Yet, nonprofit management is not an easy task.

A nonprofit organization, the same way as a commercial one, needs to manage its human resources, communicate with the target audience, advertise its activity, manage logistics, keep financial records, and many more. The only task that nonprofit businesses may be exempt from is paying taxes, but this depends on a state that the company operates in.

Software for nonprofits is aimed to make the lives of volunteers and nonprofit managers easier. Nonprofit CRMs, event, volunteer, and membership management systems – all these and many more are designed to facilitate lives and improve performance of nonprofit organizations.


Heavy Workload

A nonprofit company hires people on a voluntary basis. Most of them work part-time. Often, there are simply not enough hands to perform a task.How can you manage the heavy workload?



Develop a nonprofit software solution to automate simple, monotonous, time-consuming tasks. If routinary nonprofit management tasks are performed by a program, your volunteers will have more time for some creative duties.


HR Management

A nonprofit business often involves volunteers and donors. A company has no financial or legal leverage to control them. Managing them is a challenge.How to manage people effectively?


Communication Platform

To optimize HR management and effective teamwork, ensure a reliable and convenient communication channel. Use a ready-made solution with or without any customizations or develop your own communication platform.


Event Nonprofit Management

Conducting a nonprofit event, securing the necessary funding, managing the logistics, promoting the event, and communicating with attendees is a lot of work.Is there an easier way to conduct events?


Event Management Software

Develop a software solution, via which you can manage all the organizational processes, launch a crowdfunding campaign, and attract partners. Here is an example of such a nonprofit management platform for business.

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Custom Nonprofit Development Services We Offer

Landing and donation pages

Volunteer management software for nonprofits

Nonprofit CRM systems

Custom web and mobile nonprofit software

Fundraising & event management software

Marketing and advertising nonprofit solutions

Communication & membership platforms

Automation nonprofit solutions



WorldLabs is a business incubation platform. It engages users to share their innovative ideas and to look for partners, supporters, or investors. By its nature, WorldLabs resembles a fundraising & event management system. It can be used by nonprofit companies to advance their valuable ideas and to look for public support. The ultimate goal of WorldLabs is to foster technological and societal progress.

Platform: Web
Technologies: MongoDB,React,andMeteor
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 10 full-stack developers and QA specialists, 1 Project Manager.



no description


SeldLeaders is a complex self-development and personal growth platform. It consists of many tools, and the one we made is the tool for personnel training. This project pursues a useful goal of empowering people to advance their emotional intelligence and professional skills. The SelfLeaders company is a commercial business, which, however, supports and advances the Tech4Good movement. Their software solution is suitable to be used by nonprofit organizations. In fact, the company offers their tools to NGO employees for free.

Platform: Web and Mobile (Android and iOS)
Technologies: GraphQL,React,Meteor
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 4 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.



no description


This project stands out among the others. It is not a software for nonprofits we have developed, it is a nonprofit organization that we have founded and keep running ourselves. The idea of this initiative is to inspire an educational reform in Ukraine, to address the problem of immobility and sedentary lifestyle, and to encourage pupils and students to spend less time in a sitting position. To learn more about the project or to support it, you can visit the website or read this Tech4Good article. The example of this project proves that KeenEthics perfectly understands the daily aspirations and struggles of a nonprofit company.

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

At KeenEthics, we share your passion to help others. We support a lot of NGOs here in Ukraine and we have launched one of our own – we understand what a nonprofit organization needs. The software we develop aims to minimize struggles and to promote organizational growth.

2 Building value

The software solutions we develop are performant, reliable, and efficient. This way, we spare you the headache of nonprofit software maintenance and give you time to engage in more valuable tasks. You build value while we cover your back.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Developing a nonprofit software solution is usually a time-sensitive matter. We have tuned our partner engagement process to the point where we spend as little time on formalities as possible to launch the development in the shortest terms.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Our software development team has both industry experience and technical expertise. While you definitely have the former, we are ready to provide you with the latter. Our engineers will develop a custom solution according to the latest technological trends.

5 Protecting your data

As a nonprofit company, you cannot afford to lose any sensitive data about your organization, volunteers, partners, or clients. Regardless of the tech stack you choose, we will do our best to ensure the application security.

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