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PUBLISH DATE: Aug 10 2021
UPD: May 23 2023
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Training Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofits can convey their missions or share their story with training software more effectively than in person

What is a Nonprofit Organization?

A nonprofit organization is a legal entity that helps contribute for social benefit. Generating an income is not an objective for nonprofits. Instead, they focus on bringing in enough income to promote and achieve their own goals. 

As a result, working for social good encourages an increasing number of people to support such organizations. Hence, nonprofits are strongly associated with trustworthiness, honesty, and accountability

The Importance of Nonprofits

The nonprofit sector plays a crucial role in the economy of a country. According to Forbes

that nonprofits lead one of the largest workforces is important because it creates economic stability and mobility, for not just the population that utilizes their services, but the communities they strengthen by creating abundant, vital job opportunities.

That is why the nonprofit sector has been developing so fast over the last couple of years. 

Besides, the statistics indicates that in the United States alone, there are over 1.6 million nonprofit organizations. In the majority of cases, nonprofits partner up with donors, volunteers, and public communities. 

In addition, nonprofits can contribute to strong community relationships. Due to the fact, such organizations put the needs of the public first, they boost the growth of the community.  

As the Johns Hopkins Nonprofit Economic Data Project indicates, 

the nonprofit employment is much larger than expected and much more widely dispersed, outdistancing many major industries in its contribution to state employment and payrolls. 

Considering such an increase in the role of the nonprofits as well as the boost of the number of employees working in such organizations, there is a strong need for training programs that would ensure the effectiveness of their work. 

Types of Nonprofits

In case you want to launch a nonprofit organization, you will have to decide about the type of nonprofit you want to create. Usually, when people hear the word “nonprofit”, they instantly think of the word “charity”. Each of the nonprofits sets a particular objective. For example, funding disease research, helping families, assisting people with disabilities, etc. 

Thus, there are several types to choose from. The most common types are the following:

  • 501(c)(1): Corporations organized under Act of Congress (Andrews Federal Credit Union)
  • 501(c)(2): Title-holding corporations (APA Holding Corporation)
  • 501(c)(3): Charitable organizations (Feeding America)
  • 501(c)(4): Civic leagues, social welfare organizations, and employee associations (American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • 501(c)(6): Business leagues, chambers of commerce, and real estate boards (National Writers Union)
  • 501(c)(7): Social and recreational clubs (Boca West Country Club)

3 Main Benefits of Nonprofits

  1. Non profit employment is larger than expected.
  2. Non profit employment grows rapidly. 
  3. Non-profit employment is spreading to the suburbs and rural areas. 


Tech4Good is one of the most important movements for Keenethics. As an ethical software development company, doing our work in a way that would be beneficial both for our clients and the public is one of our primary values. As a part of the Tech4Good movement, we conduct interviews with people who have a relation to the Tech4Good movement. We do this to inform the audience about the importance of using technology for social good

A massive number of people think that technology serves only for making money or entertainment. However, the truth is that technology is often used for far bigger purposes: it is used to improve society

Nowadays, technology can help people survive after serious accidents or spread important information (about famine or wars) to the public. Plus, technology these days gives a chance for better living to people with various disabilities. 

On the whole, technology has indisputable value for the modern world. Thus, we have to be aware of how we can use technology to make our life better. 

Tech4Good attempts to make people aware of the necessity and importance of implementing technology in our lives in a way that would be beneficial for society. In other words, we aim to change people’s opinions and attitudes to technology. The central aim of our Tech4Good project is to teach people to use technology for ethical purposes

As a part of our Tech4good movement, Keenethics interviewed many representatives of nonprofits that contributed to social well-being. Each of the interviewees had a unique story to share about the mission of their nonprofit. 

For example, one of the interview we conducted was with Elizabeth Anne Delgado, a founder and director of Kinderenergy (a non-profit organization the main aim of which is to promote children as the most valuable natural resource on Earth) In particular, Kinderenergy focuses on helping children from the rural areas of the developing world. In the given interview, Elizabeth Anne Delgado told us about their efforts to provide some vital basics to schools such as clean water, food, etc., and much more. Besides, you can check out all of our interviews here

Training Software for Nonprofits

Nonprofits need a certain training platform to be able to train various groups of people. This might apply to everyone from employees and volunteers to donors and executive staff. 

Considering technological advancements, there is no longer a need to provide training to people in person. Instead, it is much easier and effective to find an online solution. This way you can share the mission of your organization or a particular story with a wide audience. Or you can convey some significant processes happening in your organization. 

In addition, your training software might boost the interest of your users if you decide to incorporate gamification into the education software development process. This way they will engage in a training program even more.

Why Using Training Software for Nonprofits

  • Convenience 

Training software allows employees to complete their training anywhere and anytime

  • More revenue

Using training software for your nonprofit organization can help you obtain greater income. Besides, it does not require putting in too much effort

  • Accessibility 

The training software can be easy to deal with even for people who have never used technology before. Thus, you will encourage people to engage in the learning process without being worried about the learning system. 

Challenges of Employee Training Software

Providing employees with the info they need for effective work enables the business to stay relevant for years. There are at least 2 obstacles to implementing employee training software.

Inadequate user training

Each employee has to know how to use the software. For them to be able to use the software correctly, the organization has to provide the necessary instructions. Without detailed instructions employees will not manage to understand what they have to do with the software.


To make sure that the users know how to work with the software, you have to clearly define the plan to reflect the resources and the needs of your organization. Then you would have to ensure that each user managed to absorb the information and thus, learn how to work with the training software.

Failure to Vet the Vendor

Examining the manufacturer of the product is as important as creating the very training software for employees. Business owners have to ensure that they work with a company that provides superior customer service.


To ensure you choose the right company for making you a training software, try checking reviews and ratings about the company online. This way, you will be familiar with the practices and the quality of service of that particular company.

To Wrap Up

Nonprofits serve the public interest and thus there is such an increase in their role in the modern world. The Tech4Good movement supported by Keenethics attempts to inform our readers about those nonprofit organizations that use technology for ethical purposes. Together, we spread awareness among people about the importance of using technology in the right way.

We also realize the significance of using training software for those involved in the working process of nonprofits. Such an approach to training, helps employees or volunteers learn new information more quickly and effectively. With Keenethics, you can design training software for your organization. We can easily implement content that would be both entertaining and educational

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