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Open a new era of education technology with our powerful solutions. Our educational software development company helps businesses increase students’ engagement and digitize learning, upgrading the overall educational process.

Who Benefits from Our Education Software Development Service

Keenethics offers educational software solutions that can benefit many stakeholders. Here are some core groups of custom education software development areas to consider:
1) Traditional educational institutions (schools and colleges/universities)

We can create a custom software solution for almost any type of facility in education industry. For example, you can ask us to create an HR solution for your teachers or a new Learning Management System for the students. In this regard, we’re ready for development tasks aimed at both transformative e-learning solutions for entire schools and more limited solutions for different small-scale departments.

2) Administrative organizations in education

The modern school and university system needs significant investments into administration to oversee the educational processes. In this regard, one can find administrators both within facilities and outside them (in larger departments). Many of them can need innovative solutions for managing their everyday work. Our educational software developers know how to deliver such solutions and make them efficient through education software development process.

3) Educational businesses

A major group in modern education undoubtedly includes all types of educational businesses. Some of them help educational institutes with advanced software. Others provide educational services such as learning courses. In this respect, we’re ready for all types of development tasks concerning high-quality education software. Our team can create an LMS for language learning to greatly decrease teacher workload. We can also help you develop your internal education software, such as apps for math learning or improving one’s logical thinking.

4) Businesses outside education

Many businesses outside education also need to focus on the educational aspect in their design process. A common request, for example, is for training-oriented educational resources. We’re ready to assist our clients with a wide number of requests in education technology software development. They can include a centralized platform for learning about a certain job and even a tool for improving the critical thinking and knowledge retention skills of the newcomers.


Technologies We Work With

Education Software Development Services We Offer

E-learning platforms

Are you interested in educational software service solutions that can help your company create high-quality environments for various courses? Keenethics can assist with developing them: we know how to deliver features such as video integration, chats, forums, testing interfaces, and user profile systems. Our company is prepared to create a top-notch solution in this regard.

Language-learning apps

Language learning is becoming increasingly popular in the modern world. With globalization, the cultural barriers between various nations are falling. In this light, developing a language-learning app makes sense. Keenethics knows how to deliver apps of this type: we can create both language course programs and even full-scale training apps for learners.

Cloud-based learning software

The modern world is becoming increasingly interconnected due to the Internet. Many traditional social activities transition online. In this light, a strong factor of success for education software is web presence. Our team knows how to work with the key cloud technologies on the web. This information means we can quickly create a cloud-based learning solution for you.

Skill assessment solutions

Assessment is a complex process for the majority of teachers. It requires significant attention and is time-consuming. Keenethics can develop a solution automating test checking for you. If you want to save time, this solution is perfect for you.

LMS software solutions

Learning management systems are essential if you work with a large number of students. Address us if you want to get such a framework for your business.

Gamified education software solutions

Videogames are one of the largest entertainment markets in the world. Millions of people are used to the incentive systems within them. What do gamified education software solutions offer? They give you an opportunity to use game-like incentives to promote studies.

Employee training systems

Every job has some unique skills one needs to cover. In this light, off-the-shelf solutions can sometimes be insufficient for your goals. Keenethics is a company that can develop a custom training solution for your business. It’ll fit the needs of your company, helping to develop the skills that you want to see among the workers.

Custom web and mobile learning solutions

The majority of people no longer use personal computers for everyday tasks outside their jobs. In this light, the rise of web and mobile platforms is evident. Keenethics has a powerful tech stack for delivering mobile apps. We can create products that maximize comfort for mobile users.

Education Software Development Challenges

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Competitive Field


You have a brave idea for an edtech solution in mind. You’re almost sure that this idea can be a huge success, but you’re afraid that your product won’t stand out from the competition. Although you’re ready to put maximum effort, you also realize that there are a lot of similar products on the market.


To outstand competitors, you should have a powerful and supportive team that will evaluate and improve your educational software product from a business perspective. In Keenethics’ portfolio, you can see dozens of successful products that earned users’ hearts thanks to our clear business vision.


On the one hand, you want your educational platform to include a variety of interesting and interactive functions. You understand that you don’t have to limit students’ creativity. On the other hand, you worry that your education software solution will be too complicated, and users will dislike its interface.


The technical expertise of our skilled UX/UI Designers is a huge pride of Keenethics. They’re always eager to help you turn your brave ideas into well-designed products. Be ready to get a product presenting your students with an outstanding user-friendly interface.


You’re afraid that your educational solution won’t meet the education industry demands and it will become the subject of education providers’ criticism. You want to hire educational software development experts who won’t devalue the teacher’s role and meet your expectations.


Our education software development company encourages cross-field collaboration. We’ll be glad to get your teachers’ recommendations to ensure that your education software solution is developed according to the standards. Together, we’ll create a space for live interaction and cooperation.


You understand that something new in edtech appears every day. Developers create new interactive solutions. Modern technology grows rapidly, and you should be alert to respond to changes quickly. Creating a solution is only halfway for you. Another task is to always keep it up-to-date.


Our professionals regularly attend educational events to keep pace with the latest trends and changes. We ensure maintenance and support, which are important stages of the education application development cycle. While supporting your app, we’ll make sure that your solution is up-to-the-minute and functions impeccably.

Results and Benefits of Using Our Services

Ultimately, our custom educational platforms can offer you a wide set of benefits. Here are the core improvements in the learning process that you can expect:
Personalized Learning

Our solutions enable tailored educational experiences, addressing individual learning styles and pacing, which can significantly enhance student engagement and understanding. This means you’ll be able to create more unique educational content for the learners.

Improved Accessibility

Custom software can provide broader access to education, including for students with disabilities or those in remote areas, through adaptable interfaces and content delivery methods. For example, we can help you develop solutions for advanced virtual classrooms that can make education accessible to people from all over the world.

Enhanced Teacher Efficiency

Teachers can benefit from streamlined administrative tasks, better tracking of student progress, and access to a variety of teaching resources provided by our custom educational products. Why is this so important? Automation of tedious tasks through our software solutions will enable teachers to have more focus on teaching rather than paperwork.

Data-Driven Insights

Custom software often includes analytics and reporting tools, providing educators and administrators with valuable insights into student performance and learning trends. In the end, educational solutions that use custom software to create online courses or knowledge management frameworks gain an ability to engage in informed decision-making.

Scalability and Flexibility

Contrary to paper-based solutions, custom software products services can be scaled to meet the needs of different educational institutions. They generally benefit both small schools and large universities. More importantly, those services can be updated or modified as educational needs evolve. Consequently, when using educational software services provided by Keenethics you greatly lower the chances of being tied to one outdated solution as in the case of many paper-based systems.

Integration Capabilities

Custom education software can often be integrated with existing systems and technologies within educational institutions. This means that there is an opportunity for creating a more cohesive and efficient digital environment for both students and staff. Keenethics knows how to properly integrate different types of digital content and can, thus, deliver a more or less seamless experience for students.


Our Customers Say

“A talented, innovative team, Keenethics has been an indispensable resource throughout the development of the platform. Their professionalism, technical skill, and personable nature have made them excellent strategic partners.”

Co-Founder, Self Leaders, a leadership training platform

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Why Choose KeenEthics as Education Software Development Company?

Dedicated team of professionals

Keenethics cares about the quality of its team. We do everything to create a group of specialists that can deliver high-quality products. In this regard, we’re especially proud of the Strike Force, our team of key senior developers. They can create the basis of your project within one month to enable easy development by middle and junior specialists. Our company has done everything to streamline the development process.

Dedicated team of professionals

Knowledge of industry standards

Keenethics has experience in development of multiple high-quality education-oriented products. This means our company knows the main standards necessary for the creation of education apps. We monitor the existing trends in the market to create high-quality solutions for various education-oriented facilities.

Knowledge of industry standards

Focus on security

Businesses typically work with the most sensitive data of the users. They often provide insights into their financial state or employment. Any leak can be fatal to the reputation of a certain company. Keenethics knows about the security requirements of the modern market. We work with the most potent security standards out there to ensure the maximum safety of your data.

Focus on security

UI/UX expertise

Education services need to engage the learners for a long time. What does this mean? Learners are exposed to certain software for a long time. In this light, the user experience is a defining factor here: to prevent user loyalty losses, one should offer an impeccable user experience. We at Keenethics know how to deliver it. What do we do? Firstly, we offer an audit of your user interfaces. Secondly, we use evidence-based expertise to build our high-quality solutions.

UI/UX expertise


Can you explain what educational software is?

Educational software is a type of computer program specifically designed to aid in learning and teaching. It encompasses a wide range of applications, from interactive games that make learning fun for young children to complex simulations for schools and higher education. This software can cover various subjects, offering interactive lessons and exercises to enhance understanding. It’s commonly used in classrooms to supplement traditional teaching methods. The key goal is to provide educational institutions with a dynamic learning environment that caters to different learning styles. Additionally, it’s a valuable tool for homeschooling and self-study, allowing learners to progress at their own pace. Its accessibility and adaptability make it a key component in modern education.

What's an average development time for educational software?

Everything depends on the scope of your app ideas and the performance requirements you have. A small app with a demand for real-time performance can take as much time as a large but static website. Consequently, the best practices to consider here are presenting your project to specialists and openly asking them about the expected development time. We at Keenethics offer high-quality assessments of this type for our clients.

What's the average cost of educational software?

In this case, the situation is similar to the one with development time. We need to know your requirements first to make any assessments. Consequently, it’s better to actually address our experts and ask them for their opinion on your project.

Why should one invest into educational software development?

Investing in educational software development is crucial in today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape. It offers a dynamic platform for interactive learning, catering to diverse learning styles and needs. Such software can bridge educational gaps in colleges by providing personalized learning experiences that traditional methods often miss. Moreover, it equips educators with powerful tools to track progress and adapt teaching strategies effectively. In a world increasingly reliant on technology, educational software not only prepares students for future digital challenges but also makes education more accessible and inclusive. The investment, therefore, enhances the quality of education and contributes to shaping a more technologically adept future generation.

Could you give some examples of educational software?

Educational management software encompasses a wide range of products tailored to different learning needs and environments. Duolingo, for instance, revolutionizes language learning with its gamified approach, making it both engaging and effective for users of all ages. Khan Academy offers a comprehensive platform for students to learn various subjects, from mathematics to science, through interactive video lessons and practice exercises. Many universities also use Learning Management Systems (LMS) like Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard, which provide a centralized platform for course materials, assignments, and communication between students and instructors. These systems facilitate a seamless educational experience, especially in blended or entirely online learning environments.

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