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SelfLeaders is a Swedish company that helps their customers create strong cultures where co workers are engaged, drive development and take care of themselves and each other.

How it works

Understanding personal values is the key to understanding your own motivation. Ever since the start of SelfLeaders in 2009, this method has been central in our approach to working with individual and organizational transformation.

SelfLeaders delivers trainings to businesses, NGOs and the public sector with the aim to help them to become truly value-based. SelfLeaders workshops would be impossible without application which we made. This application is a tool for facilitators and participants of workshops. Tool’s functionality helps to conduct workshop with interacting materials, videos, presentations, etc.

Self Leaders
Self Leaders


  • Implemented a lot of new core functionality;
  • Replaced Blaze with React in most of app;
  • Use Apollo/GraphQL instead of Meteor DDP pub/sub;
  • Merge two client's applications (WIP);
  • Implement new design;
  • Full app refactoring;
  • Over course of the past 10 months the company has grown, acquired new clients, went international and signed a contract with Spotify for a workshop of 300 people.
How we managed it

We grow fast!We have started development with only one full stacker and after 3 months, we expanded to three decent developers, QA and a Project Manager to handle the project flow.

We love agility!Self Leaders is the best example of the agile methodology successfully running on the project. Scrum attributes with all their features were integrated into the project development process.

Sprint Cycle

We follow a well-known sprint cycle to ship increments on a bi-weekly basis. We implemented two-week sprint in order to have more frequent demos, more frequent retrospectives.

Scrum Poker

We use gamified technique called “Scrum Poker” which helps to create a productive and fun work environment at sprint planning.


We see retrospective as an opportunity for the team to inspect and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next sprint.


Developer moves task which he/she works on.

Task is completed by developer. Pull request created. Task is reviewed by teammate.

Task is pushed to staging. Task is ready for testing.

Task is considered as a bug-free, and labels as Done.

QA reveals some bugs and moves Task back to Sprint.

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