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A Swedish company helping its customers drive personal development and create a sound corporate culture.

What Is SelfLeaders?

  • Name
  • Industry
    Education, Business Administration
  • Size
    11-50 employees
  • Location
    Stockholm, Sweden

Understanding your values is the key to understanding your motivation.

Ever since the launch of SelfLeaders in 2009, this truth has defined their approach to working with individual and organizational transformation. The SelfLeaders company offers a variety of educational modules and tools for personal growth and professional development in self-leadership. Also, they deliver training vents and workshops, which help companies advance their corporate culture. Their target clients include businesses of different sizes, NGOs, and public sector organizations.

Challenges & Solutions


SelfLeaders would not be able to pursue its mission without going digital. Today, this company offers a set of personal development tools for the people who organize and participate in educational events. It provides an opportunity to conduct workshops with interactive materials, videos, presentations, etc.


We continue working on this project and constantly improving the applications for the best interest of the end-users. As of now, we have fully refactored the code, replaced Blaze with React and Meteor DDP pub/sub with Apollo/GraphQL. Moreover, we have implemented a new design and developed a lot of new functions.

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Software grows outdated, technical errors occur, and the project idea undergoes changes.

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