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A Swedish company helping its customers drive personal development and create a sound corporate culture.

What Is SelfLeaders?

Understanding your values is the key to understanding your motivation. Ever since the launch of SelfLeaders in 2009, this truth has defined their approach to working with individual and organizational transformation. SelfLeaders delivers training events and workshops for professional and personal development in self-leadership. The target companies include businesses of different sizes, NGOs, and the public sector. SelfLeaders is working by a 1:1 principle: for every paid user of their service, they offer a free leadership development account for a student or an NGO employee. This is how they make a large impact with minor efforts.

Self Leaders

Our Cooperation


SelfLeaders would not be able to pursue its mission without the application. This app is a set of personal growth tools for the people who organize and participate in educational events. It provides an opportunity to conduct workshops with interactive materials, videos, presentations, etc.

We continue working on this project and constantly improving the applications for the best interest of the end users. As of now, we have fully refactored the code, replaced Blaze with React and Meteor DDP pub/sub with Apollo/GraphQL. Moreover, we have implemented a new design, and developed a lot of new functions.

Our Team

The team working on the SelfLeaders app currently includes four full-stack developers, one QA specialist, and one Project Manager.


The tools for personal growth have been developed both for mobileAndroidandiOSplatforms and for desktop. The tech stack we have used includesMeteor,GraphQL, andReact.

  • android
  • ios
  • meteor
  • graphql
  • react


We use Scrum since the project is being continuously developed and we closely communicate with the client. Self Leaders is the best example of the Agile methodology successfully running on the project.

What Makes SelfLeaders Special?

The company aims to create “a more conscious, sustainable, and prosperous world” where everyone is a leader. SelfLeaders strives to leave the limits of traditions and conventionality and to become self-organized, self-reliant, and self-sufficient. It abandons the managerial hierarchy in its classical meaning and encourages other individuals and companies to discover their own potential and stimulate their own personal fulfillment. SelfLeaders is dedicated to helping others and highly values clarity, devotion, empathy, and freedom.

Over the course of the past year, the SelfLeaders company has grown, acquired new clients,gone global, and signed a contract withSpotifyfor a workshop including 300 people. They sold tools for personal growth and conducted leadership development training sessions for multiple companies from Sweden and all over the world, includingBonnierförlagen,Ricoh, andSEB. One of the most popular applications that SelfLeaders offers isThe Values Tree– a simple personal growth reflection tool for personal development and a proactive mindset. Since its launch in 2016, it has been used by 26 000+ employees from all over the world. It enables a user to build their own tree of values while choosing among numerous options offered here.

Self Leaders