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What is Node.js?

Node.js is a free, open-source, cross-platform, runtime environment for JavaScript. It allows executing code outside a browser, which enables us to develop a sustainable, scalable, and resource-efficient application.

The Node.js community has developed several server frameworks in order to accelerate the development process of apps and websites. Among such frameworks, there are Express.js, Meteor, Derby, and others. Thanks to a broad range of frameworks and libraries available, Node.js web development and Node.js application development have become the most efficient solution for various business goals. In fact, such popular websites as PayPal, The Wall Street Journal, IBM, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Walmart, Yahoo! are powered by Node.js.

What is our experience in UI/UX design?

These are some of the applications and websites that our design company as a UI design agency has developed:

Banker Advisor

Banker Advisor is a TripAdvisor for financial services users. It is a web platform that lets people find, compare, and read trusted reviews about commercial banks and investment management companies. The back end of this web solution is written with the help of Node JS. This website is a great example of a project, which codebase is written in a single programming language — JavaScript.

Platform: Web
Technologies: Keystone js, React, Redux, Express, Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, AWS (SES, SNS, S3, EC2)
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 5 developers, 1 QA, 1 UI/UX designer, and 1 PM

BusinessFinance & Banking


no description


PREE is an Internet of Things solution, the goal of which is to help people not to lose their precious belongings. This system consists of BLE beacons, which clients attach to the things they do not want to lose, and a mobile solution, which people use to locate their things. The example of PREE proves that Node JS is a suitable solution for IoT development.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Cordova,
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 1 UI UX designer, 2 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM



no description


ParkQX is a mobile solution to a problem that all modern cities are notorious for. People often cannot find a spot to park their vehicle, and ParkQX aims to help them. Drivers can open the app, locate the nearest available spot, book it, and pay for it via app. At the same time, parking spot owners get a chance to earn some extra revenue while they do not use it by lending their spot to those who need it right now.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: ReduxNode.js, MongoDB, Firebase, TwilioandReact Native.
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 1 UI UX designer, 2 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM



no description


OneRemission is a project with an amazing goal — to help cancer survivors and their closed ones enjoy a full life, take care of their weakened health, and prevent cancer relapse. We are very proud to have been involved in such a project, and we are proud to know the person who came up with this idea. OneRemission is a chatbot-based solution with a great future ahead of it!

Platform: iOS
Technologies: MongoDB, Node.js,, BotPress, WebSocket
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 2 developers and 1 PM



no description

Why choose Node.js?

Node Js is the optimal technology for creating real-time web apps because WebSockets provide open two-way communication channels.

Its Input/Output operations are event-driven and non-blocking, which makes the app lighter and lets it perform better.

Node JS uses the V8 JavaScript engine, which makes it the fastest technology for the website and application development.

It is compatible with multiple platforms and can easily integrate with the latest technologies, such as Angular or React.

It is built on the event loop principle, which makes it perfectly scalable.

It can handle the heavy traffic of users and data.

Such applications are less expensive to test and host than similar apps written in any other environment.

It has an extensive repository of good-to-go modules as it is an open-source technology.

The Node.js developer community is large and constantly growing.

Node.js application development is easy and convenient for developers as long as this environment enables them to write JavaScript both for the server and the client and to transport data between them.

It is actively used not only in web and mobile development but also in cloud and IoT solutions.

What do we offer?

Node.js development company should be able to provide you with a cross-platform application or a website, which can be easily scaled as your business grows. If you need to receive not just a regular website but a powerful tool for your business, which will stand out in the market, you will need to find a highly qualified Node.js development company.

We are glad and proud to offer our services. As a Node.js development company, we provide:

Node.js web and mobile app

Node.js data managemen

Custom Node.js software
development solutions

Node.js migrating

Node.js consulting

UI/UX development for Node.js
maintenance and support

Node.js applications

Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

As an experienced Node.js development company, we can build a variety of server tools and applications, Node.js chatbots, complex websites, real-time applications, and more — whatever will help your company grow. At the same time, we offer a reasonable pricing policy and the opportunity to choose a paying model you prefer, should it be a fixed price or a “Time & Materials” approach.

2 Building value

We offer you full-cycle cooperation, and we will be glad to take your project from an idea to a perfectly functioning software product. We will also encourage you to be monitoring the project and communicating with our team continuously. If you share our business values, we will gladly welcome you into a trusted and long-lasting partnership!

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Business owners often complain that software development projects take too much time to begin. We have tuned up our partner engagement process to minimize the time spent on project onboarding, to skip the unnecessary bureaucracy, and to launch the development process.

4 Bringing tech expertise

The quality of the final product should be the first priority of a Node.js development company. With us, you can be sure that the solution is robust and the code is clean. We assess all the risks and pay close attention to quality assurance. Hire Node.js developers from KeenEthics to build a robust and high-quality project.

5 Protecting your data

We perfectly follow data security regulations and the requirements of the NDA you choose to sign. Also, we realize that information safety is the number one priority for back end development. For this reason, our Node.js developers will pay close attention to the reliability and security of your project.

I am here to help you find a software solution.

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