AI-powered tool for tracking and improving your mental wellbeing

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What Is uMore?

Size:< 10 employees
Location:Dubai, UAE

Being consumed by our daily routine, we forget about our mental health. Though we should not. Under the conditions of the pandemic, we need to doubly care about how we feel and why. Designed as a response to COVID-19 and lockdown, uMore aims to make people’s lives more comfortable and happier.

uMore is an AI-powered tool for tracking your wellbeing. It helps you change and improve your behaviors to reduce the levels of stress and build positive habits. Using uMore, people have the chance to share their information with family, friends, or physicians — anyone constituting a part of their safe circle.

What is a safe circle? In uMore, a safe circle is a group of your closest people whom you trust. They can analyze your behavior and even take the necessary measures to prevent stressful situations in your life. 

Catch, check, and change — this is how we describe the main functions of uMore. Firstly, open the app and get a chance to catch all your negative thoughts and feelings in one place. Why do you need this? Because realizing and acknowledging our problems is a half-way to solving them. Secondly, check the overall picture. Systematize all your information and get a better understanding of your inner state as well as the ways to improve it. Thirdly, change your thoughts and attitudes — change your life quality and boost your wellbeing, sharing positivity with your safe circle!

Our Cooperation

Technologies:React and Cordova
Team:1 PM, 1 QA, and 1 developer

Challenges & Solutions

Using technologies for helping others and making the world a better place is a part of our growth strategy. So, it was a pleasure to help our clients build an Artificial Intelligence app that would take care of users’ mental health and give them useful tips on how to improve their lives. Because we all saw the global goal behind this project, there were no particular challenges on our way. Our cooperation with uMore initiators was fruitful and effective. We are sure that this AI mental health app will become an indispensable part of users’ daily routine!

Our Team

Our professional expertise allowed us to achieve maximum results in the shortest terms.KeenEthics team assigned to this project consisted of 1 Project Manager, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Developer. Together, we managed to provide our client with a powerful and novel software solution that meets users’ needs and serves the common good.


For this project, we used React and Cordova, which enabled us to develop a powerful and visually attractive solution for Android.


To manage time efficiently, we decided to base our work on Scrum methodology. As a result, the development process was fast-moving and productive.

What Makes uMore Special?

uMore is relevant. If I asked you to name a person who was not affected by the pandemic, who would come to your mind? It seems to be a very hard question because almost everyone feels the adverse effects of today’s difficult situation. Mental health therapy apps such as uMore are developed to cope with the pandemic outcomes and not only.

uMore is flexible. This Artificial Intelligence app does not bind you to anything. uMore is not here to promote particular medical treatments — it is here to give you a tool to cope with stress and improve your health.

uMore is reliable. Only credible information is incorporated in this software solution. uMore is an AI mental health app that identifies your stress level with the scientifically proven PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) method. Then, based on your results, uMore helps you figure out what matters to you and why. It takes control over the quality of your wellbeing and visualizes your progress.

uMore is socially vital. One of the peculiarities of this AI mental health app is the idea behind the project. Maria Freitas, uMore CEO, reveals the story that prompted her to build such an app. Like many other people today, her family was also affected by COVID-19. As the case of Maria’s sister showed, those coming down with the coronavirus struggle with mental health a lot. For people facing a similar situation, uMore will become a real and helpful solution aimed to decrease mental health pressure and make users feel heard and needed. 

uMore is topical. This app revolutionizes the understanding of mental health and its importance. While most of us care about physical health and our appearance, we pay less attention to our feelings and thoughts. Yet, the importance of mental health therapy apps has been proven by uMore’s award-winning strategy:

  • Winner of Unite to Fight Covid-19 Startup Weekend UK 2020
  • Resident in In5 Dubai Tech Innovation Center 2020
  • Winner of Techstars COVID-19 Innovation Bootcamp Global 2020.

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