Svelte JS Development Services

Using a simple but incredibly efficient and performant user interface development framework


most popular project on GitHub in 2019, according to RisingStars.js.

What Is Svelte?

Svelte is a component JavaScript framework for building user interfaces of web apps. It represents an entirely fresh approach towards web development. Unlike other frameworks, such as React or Vue, which allow you to write declarative code, with Svelte, you write imperative code.

The Svelte framework rethinks reactivity. It ditches complex state management libraries, changes the understanding of hooks and API, and gets rid of the virtual DOM. While Svelte is not yet as popular as other JavaScript frameworks, it shows exponential growth in usage and community support. Such a radical approach to user interface development takes time to be accepted in the developer society. Yet, those developers who have already given it a try — they enjoy working with this technology.

Why Svelte?

  • Open source
    Svelte was introduced by Rich Harris in 2016, and since then, this JS framework has been free and open source. Strong community support translates into higher quality and security of this technology.
  • Efficient
    The explicit goal of Svelte is to reduce the amount of code that needs to be written to achieve a certain development result. Svelte code is usually about 40% smaller than its React equivalent.
  • Lightweight
    Svelte does not need any plugins to be working, unlike other JS frameworks, such as React or Vue. The styling of Svelte is also relatively simple.
  • Performant
    Virtual DOM is faster than the actual DOM, but it is yet not perfect. Svelte solves the performance issues associated with DOM. Unlike any other framework, Svelte does not use DOM.

What Svelte JS Development Services Do We Offer?

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    Web and mobile Svelte
  • [object Object]
    Svelte applications
    maintenance and support
  • UI/UX development for Svelte
    UI/UX development for Svelte
  • Svelte data management
    Svelte data management
  • [object Object]
    Custom Svelte software
    development solutions
  • Svelte     migrating
    Svelte migrating

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

Developing a custom web or mobile app is how we empower your business. You may automate and optimize some existing tasks, or you may monetize the software product itself. In any case, by reducing expenses or increasing revenue with the help of custom software, you help your business grow.

2Building value

KeenEthics has a clear mission: we strive for a tech world devoted to the social good. Honest and fair attitude towards employees, partners, and the global community is the major value that we offer. Partner up with us to become a part of the ethical movement!

3Launching in a matter of weeks

The software development process is expensive and lengthy. If only there was a way to make it more efficient! This is the challenge we rose to a few years earlier, and we have greatly advanced in terms of efficiency ever since. Our Engagement Manager will make sure that we launch the development process in the shortest terms possible.

4Bringing tech expertise

All the software engineers at KeenEthics are full-stack and JS-oriented. By maintaining a narrow focus on our tech stack, we make sure that our services are of the highest quality. We do not want to disperse our attention. Instead, we want to make sure that, what we do, we do it best.

5Protecting your data

Data security is the number one concern in software development because it is about the safety of your business and your users. To ensure it, a great deal of technical and legal measures need to be taken. Our developers never overlook data safety.


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