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The Agriculture Industry

Agriculture has turned from the most ancient craft into one of the most advanced industries of today. Have you read about vertical gardening, AI-powered vegetable picking, or precision agriculture? These concepts completely changed the lives of farmers. Today, technology is not a benefit anymore — it is a necessity for their business to thrive. Farm management software is as usual as an online store or an accounting platform.

Here at KeenEthics, we are eager to assist them. We have experience in helping a few European farming companies to start working smarter and more efficiently. We believe that the agriculture industry desperately needs technological innovation — especially in the era when the shortage of food supply is not a possibility but a matter of time.

Challenges in Agriculture Software Development


Legal issues

There are a lot of laws and standards your farm management software should comply with: FDA, FSIS, EPA, NPDES, and GHGRP.
How do you make sure that your software is legally protected?


Our Business Analysts make sure that your software solution is compliant with all local and global laws. We will work hand-in-hand with you to prevent and solve all legal issues.



The life of a farmer is so active — you do not have much time to spend in front of a computer.
How do you make your agricultural software more convenient?


Along with web platforms, we offer hybrid mobile apps. Not only they are more convenient, but also the development of a hybrid app is more efficient than of a native one.


Continuous innovation

The agriculture industry is one of the most quickly developed ones. Your company should keep up with innovations.
How do you stay in line with ever-changing trends?


After we launch the solution, we offer you continuous support for your app to be always up-to-date. Also, JS solutions we develop are scalable for your app to grow together with your company.

Do you agree with our solutions?

Custom Agricultural Development Services We Offer

Grazing Management Software

Farm Management Software

Livestock Management Software

Farm Accounting Platforms

Precision Agriculture Software Solutions

Agriculture Trade Solutions


My Grass Growth

This web platform aims to facilitate the lives of farmers. Using a set of user data and specific formulas, the app prepares forecasts on grazing and mowing paddocks and feeding herds. This way, the farmer does not have to go around their huge fields and monitor the growth of grass — this function is perfectly performed by My Grass Growth. The farm management software is relatively simple in terms of UI, but instead, it offers a powerful tool for analytics.

Platform: Web
Technologies: Meteor, Blaze, Mobile
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.

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My Grass Growth

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Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

Our specialists understand that a high-quality software solution is your path to success. By providing you with an efficient and effective product, we help your company grow and thrive.

2 Building value

Innovative agricultural solutions are the key to solving food supply issues, guaranteeing food safety, and ensuring climate sustainability. We appreciate your effort and support the values you promote.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

We understand that time is a sensitive matter in such a competitive industry. By optimizing our partner engagement process, we make sure that the development starts in the shortest terms possible.

4 Bringing tech expertise

To build a scalable, reliable, and high-quality solution, you need developers with sound knowledge and expertise in software engineering. We are ready to offer you the best full-stack JavaScript developers.

5 Protecting your data

We are ready to ensure both legal and technical security of your app. Our software engineers will be working hand-in-hand with industry experts to make sure that your data safety cannot be compromised.

I am here to help you find a software solution.

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