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Agriculture software solutions

Agribusiness software

Our agribusiness software solutions help agricultural organizations manage inventory, optimize supply chains, and analyze market trends precisely. Let us enhance efficiency across every aspect of your agriculture enterprise.

Farm management software solutions

Farm management tools allow you to alter how you handle and coordinate farm activities. Are you ready to develop complex tools to boost growth in your agribusiness endeavor, from farm resource allocation to labor management?

Agriculture monitoring systems

Using real-time information about environmental parameters, crop growth and health metrics, and resource utilization patterns, you make decisions and mitigate risks across diverse agricultural landscapes.

Smart agriculture software

We integrate up-to-date development methodologies for remote monitoring to help you minimize waste and increase sustainable agriculture practices for profitability and resilience.

Agriculture trade solutions

Our trade custom solutions help you understand regulatory complexities and take advantage of opportunities with agility. Through seamless communication and transactions across the agricultural supply chain, you will redefine the way you work in the global market.

Livestock management software

You can monitor livestock metrics and implement generic strategies that drive stability in your agriculture business processes.

Agriculture accounting platforms

We help our clients in the agriculture business use practical tools to keep track of expenses and report on finances for long-term business success.

Grazing management systems

Built on a foundation of advanced web development expertise, our grazing and irrigation systems empower managers to optimize agriculture ecosystems and maintain a balance between livestock productivity and ecological control.

What are the agriculture software development challenges?

Despite the challenges of developing agriculture software, we offer personalized solutions that help you ensure problem-solving without compromising business efficiency.

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01 Legal Issues


There are a lot of laws and standards your agriculture software solution should comply with. For example, FDA, FSIS, EPA, NPDES, or GHGRP. How do you make sure that your software for agriculture is legally protected?


Our agriculture software experts make sure that your solution is compliant with all local and global laws. We will help you prevent and solve all legal issues related to the software for the agriculture industry.


The life of a farmer is so active — you do not have much time to spend in front of a computer. How do you make your agricultural software more convenient and time-efficient?


Along with web platforms, our agriculture software developers build hybrid mobile apps. Not only are they more convenient, but also the development of a hybrid app is more efficient than of a native one.


The agriculture industry is one of the fastest-growing business sectors. Your company should keep up with innovations. How to stay in line with ever-changing trends?


After we complete software development for agriculture, we offer support and maintenance of your app. Also, JS solutions we develop are scalable for your solution to grow together with your company.

Advanced IT solutions for agriculture

Artificial intelligence

Through the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics, you can easily make quick decisions and prevent any risks like weather conditions and pest outbreaks. Artificial intelligence is one of the smart solutions helping you maintain a sustainable and resilient environment.


Through blockchain, we guarantee verification standards, facilitate fair trade practices, and foster security throughout the agricultural supply chain. When executing your project, our agriculture software company enables seamless transactions, reduces instances of fraud, and enhances trust among stakeholders—from farmers and distributors to consumers.


By integrating sensor networks, drones, and remote monitoring devices, our clients benefit by efficiently conserving resources, developing sustainable agricultural practices, and collecting real-time data on critical agricultural patterns like soil moisture levels, temperature gradients, or crop health indicators.

Big data

Using advanced analytics, we control a robust big data infrastructure containing vast volumes of agricultural data. Our custom software solutions help clients aggregate and harmonize diverse data sources to extract actionable insights and make data-driven decisions at every stage of the farming cycle.

Our Experience


The primary purpose of the app is to show a prognosis for the farmers and help them manage to feed their herds, graze and mow their paddocks, based on the user’s data and the set of formulas. The application allows farmers to graze cows and make related calculations.

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Why choose Keenethics as an agriculture software company?

Consistently high net promoter score

Keenethics has a remarkable 90 net promoter score, and our dedication to excellence is reflected in the positive feedback and referrals from satisfied clients, making us a trusted partner in agriculture software development. At Keenethics, our specialists prioritize your needs and visions to fully meet your expectations.

Consistently high net promoter score

Understanding of agriculture industry challenges

We know the challenges and opportunities that agribusinesses may face. So, by using advanced technologies and combining them with our client’s requirements, we develop off-the-shelf solutions that bring long-term value. You may contact us to get a project estimate and listen to the values that help us be the best in agriculture web development. 

Understanding of agriculture industry challenges

Adherence to best practices in the agricultural industry

Our company adheres to the best practices in the agricultural sector, ensuring our software solutions meet the highest standards of integrity and security. Beyond software development, we are committed to delivering exceptional customer support and training to ensure agricultural businesses maximize the value of our digital products. Our team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance and offer efficient guidance on your solution. 

Adherence to best practices in the agricultural industry

Hire agriculture software developers

We're here to help you with a high-quality software solution. Transform your vision of agriculture management with Keenethics. If you’re interested in agriculture software development, don’t hesitate to contact us. How about starting with a free estimate of the project's costs?

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Agriculture Software Development: Frequently Asked Questions

What is agriculture software development?

Agriculture software development is the development of a software app, platform, or system to facilitate various aspects of farm management, including crop production, livestock monitoring, supply chain logistics, and agricultural data and risk management. When developing agriculture software solutions, it’s critical to use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks to enhance productivity and sustainability in the agricultural value chain. To provide clients with many profits from a digital solution, a web development company needs to consider the diverse needs of agribusinesses and stakeholders to develop a wide range of off-the-shelf solutions, from precision agriculture software solutions and supply chain management platforms to financial management and accounting software.

What kind of technologies are utilized in agriculture software solutions?

To develop agriculture software solutions, our experts use various technologies, the main of which are Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data analytics, and Cloud Computing. The purpose of using them differs. For instance, to ensure transparency in the supply chain, to deliver secure and automated transactions, and to ensure adherence to fair trade practices, Blockchain is a practical solution. AI and machine learning algorithms can help agribusinesses optimize pricing strategies, and product usage, and manage the risks of different agricultural patterns. Cloud computing can help in data storage, processing, and management to maintain secure data records and data transfer within the agricultural community. Using these technologies allows us to optimize agricultural operations and promote growth in various aspects of the agricultural value chain.

Why should you hire a dedicated team for your agriculture software development project?

Finding the right partner in agriculture software development can bring you high profits. A web development company that has experts in agricultural software development can fully meet the specific needs and complexities of agriculture software and your business goals. These experts have relevant expertise and background in this development and know the standards and nuances of farming practices, supply chain logistics, and regulatory compliance. A web development company can listen to your project idea and offer the best technical scenario with the use of the latest technologies and tools. By hiring agriculture software development services, you get ongoing support and accountability throughout the project lifecycle. The project team is always available to answer your questions and carry out quick fixes when new requirements arise. 


Interested in agriculture custom software development? Contact our company. We’re ready to work on any web solution.

What is the cost of building an agriculture custom software development?

The cost of developing agricultural software primarily depends on the features and functionalities you want to integrate into your product. Usually, the cost of basic agriculture software ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. The price for a complex solution can extend to about $100,000; here, too, the development scope varies. Basic applications with limited features will be less expensive compared to complex solutions with advanced functionalities. If the agricultural software solution needs to integrate with external systems such as IoT devices, sensors, APIs, or third-party platforms, additional development efforts and costs may be incurred to ensure seamless interoperability. To estimate the cost, the project team generally needs to understand the project requirements, estimate time and efforts, calculate the development costs, consider value profits, and finally, communicate transparently with the clients and agree on the project scope. If you’re interested in finding out the development time and cost, feel free to contact our team.

How long does it take to build an agriculture app?

It usually takes at least 6 months to build agricultural system software. The timeline for developing software depends on factors like requirement analysis, the scope of functionalities, and the tech stack used. First, for setting specific time frames for development, at Keenethics, we usually focus on analyzing requirements, defining client goals, and figuring out the complexity of the project. Secondly, our attention is directed toward the design and planning process to create a robust product interface that encompasses all the necessary details during the design phase. Thirdly, when coding software, the development stage should correlate with the design stage. Developers, designers, quality assurance specialists, business analysts, and other experts evaluate the complexity, dependencies, and resources needed to craft the software, whatever the project size. Fourthly, when developing the product, we focus on testing the software, finding out errors, and assessing the agriculture software’s performance. Finally, the product development doesn’t end where it starts. After we set it up, we make sure it works well with our client’s existing systems by giving them help and maintenance. When hiring our custom software development services, you get ongoing support for your software, so you should be sure about its security and quality. The whole process can take anywhere from six months to two years. The maintenance and support part needs constant attention to keep it growing and successful.

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