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$623.3 billion

is the projected size of the global cloud computing market in 2023, according to Markets and Markets.

What Is Cloud Application Development?

Cloud application services range from building a custom solution from scratch to migrating your existing system into the cloud. Or you could integrate your solution with other cloud services, such as AWS or Azure. There are three methods of cloud software delivery: SaaS (Software as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). They let you as a client delegate a great share of responsibilities to outside vendors.

If you develop a software product on-premises, you have to manage the application, data, runtime, middleware, operating system, servers, storage, virtualization, and networking on your own. If you choose to employ SaaS business model, you delegate all of these to your service providers. By employing PaaS, you delegate everything but applications and data. In turn, if you follow the IaaS approach, you delegate only servers, storage, and networking.


Why Cloud Application Development?

  • Scalable
    Cloud solutions are perfectly scalable, and they easily adapt to workload fluctuations.
  • Data-friendly
    Cloud apps can be seamlessly integrated with a database, data can be easily recovered.
  • Reliable
    Cloud-based applications are designed to withstand a heavy data load.
  • Easily managed
    Cloud solutions are easier for the client to manage rather than traditional on-site solutions.
  • Convenient
    Cloud-based solutions can be accessed from any location at any given point in time.
  • Secure
    These solutions are dependable if they are built properly and all the regulations are followed.

What Cloud Application Services We Offer?

Cloud Computing

Custom Cloud Solutions Development

Cloud Computing

Cloud Solutions Maintenance

Cloud Services

Integration with Other Cloud Services

Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture Development


Cloud Solutions Migration

Cloud Support

Cloud Support and Consulting

How Do We Do It?

These are the technologies and cloud application development platforms that help us do it: AWS (SES, S3, Secrets Manager, Lambda, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Kibana), ServerlessTerraformJenkins.

  • Serverless
  • Jenkins
  • AWS
  • Terraform

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

We treat your business as unique, and we take into account its needs. Our Partner Engagement specialist, Project Managers, and Business Analysts will gladly help you collect, analyze, and implement your project requirements. KeenEthics software engineers specialize not only in the technical aspect of programming but also in industry-specific matters, including education software development servicescustom healthcare software development, and ecommerce software development.

2 Building value

We cooperate according to the payment model you prefer. Our pricing policy suits businesses of any size. We provide cost-efficient solutions without compromising the quality of your future software product. For more about the business value we have built, seewhat our long-term partner has to sayLet us estimate your project, and youwill see whether the business value is worth the effort.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

We prefer not to waste time on unnecessary organizational and bureaucratic tasks. The project development process can be organized and managed according to your wishes. You can hire our professional Project Managers, who will help you to organize cloud based application development and to choose the optimal development methodology. Otherwise, you can manage the project yourself, and our developers will gladly work under your supervision.

4Bringing tech expertise

Each person working in our company, should it be a UX / UI designer, a software developer, or a QA specialist, has sound knowledge and experience in the field. All our developers are full-stack for them to be in full control of a cloud computing software development project. Our designers develop responsive interfaces according to the latest trends in the field. The Quality Assurance department will make sure that your cloud application is bug-free and perfectly functioning.

5 Protecting your data

We understand your concerns about information and data safety as these are the most valuable assets in the 21st century. Our employees undergo data safety training, we ensure the physical safety of our servers, and the online data is properly encrypted. To prevent any leaks of information about our clients or operations, we sign NDAs with our partners and employees.


These are some of the cloud applications that we have developed:


  • Finance & Banking

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