MongoDB Development Services

Using a flexible, scalable, and convenient database to solve the latest development challenges.


MongoDB is the most popular among NoSQL databases in 2018, according to Stack Overflow

What Is MongoDB Development?

MongoDB is a document-based, distributed, dynamic, and scalable database, which is built to suit the latest development needs. Initially released in 2009, MongoDB is now at its fourth version, and the updates are released on a regular basis. The greatest advantages of this database are its flexibility, scalability, and convenience.

SQL databases are table-based. Here, the data is stored in rows and columns typical of a traditional relational database. MongoDB is NoSQL and, respectively, document-based. A document-based database like MongoDB stores data in JSON objects, which enables MongoDB developers to create flexible and effective schemas.

Why MongoDB?

  • Universal
    MongoDB can be used to build the back-end of both web and mobile apps. Yet, it is particularly suitable for IoT and cloud solutions as it is what it was mainly developed for
  • Popular
    While MongoDB is not open source, one of the user plans it offers is free. This technology is used by such tech giants as Facebook, inVision, eBay, Adobe, Google, EA, Verizon, and Shutterfly.
  • Flexible
    Each database consists of collections, which consist of documents. Each of these documents can be different in terms of the number of fields, size, and content.
  • Scalable
    A MongoDB development company does not have to define a database schema in advance. In fact, they can easily add fields to documents, documents to collections, and collections to the database on the go.
  • Convenient
    MongoDB makes queries simpler. It supports all kinds of queries, including field, range, and regular expression searches. MongoDB developers can also improve search performance with indexing.
  • Stable
    MongoDB can withstand an increasing data load. It splits data across a few MongoDB instances, can run over a few servers, balance the load, or duplicate data to ensure the system stability.

What MongoDB Development Services Do We Offer?

  • MongoDB database development and management
    MongoDB database development and management
  • MongoDB architecture design
    MongoDB architecture design
  • MongoDB security hardening services
    MongoDB security hardening services
  • MongoDB API development
    MongoDB API development
  • MongoDB testing and QA services
    MongoDB testing and QA services
  • MongoDB consulting services and support
    MongoDB consulting services and support

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth.

For a software product to empower the growth of your business, it has to be high-quality, cost-efficient, and utterly personalized. MongoDB developers at KeenEthics will make sure that the back end of your app meets these three requirements. Let us know if you need assistance with the front end as well!

2Building value.

There are so many agencies offering MongoDB development services, but we declare that we are different. KeenEthics is an ethical company – we treat our employees, clients, and partners in an ethical way. If you strive for honest cooperation, we will gladly welcome you as a partner!

3Launching in a matter of weeks.

The software development market is so competitive, and there is no time to fool around. Our expert Partner Engagement Manager will contact you in the shortest terms and collect all the project requirements to transition it to the Project Management department.

4Bringing tech expertise.

The back end of your app is as important as the front end even if you cannot see it. Our MongoDB developers will make sure that the server side of your app is secure and performant. They will also gladly provide you with MongoDB consulting services in case you need such.

5Protecting your data.

The server side of your application is where all your data is stored, and by no means can you afford to have it compromised. By cooperating with MongoDB developers from KeenEthics, you can rest assured that they do everything necessary to keep your data safe.

Case Studies


It is a business development platform, which lets entrepreneurs push forward their innovative ideas for startups. Here, they can meet partners, investors, or peers to collaborate with from all around the world. WorldLabs serves a unique purpose for entrepreneurs, for employers, and for the society as a whole. It inspires both local and global business communities to advance. The goal of WorldLabs is to foster collaboration because collaboration is the key to success. In this project, we have provided both front end development services and back end MongoDB development services.

Technologies:MongoDB,React andMeteor
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 10 developers and QA specialists, 1 PM.


It is a healthcare app for mobile Apple devices, the idea of which is to facilitate and improve the lives of cancer survivors. Being the first chatbot-based mobile app in the field of Integrative Oncology, OneRemission often receives the highest reviews. It serves an important purpose of educating people who successfully fought cancer and their caregivers on how to avoid the disease from reoccurring. KeenEthics is proud to have been a part of such a socially significant project.

Methodology: Kanban
Team: 2 developers and 1 PM

Banker Advisor

It is a platform aimed to help users find the optimal provider of financial services. When you plan a trip, you go to TripAdvisor and look for the best places to go to. The founder of Banker Advisor constantly asked himself a question, why there is no such a comparative service for the investment and banking industry? The platform we have developed changes the game. It gives you a full picture of a certain bank or investment management agency through trusted peer reviews. MongoDB development services were particularly important here as the platform utilizes cloud technology.

Technologies:Keystonejs,React,Redux,Express,Node.js,SCSS,MongoDB,Mongoose,AWS (SES, SNS, S3, EC2)
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 5 developers, 1 QA, and 1 PM


  • Finance & Banking


It is a business administration platform, which lets employers find part-time employees and employees find an employer. WorkBooking suits well both commercial businesses and NGOs. It is augmented with convenient tools for searching and scheduling, and it can be accessed on any device. It brings together the people who are looking for specialists in a certain field, place, and time to do a certain task and the people who want to offer such services.

Technologies:Meteor,React andMongoDB
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM

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