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Using a highly efficient, popular, convenient, and universal JavaScript framework.


is the number of websites powered by Meteor, according to LambdaTest.

What is Meteor JS development?

Meteor is an open sourced Node.js-based platform for web, mobile, and desktop app development. Initially released in 2012, Meteor shook the development world as a revolutionary framework. Unlike the vast majority of other JS frameworks, Meteor can be used for both back end and front end development regardless of what kind of app you want to develop — web, mobile, or desktop. This makes the development process more time-efficient and cost-efficient, and the entire app can be developed by the same team of software developers. Therefore, this framework perfectly suits rapid prototyping.

Here at KeenEthics, about a half of all the projects have been developed with the usage of Meteor JS framework. Our leading developers and CTO himself have been supporting the open source community and trying to establish a Meteor development group here in Ukraine. While some may say that the glory days of Meteor are over, we will argue that they are definitely not. This framework is actively supported, and it deserves attention due to the benefits it offers.

What is our experience with Meteor JS?


It is a platform for professional and personal development, which is used by businesses and NGOs of different sizes. SelfLeaders comprises various personal growth tools for people organizing and participating in educational events. The tool that we have developed is The Values Tree — a simple reflection tool for self-development. Launched in 2016, this tool has been used by 26 000+ employees from all parts of the globe. By building their own trees of values, the users learn to understand themselves better and to think proactively. For businesses, this tool offers an important opportunity to evaluate corporate culture and employee satisfaction. SelfLeaders hired us as a company for Meteor web development, but our collaboration developed into a years-long partnership.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: Meteor,GraphQL and React
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 4 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.



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ComicEnglish is a chatbot-based Meteor JS app for acquiring knowledge of English. By playing games and communicating with an English-speaking chatbot, the users get to advance their language skills and to have fun at the same time. ComicEnglish features quests for people with different levels of language competence. It motivates users to keep learning English with rewards and multiple fun features. To keep them engaged, the bot sends daily notifications and updates.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: Meteor and Ionic
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 2 full-stack developers.



no description


It is a global e-commerce platform enjoyed by numerous people from all over the world. Tetrami offers each user a unique opportunity to win a discount and to strike a bargain. Once the users come up with a four-characters-long promo code and nobody else repeats it, they are granted a large discount. Unlike in regular stores, Tetrami lets users reduce costs of the item of their own choice. Despite the fact that this company delivers only to the American addresses, users from other countries can also place orders if they organize shipping on their own. This app is a wonderful example of Meteor app development.

Platform: Web, Android and iOS
Technologies: Meteor, Blaze, Ionic, and Angular
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.



no description

The Check Network

It is a comprehensive e-commerce SEO platform, which brings customers and businesses together. The Check Network is an international network of e-stores and online websites. It offers a convenient search option, a localized price comparison, and a convenient division on categories. This web platform enables startups and small businesses to get the most advantage from their websites and online stores, to promote their products and services to a specific target group, and to generate extra sales. We have combined both React.js development and Meteor development to achieve such a great result.

Platform: Web
Technologies: Meteor and React
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist.


The Check Network

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Meteor is used to develop both server-side back end and client-side front end of a web platform or a native mobile app. This way, the entire application is written in pure JavaScript.

Since front end and back end share the same language, the development process becomes much faster. The less development hours it takes, the more cost-efficient it will be.

Meteor JS framework has a vast and proactive community, who continuously work on documentation. Also, it is used by such large companies as Mazda, IKEA, Qualcomm, and Honeywell.

Meteor supports live reloading of pages. Each time a code is modified, the altered elements are updated, not the entire page. This greatly improves the development experience.

Easily deployed
Meteor web development is augmented with Galaxy — an efficient PaaS solution for convenient deployment and monitoring of Meteor applications. It allows to reduce greatly the time spent on DevOps.

Meteor development can be extended with numerous libraries and packages, which are provided and tested by the open source community. Also, it can be integrated with various development tools.

What Meteor JS development services do we offer?

Web and mobile Meteor.js

Meteor.js applications
maintenance and support

UI/UX development for Meteor

Meteor.js data management

Custom Meteor.js software
development solutions

Meteor.js migrating

Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

Business growth closely depends on your revenue growth, and there are two ways we can help. On the one hand, our Meteor developers will help you save on app development. On the other hand, we make sure that your software product is high-quality, which lets it meet its purpose and bring profit.

2 Building value

KeenEthics was founded with a certain idea in mind — “We strive for a tech world devoted to the social good”. Social responsibility and ethical attitude to partners are the pillars of our business. If you share our desire to contribute to the common good, we will happily have you as a partner.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

If you are eager to start the development as soon as possible, Meteor JS is the framework you should choose, Easily configured, it helps to save time on project setup. Our expert Partner Engagement Manager will help you move to the project development phase in a few weeks’ time.

4 Bringing tech expertise

As we said, we have an outstanding experience in Meteor development since we have been working with this technology since it was introduced. While building a Meteor app, we also engage expert QA specialists, BA professionals, designers, and a professional PM to reach the best project outcome.

5 Protecting your data

User privacy is the top concern in the modern-day web, and we make sure that your web or mobile app is a hundred percent secure. Also, we will gladly keep our partnership secret if you want us to. Sign an NDA with us and rest assured that your information is kept private.

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