React Native Development Services

Using a fast, convenient, performant, and universal framework to develop cross-platform mobile apps.

What Is React Native Application Development?

There are two target audiences that the mobile app owner should aim at, – Android users and iOS users, – and neither one can be ignored. Developing a separate app for each platform is time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. React Native solves this problem. By offering the opportunity for cross-platform development, React Native greatly reduces the amount of resources needed for the development of Android and iOS apps without compromising the app quality.

React Native is a JavaScript-based cross-platform mobile app development framework. 95% of React Native codebase is shared by iOS and Android apps. Moreover, some business logic of a web app written in React can be reused with the help of React Native application development. It is faster, more effective, and more convenient.

Why React Native App Development?

  • Performant
    Reactive Native apps perform as well as the native ones. In fact, the  research  confirms that the only performance characteristic where React Native loses to Swift is CPU usage.
  • Simple
    React Native is super easy to master with the knowledge of JavaScript and React and some basic understanding of native development languages.
  • Fast
    When developing a native app, you have to wait for a build to finish to see the results of your changes. With React Native app development, you can see changes as soon as you press “Save”, which makes the development faster.
  • Cross-platform
    React Native lets you develop both Android and iOS apps with the same technical stack. This significantly reduces development expenses and development time.
  • Trusted
    React Native is an open source project developed and supported by Facebook. The ongoing support of this tech giant inspires trust in the security and performance of this framework.
  • Popular
    The React Native community is one of the fastest-growing in the industry. React Native is used by such tech and business giants as Facebook, Skype, Pinterest, Uber, Tesla, Gyroscope, Soundcloud, TikTok, and Walmart.

What React Native Development Services Do We Offer?

  • Custom React Native application
    Custom React Native application
  • React Native applications
    React Native applications
  • UI/UX React Native development
    UI/UX React Native development
  • React Native data management
    React Native data management

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth.

Developing native apps for iOS and Android is a time-consuming and expensive endeavor. By choosing React Native app development, you save some budget for other business initiatives. By helping you use resources more efficiently, our React Native team helps your business grow.

2Building value.

To establish a valuable relationship with users and clients, you should communicate with them effectively and often. A fast, responsive, and lightweight mobile app with push-notifications is the best way to keep customers engaged. With React Native, we will help you achieve this goal.

3Launching in a matter of weeks.

The greatest advantage of React Native is resource-efficiency. With this technology, we will develop two apps over the time needed to develop one. Moreover, our partner engagement process is optimized greatly to make sure that little to no time is spent on repetitive conversations and courtesy calls.

4Bringing tech expertise.

Despite all the advantages of it, there are not so many expert React Native app development specialists. But we will provide you with professionals needed to complete your project. Our React Native development company offers not only high-quality software solutions but also sound expertise in your industry or business field.

5Protecting your data.

Your users will never give your app a second chance if they have even the slightest doubt about the safety of their information. Our expert React Native application development experts will make sure that your app is protected against technical errors and hacking attempts.

Case Study


ParkQX is a mobile application aimed to facilitate the parking routine and to spare the unnecessary hustle. On the one hand, it helps drivers find, book, and pay for a parking spot in a few simple taps. On the other hand, it helps parking spot owners profit from their unused parking space. This mobile solution has the potential to improve the transport and parking situation in any city.

PlatformAndroid and iOS
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 1 UI/UX designer, 2 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.

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