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Finance and Banking Industry

The mysteries of the finance and banking industry have always been difficult to understand for people not directly involved in it. Bankers discuss their business affairs as if folding them into an envelope of secrets, while others look at the finance industry as if it was a rocket science.

Here at KeenEthics, we aim to bring the world of banking and financial services one step closer to people. We develop intuitive and effective UI/UX design for web and mobile financial software solutions. Without compromising security, quality, or industry standards, we build elegant and user-friendly financial services software.

If you need a reliable and lucrative banking software solution — we are here to help. We offer you high-quality FinTech software development — investment, trading, personal finance management, and banking software services.

Challenges in Finance and Banking Software Development


Data security

The number one concern of banking customers is the security of their personal and financial information.
How can you protect your customers and their data?


You should ensure the technical security of your software solution to make it invincible to errors or cyber attacks. Also, guarantee compliance with industry standards and legal requirements.


User experience

Banking software solutions are difficult by definition. The functionality is complicated as the industry requires.
How do you make the lives of your users a bit easier?


You can improve the experience of your users through effective UI and UX design. Our professionals will help you build an elegant and easy-to-use FinTech solution, should it be web or mobile.



FinTech solutions rarely exist on their own — they often must be integrated with ecommerce, travel, elearning, and other websites.
How do you ensure seamless and reliable integration?


Integration is achieved through research and quality excellence. Our engineers work-in-hand with BAs to make sure that the application is compatible with all the necessary APIs and services.



The architecture of a banking app should be stable and reliable for it not to go down under any circumstances.
How do you ensure the stability of a FinTech solution?


Our developers help you choose the more reliable and secure tech stack. Through careful architecture planning and thorough QA, we ensure you the utmost stability.

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BankerAdvisor is an investment banking tool from the USA. The founder of BankerAdvisor — a well-experienced banker and financial advisor — asked himself why there is no such solution for bankers like TripAdvisor for travelers. This is how the idea of BankerAdvisor was born. This platform is innovative, and it lets users make banking and financial services decisions with the trust and confidence of peer reviews. At the same time, by claiming their profile on BankerAdvisor, banks and investment management firms can increase their visibility on the market and promote their services to a wider audience. Our financial software development services at BankerAdvisor stretched through the full-cycle of banking software development — from the idea discovery up to support and marketing.

Platform: Web
Technologies: Node, Express, Redux, Keystone, React, MongoDB, Mongoose, AWS, CSS
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 3 full-stack developers, 1 Quality Assurance specialist, 1 Project Manager, 1 Marketing specialist.

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Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

At KeenEthics, we aim to help our partners succeed in their business endeavor. By communicating closely with the client and offering them high-quality software solutions, we bring them one step closer to business growth and success.

2 Building value

The essential values we offer are transparency and honesty — we strive to ensure trustful and friendly relationships with our partners. We also share the values you nurture in your organizations and invite you to join us in our social responsibility endeavor.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Time is a sensitive matter in software development. To achieve efficiency, we have optimized our partner engagement process to transition to the development phase in a couple of weeks. Yet, if you would like to spend more time briefing and onboarding, let’s do it.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Our specialists are armed with many years of technical experience and a strong desire to offer the best financial software development services to the client. A meticulous approach to quality and readiness to hear out your wishes — this is how our developers build exactly the solutions that you need.

5 Protecting your data

Data security is not something you can afford to compromise. To minimize safety risks for you and your users, we make sure that the software solution is invincible to technical errors, protected from cyber attacks, and compliant with laws and industry standards.

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