ParkQX helps drivers find, reserve, and pay for a parking spot both in advance and on the go with a few simple taps.

What Is ParkQX?

It is an app for those tired of never getting a free parking space.

ParkQX helps drivers find, reserve, and pay for a parking spot both in advance and on the go with a few simple taps. At the same time, it lets parking spot owners turn their unused parking space into money. Both lenders and renters are going to enjoy the platform since this business solution is beneficial for both.

The goal of ParkQX is to make a parking routine easy, hassle-free, climate neutral, and convenient.












React Native

React Native

What Makes ParkQX Special?

1. Easy access

Sign-up and login procedures, account verification and activation, “Remember me” and “Forgot password” are simple but perfect. There is also nothing special about the payment system, but it does fully serve its purpose.

1. Easy access

2. Simplicity of use

What is unusual about the app, however, is that it lets its users find, reserve, pay, and get guided to the nearest parking spot. While looking for a place to park their car, a user may enter the location manually or by dropping a pin on the map, select date, time, and duration of parking, choose vehicle type, check parking fee, and view pictures. Navigating to a parking spot is easy since the app provides a user with an interactive real-time map. Reservation blocks the parking spot for other users so that one may be sure that the place will not be taken upon their arrival. Shortly before the reservation ends, the user receives an expiry notification, and once they confirm that they are leaving, payment is withdrawn from their credit card. Favorite parking places can be saved and easily accessed in the future.

2. Simplicity of use

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