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Get exciting expertise with Keenethics, a company offering custom software maintenance and support. Cooperation with the client isn't only about product development, testing, delivery, and limited warranty periods. We provide continuous service to your product by creating unique solutions based on your vision. Please stay on the page to learn more about what makes our services special.
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Our Software Maintenance and Support Process

a collection of documentation and process details

understanding the client's business and initiatives

maintenance-related offers

testing and stability assessment

product analysis to streamline the software

gathering responses and actions into a detailed report for future support

Why Choose Keenethics for software maintenance services?

The broad scope of expertise

Our services span various branches and industries. We present our customers an updated and improved software. Every company needs specialists in an environment where technology is constantly evolving and changing. Only they can provide application support and maintenance to keep up-to-date with all processes and make all critical functions work optimally. Maintaining a business afloat and competitive in the IT market may be challenging without expert support. You can contact us for software maintenance and support or other services, and we’ll be able to monitor the life cycle of your product, including analysis, testing, and fixing nuances.

The broad scope of expertise

Market-leading solutions

Our experts are constantly improving their tech skills. As a company delivering application maintenance and support services, we assess software products benefiting your end customers and reaching a wider community. We pay close attention to details and quality when working on a project. In business analysis sessions, we devote time to diverse business processes like order processing, billing, data exchange, enterprise strategy analysis, cybersecurity analysis, analysis of software requirements, and more. Playing ethically in the tech world, we strive to combine our unique digital transformations with your visions that fit your business.

Market-leading solutions

Practical advantages of hiring software maintenance services from Keenethics

Software maintenance and support is a strong foundation, presenting the following benefits: increased ROI, high success rate, team collaboration, forecast of business problems, and room for growth. By using our practical solutions, we react quickly and make needed adjustments. Hiring our specialists means you’ll avoid project rework and receive all the best methods and techniques.

Practical advantages of hiring software maintenance services from Keenethics

Motivated team with our mental health program

When working with Keenethics, a software maintenance company, you hire a keen team of dedicated web developers. Our Mental Health Officer monitors mental state of each employee to ensure happiness, motivation, and loyalty. Our employee satisfaction checkups ensure low employee turnover and no associated project delays. Learn more in this mental health article.

Motivated team with our mental health program

What Do We Offer?

One-month-long warranty period One-month-long warranty period
Use software properly of the project Use software properly of the project
Documentation of system failure or fault Documentation of system failure or fault
Software package work on our part Software package work on our part
Notify if the failure occurred due to a development fault Notify if the failure occurred due to a development fault
Complaints is covered as a requirements specification Complaints is covered as a requirements specification

Our Customers Say

In a software partner, I value liability, trustworthiness, and transparency the most. I can say that all three are present in Keenethics. Our work was effective, and we definitely demonstrated a great deal of progress as the project grew larger. The most valuable thing about Keenethics is their attitude, both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and thus, effective.

Coen Borgman
London, United Kingdom
Director of Productio, StoryTerrace
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We hired Keenethics to create a well-designed web interface for the chatbot. As the name suggests, the Keenethics team was quite transparent. They listened and made sure they understood what I was trying to achieve, not just the features I wanted. Keenethics delivered exactly what I hoped for. The chatbot is up and running with excellent functionality. We’ve got positive feedback from test users about how easy it is to use.

Testimonial author photo
Rob McCormick
London, United Kingdom
Founder, Ideal Role


Why do you need software maintenance and support services?

The reason is here: if your business has a software as a foundation of operations, it can’t expand without ongoing updating, maintenance, and support. 


Let me provide core reasons for using software maintenance and support services for your business:


Maintenance. System maintenance is essential, mainly when the business environment and technology constantly evolve. Software support services guarantee reliable and enhanced system performance.


Troubleshooting. To ensure the smooth operation of all product functionality, we should remember to monitor errors in the code and fix them. Errors can occur in operating systems or any part of the software.


Increasing opportunities. Similar service improves software platforms and functionality, upgrades hardware, and analyzes all aspects that affect system performance.


Eliminate unnecessary features. A large number of functions doesn’t matter when some of them are useless. Moreover, they can reduce the efficiency of the solution. Therefore, the elimination of unnecessary functions makes the system adaptive to be able to cope with different changes.


High performance. We can achieve excellent performance through testing and troubleshooting.


Integrations. To ensure the software works, you need to check all the API integrations and their operation.

What is the price of employing software maintenance services?

We can’t immediately set the price of such services since it’s necessary to consider the scope of work, the project’s needs, goals, and the software product’s complexity and size.

Do you have any hiring models related to software maintenance and support?

Keenethics offers the following engagement models:


1 outsourcing model  

2 outstaffing model

3 fixed price model

4 time & material model


You can read our article to learn more about each of these models.

What are the benefits of option software maintenance services?

Ordering services from Keenethics will bring you more than two or three advantages. The main thing is that setting up a thorough plan will help you know in advance all our goals, strategies, and steps to handle. You get flexible support and solutions with Keenethics. Also, the following benefits are equally important:


– Enhanced implementation, 

– long-term perspectives, 

– reliability and consistency, 

– security review, 

– backups & recovery, 

– redesign and upgrade of the software product, 

– scalability.

Does Keenethics provide any security measures to support and secure the project for the client?

We sign a contract with all agreements and control all the processes behind your product’s safety. Our specialists have extensive experience and know how to provide for the leakage of confidential data and stop all cyber attacks.

Hire Developers Assisting you in Software Maintenance and Support

We assist small start-ups and large enterprises in developing best-performing projects. Contact us to have a team of skilled specialists swiftly and accurately do any technology-integrated project.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

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