AI data analytics platform revolutionizing the corporate and the banking markets

What Is Cordian?

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    3 employees
  • Time
    2.5 years
  • Product
    AI analytics for banking
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    Business development
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    Web development, AI
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    Berlin, Germany

Providing reliable answers throughout the whole process in any use cases, including customer services, legal spend management, citizen services, and knowledge management

Do you catch yourself responding to the same question again and again? Cordian is a reliable, intelligent AI assistant in data visualization, analyzing questions with natural language processing and producing the response with deep learning. You get higher productivity through instant answers, security through verified content, and effectiveness through flawless workflow.

Challenges & Solutions


There are many questions and answers on legal issues and banking services. Relevance is always critical when addressing them. This way, we had to find a technological solution to solve different scenarios, from processing them and responding to all customers' inquiries correctly.


Our team decided to integrate and use artificial intelligence for the intelligent selection of answers. AI in data analytics can effectively create a database of responses, resolve issues and respond to simple inquiries, enhance customer service, and provide continuous support. Another solution was self-learning and developing the platform with the possibility of text input and voice requests. The solution guaranteed raised customer experience with high customer satisfaction and operational cost reduction.


An extensive system consisting of many modules and services requires much effort. The process is time-consuming, as it's necessary to maintain maximum quality and avoid any errors while supporting and rolling out to production.


We employed CI/CD practices for automating integration and delivery. The practices helped us automate such processes as test, build, deploy, code, and analysis. As a result, we had more efficient time to focus on code quality, features, and security. Docker and Jenkins helped us implement a solution.


To engage a broader user base and increase sales, localizing the platform to support multiple languages was another challenge. Developing a multi-language platform requires much work, but maintaining is as well.


When translating a large amount of content, managing different languages is challenging. Consequently, the development team implemented the translation system and the content itself. It helped to automate much of the translation process, thus delivering scalability no matter the scope of the content. Our solution ensures all content isn't only translated but contextualized. For this solution, we used the i18next framework.


Mobile and desktop compatibility is already a necessity. The task was to launch, support, and adapt the application for all existing browsers and operating systems. Before testing browsers, we determined the target audience and the browsers covering maximum market share.


We launched local virtual machines with different OS and tested the application on different browsers. Cross-browser and cross-platform testing were performed during the smoke and regression testing with the latest versions of the OS and browser. Here are the following benefits of the solution: maximum exposure to the target audience, reduced development cost, easier maintenance & deployment, quicker development process, and reusable code.


An extensive system requires high quality. But the time came when the group of testers could no longer cope with the heavy workloads of testing. The helpful solution would be to facilitate our platform testing needs through automation.


We used test automation tools to improve speed, reliability, and efficiency. The tools of our choice were Protractor, Jasmine, and Jest on the server. Automation streamlined our work on different fronts, from source code analysis to testing, building, packaging, and deployment.


An outdated and impractical interface leads to confusion or insufficient data causing poor user experience. It was a ticking time signal. The team defined the extent of required changes and set the KPIs and resources required.


UI/UX specialists' involvement in developing an improved system with subsequent implementation by developers was a solution. By considering users-centered structures, the needs of end users, and the constraints they face, specialists have analyzed data, collated and interpreted it, conducted evaluation, created a functional prototype, and more. As a result, the platform is practical, having an intuitive interface.


When a certain number of users supported by the server is surpassed, the system loads lower. The more users are, the more traffic is, and the slower application operation is.


The team integrated several solutions, including reduction of assembly size, caching data on the server and client side, and improving queries and server logic.

About customer

Growing sales conversion with better sales experience? Informed negotiations and objective create-or-buy decisions? Extension of a hotline with automated services responding to diverse cases? Consolidation of existing knowledge? These questions are of Cordian expertise, AI data visualization, one of the solutions you can opt for.

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What Makes Cordian as AI Data Visualization Special?

➣ High code quality

Poor programming practices usually result in security vulnerabilities, opening up the entry for attacks from outside sources. On the project, we had high requirements for code quality. The team conducted code reviews helping us minimize requests for fixes in the long run. We improved our communication, shared knowledge efficiently, and sent fewer bugs to QA through code reviews. 
➣ High code quality

➣ Reliable client communication

Client communication is an evident part, but sometimes it may be neglected. We always conducted meetings with SEO from this AI data analytics project concerning the development plan. From our side, the marketing lead, CTO, and PM gave updates on progress, and the client raised questions or potential issues. Client communication ensured the project went as planned, on time, and within budget. Through a reliable project communication plan, all stakeholders were informed about the course and success of the project. 

➣ Reliable client communication

➣ A well-configured Jira

A well-configured Jira simplified our work at times. It’s simple to set up, adapt, and integrate, considering the needs when the business scales. Jira is riched with contextual information and provides a complete audit trail. It was convenient for us to create and download all the data. This management tool assisted in delivering exceptional IT service management and customer experience. As a result, we managed customer requests and solved problems quickly and efficiently. 
➣ A well-configured Jira

➣ Easy collaboration via Scrum

Cordian implemented Scrum during the last year of the project development. Earlier, the project involved the employees inside the company. But when they started to hire new ones, the necessity was to train everyone and enable every employee to keep up with the pace of the project. Since Scrum incorporates many events, it helped new members quickly get into the process and adapt. Scrum streamlined the workflow both from KeenEthics’ and Cordian’s side. Scrum is simple. Thanks to it, the complex tasks were manageable, rules, events, and roles were straightforward to understand, and transparency was kept throughout the web development full-cycle method. 
➣ Easy collaboration via Scrum

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