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With Keenethics, you get the development of cutting-edge solutions delivering app-like functionalities on mobile devices.
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Take the power of PWA technology

You’ll delight users and increase conversion with Keenethics’ PWA development services:
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Fast delivery

We stick to deployment time to introduce the product to the users in the fastest way possible. 

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Our PWA developers pack your app with all the essentials according to the agreed requirements. 

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Responsive UI/UX design

Our design team works on creating mockups and prototypes for specific solutions, coordinating system design, and implementing customer journeys through UI/UX.

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QA testing

We employ Agile practices to organize our web development. The code-level process enables you to adhere to the best code standards.

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Custom PWA development

Hiring specialists from Keenethics, you receive progressive web applications development services per your requirements. We ensure native-like capabilities and security of the entire PWA development. 
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Tech updates on PWA

We stay updated and inform you of the latest trends and functionalities that can be useful for your product. 

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PWA consulting

We count all your business needs to offer you smart web and mobile solutions.

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PWA flexibility and security

Our progressive web apps provide smooth operation across different browsers and devices. As a PWA development company, Keenethics’ specialists offer an elegant approach to developing data-centric web applications. We ensure fast, seamless, and secure migration of data across browsers. 

Our PWA IT Expert Opinion

As our practice and stats from global companies show, the PWA can hugely enhance the number of user activities and the activity of existing ones, as well as improve the user journey. As a PWA development company, Keenethics will help you take your app to the next level!

Taras Pyzo
Senior Developer

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Suppose you often lose your keys and spend a lot of time looking for them. How would a developed PREE app solve this problem? We have a PREE device attached …

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An analytics service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and professionals.

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B2B cloud-based procurement platform for on-demand manufacturing.

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Through our collaborative efforts, Keenethics built a tool that guides users through streamlined processes, from conceptualization to creating bespoke facade solutions. Its unique features include a user-friendly interface, transparent order.

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Check out our case studies Check the case studies

Why to Choose Keenethics as a Custom Progressive Web App Development Company?

Custom inclusive approach

Our PWA development isn’t simple promises. We offer a team of our best developers tailored to your initial project requirements. Keenethics sets up the development environment, major development processes, and project architecture. Our Node.js developers specializing in PWA development services offer unique full-cycle development. We guarantee responsibility and ongoing support for your software product. You can also learn more about our unique Strike Force approach. Keenethics always is on our client’s side, assisting them in selecting the best strategy possible. 

Custom inclusive approach

Improved information security

We employ a comprehensive web and mobile development tech stack to manage client and server data efficiently. Our stack ranges from Node.js, React, and Svelte to Flutter and React Native. Our development team also integrates convenient databases like MongoDB and MySQL to handle heavy loads, large data volumes, and location-based data. We’ll help you avoid many concerns like data breaches and loss through our PWA software solutions. Check out our client testimonials and portfolio, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Improved information security

Security with an escrow account

You can employ our escrow partner as a middleman to secure your costs. Before we start development, we may agree on the terms upon which the escrow agent releases your payment to us. With a minimal escrow fee, you can sleep well knowing you pay only for the job done correctly.

Security with an escrow account

Improved ROI with a UX audit

Our UX audit shows you what upsets your users and holds back the success of your PWA or other technology-related solutions. This approach is the best way to cut development expenses and improve your ROI in the long run. In the UX audit, we analyze the design of your software solution to enhance user flows. At the same time, we eliminate your users’ pain points and improper design practices. Learn more in this UX presentation.                                                                                             

Improved ROI with a UX audit

Our Customers Say

Upon launching the new platform, the company saw a significant increase in traffic and conversion rate and recorded positive responses from user tests. The company appreciated how well the Keenethics team stuck to their timelines and were proactive in their communications.

Daniel Richter
Berlin, Germany
CPO, Sapera GmbH
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Everything started when Keenethics were integrating Asama, their other project, into our system. In the course of our communication, we realized that for more effective performance, we need more automation. While working on Asama, Keenethics proved themselves to be a responsible, socially aware, dedicated, and highly experienced team. It played a huge role when we were choosing a vendor.

Andrii Mandzhala
Kyiv, Ukraine
CEO and Founder, ADS
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Technologies we use

There are many progressive web app development agencies, but finding the right one for your PWA development is vital. You can get familiar with Keenethics' tech stack and opt for the best one for your business.


What are the advantages of making your website a progressive web app?

We define the following benefits: accessibility in offline mode, mobile-like features, easy installation, employment of hardware features, no submission, low barrier of entry, smooth operation on unstable networks, and accessibility on multiple devices. 

What is better, a native mobile app or PWA?

Both are good; the choice depends on your preferences concerning the product and goals towards users. PWA is better in terms of faster deployment and development cost. It’s a good alternative for companies that can’t spend much on a native app but desire to provide their users with a mobile experience. PWA requires fewer development efforts and enables you to get better market reach and high discoverability. If you want your app to interact with third-party apps, you can make it responsive through native development. For startups, you can employ PWA since it’s beneficial. You can enjoy the best features of the web and mobile world without additional effort.

What framework and language stack is the most effective for developing a quality PWA?

Yes, most frameworks can be used to build PWAs. For Keenethics, developing your application on any technology is not a problem since we’re a progressive web apps development company with experienced developers in many popular, modern technologies on the market. Our tech stack includes Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, Express.js, Nest.js, Next.js, Angular, Svelte, Typescript, Flutter, React Native, GraphQL, MySQL, MongoDB, and Rest API.

Can I upload a progressive web application onto the Google Play store/App Store?

Although you can’t place the PWA on App Store or Google Play, there is an easier way to accomplish it. The application is shared and installed using a link on a trusted site.

Do progressive web apps have the potential?

We think progressive web applications have the potential to replace most native apps. Simple answer: already mentioned Google promotes progressive web app development. Social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Telegram also use PWAs. The technology is known for its speed, security, and appealing factor for the users, including all the advantages mentioned above. Let’s remind you of some of them: fast page loading, increased conversion rate, no URL bar, easy navigation, push notifications, and others. The topicality of PWA is vast. The niche isn’t complete yet, and it’s a great choice to make a unique business product, impress the users, and become one of the pioneers in a future promising field. Before making any decision and moving your native app or traditional website into PWA, you can reach out to our experts, and they’ll help you. 


In our blog article, you can learn more about why PWA development is the future. Enjoy reading. 

What is the difference between progressive and regular web apps?

Progressive web apps or regular web apps have many capabilities. But we think PWA is a bit better due to the following features:


• Native experience

Since PWA uses most native device features, it’s not easy to differentiate it from a native app.  


• Simplicity and accessibility

PWA requires fewer steps to install and employ. Compared to the regular web app, you can download the PWA by link.


• Faster services and an engaging approach to user

PWA provides native device features, thus maintaining user engagement and retention rates.


• Real-time updates and access to the data

The user doesn’t need to update the app whenever there are changes. The developer can provide the updated data through live updates from the server reaching the users automatically. 


• Ranking search

Since progressive web apps reside in web browsers, the search engine can optimize them due to criteria like other websites or web apps. 

Does PWA work on every browser?

Yes, progressive web app supports all browsers.

Can I develop a custom menu in a progressive web app?

Yes, the application manifest (like a configuration file) contains various application modes, which add or remove some elements on the screen. These elements include the URL field, the top bar of the phone with icons, fullscreen, browser, and more. This way, by choosing “fullscreen,” you can add any menu in the code. Also, by sticking to the design and the customer’s request, you can add any button and different functionalities anywhere in the app.

Hire PWA Developers

Be the pioneer before the technology becomes widespread. Web, mobile or progressive web app development is your choice. If you’re in doubt and don't know which solution you opt for, address us. After listening to your goals, we'll advise you on the best way to increase user engagement with your business and stay ahead of your competitors.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

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