MVP development services for startups and existing businesses

For a few years now, the MVP development pattern has high demand on the market, especially among startups, as one of the most prominent and efficient ways to create a valuable product.

The MVP development wiki defines after Eric Ries: MVP is a product with just enough features to gather validated learning about the product and its continued development.

Starting with the development of minimum viable product is a lean startup tactic. Classic MVP product development includes developing of the minimum amount of features to validate the value proposition hypotheses. Usually, MVP development process starts from the highlighting product’s key features and its core value for users. Understanding business goals will help each MVP developer in the team to improve his performance and deliver smart solutions.

Key benefits of minimum viable product development are:

  • a chance to check if the hypotheses works on the market;
  • keeping the focus on the product’s main features, in other words, your future USP;
  • receiving feedback from the real users as soon as possible;
  • getting and collecting information about potential customers;
  • saving costs, time and recourses.

The desire to create a perfect product at once only delays potential failure rather than guarantees success. Also, MVP lean development helps not to overbuilt a product and reduces rework. Therefore, MVP actually improves a product’s chance to win on the market.

MVP professional development

When the decision to develop an MVP is made, you will have to find a trustworthy development company with a good reputation. Of course, you can search for MVP development on your local market but if you are interested in receiving the same result for the less money it's better to hire an outsourcing company.

If you are looking for an offshore MVP development company, we highly suggest that you consider the Ukrainian market. Most of the Ukrainian IT companies offer MVP development services to clients, mainly, from the European countries and the USA. When checking the list of MVP software development companies, pay attention to their areas of expertise, alike projects in the portfolio, feedbacks from clients and etc. Hiring an MVP web development company is even easier, as there are more players on the market.

On the Keenethics spaceship, we can offer both MVP consultants & development services. Our experience proves that the MVP agile development shows better results and helps to deliver products faster without the lack of quality. That is why we practice agile development minimum viable product for most of the startups and existing businesses.

Our expertise covers a wide range of fields. We have experience in MVP website development for light and heavy industries. We have delivered landing pages, corporate websites, online stores and etc. Also, we can help you with MVP game development services. On our board, developers have all required skills to develop an MVP and improve the product in the future.

Our astronauts can deliver powerful all-inclusive solutions. Get in touch anytime to discuss the MVP professional development of your promising idea!