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Employee training programs can help with long-term company strategy. They assist with training the future generations of the workers about the business goals. In this way, it’s possible to proliferate the practices in a business for a long time. In this regard, we offer a set of employee training solutions that can satisfy your needs. Let’s overview the key solutions we have today.
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Successful Employee Training Software Development Solution by Keenethics in edtech:


The fundamental goal of this software is to establish a world in which everyone is a leader. The platform contains unique approaches, modules, self-leadership tips, and leadership programs.


SelfLeaders provides you with numerous benefits:


1. You’ll gain a new leadership perspective and learn how to manage a hybrid workforce;

2. You’ll get the chance to try out leadership tools;

3. You’ll network with other leaders.


It’s a powerful personal and corporate learning management system enabling you to determine proper values and visions and build a solid corporate culture where education is a priority in people’s lives.


What Are the Employee Training Software Development Challenges?

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01 Safety Dilemma


We understand that corporations own big volumes of confidential data. The breach of this data can adversely affect your business reputation and commerce. Entrusting your data to a software development company is a responsible decision. You should be 100% sure that a team is reliable.


Keenethics fully understands the importance of data protection. We base our work on the GDPR and HIPAA regulations and always ensure our client’s data is as protected as our own. We suggest implementing two-step verification, data encryption, and reliable recovery functions.


There are a lot of off-the-shelf corporate training solutions listed on Google. But if everything were that simple, each company would use at least one of these. The problem is that such solutions aren’t adjusted to the demands of a specific industry or audience. They don’t meet the needs of a particular business.


Do you want to divide your system into sequences or develop an AI-based educational chatbot? Together, we’ll build a solution that will meet all your business needs, standards, and requirements. In the nearest time, you’ll see how much more convenient it’s to manage all processes with a custom solution.


Training methods change daily, and off-the-shelf solutions lack the flexibility to comply with change dynamics. You can’t risk that much and entrust all your data to a system that won’t be relevant tomorrow. You have to be provided with quality support and maintenance.



After we provide you with the end product, our cooperation doesn’t end. Keenethics offers you support, improvement, and maintenance of your software. Our developers and testers will work on improving your product until it’s bug-free, relevant, and well-performing.



Your employees are excited about your company’s plans to launch a new training system. You need your solution to be ready in the shortest terms. But not all companies are prepared for the deadline challenge. Moreover, not all companies offer services at fair pricing.



Time matters, particularly in the sphere of online staff training. We have the resources on hand to begin developing your project as soon as possible. Keenethics offers high-quality online training software services. So contact us and make your idea a reality!

Why Choose Keenethics for Employee Training Software Solutions

Significant Experience of Work in the Field

Our company has been developing novel business solutions for many years. We know how to create high-quality employee training software solutions and many other high-quality pieces of software.

Significant Experience of Work in the Field

Strong Team

A result of our experience is a very potent team of developers. Our development goals helped create a task force of professionals who would be able to quickly develop high-quality products for you.

Strong Team

Constant Learning

Our company works with a tremendous number of platforms. The experts try out various online training courses to gradually increase their knowledge of web-based and desktop development. In this regard, we work with standards such as AICC, SCROM, and xAPI. Hence, you can choose from a wide variety of options when it comes to creating your own platform.

Constant Learning

Experience with LMS and Training Software

Generally, our specialists have worked with platforms centered around person training. Hence, we already know the key pitfalls and demands of the activity and would be able to set the development goals in a correct manner.

Experience with LMS and Training Software

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A Swedish company helping its customers drive personal development and create a sound corporate culture.
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Analysis and optimization of the federal education system.

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Physical code kits and online lessons on computer coding for kids.
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ComicEnglish is a chatbot-based app for interactive English learning.

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Industries We Serve

We don’t work on employee training tracking software alone. Our company has expertise in a tremendous number of fields. What are those? We have a background in employee training regarding education, nonprofits, healthcare, logistics, and many other fields. The infographic below offers a full-scale description of the fields with which we work:
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Education software development services

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Nonprofit software development

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Custom healthcare software solutions

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Logistics software development

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Agriculture software development

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Real estate software development services

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Retail software development services

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Banking and financial software development services

Our Full-Cycle Method

We guide businesses through every stage of software development while delivering effective and elegantly designed solutions to improve your daily business processes.
The goal of business analysis is to test the project idea.
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Through continuous testing, we make sure the code we develop is clean, effective, and free of bugs.
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The goal of a discovery stage is to test and develop the project idea.
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Software grows outdated, technical errors occur, and the project idea undergoes changes.
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What Our Clients Say?

I’ve been working with Keenethics since 2017, and they grew impressively since then. Keenethics is great in comparison with other Ukrainian software development companies. They have decent project managers and very proactive developers. It’s always nice to work with developers who can solve your issues before you even anticipate them.

Karim Ben Smida
New York City
Project Manager, FutureThinkNow LLC
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We hired Keenethics to create a well-designed web interface for the chatbot. As the name suggests, the Keenethics team was quite transparent. They listened and made sure they understood what I was trying to achieve, not just the features I wanted. Keenethics delivered exactly what I hoped for. The chatbot is up and running with excellent functionality. We’ve got positive feedback from test users about how easy it is to use.

Testimonial author photo
Rob McCormick
London, United Kingdom
Founder, Ideal Role
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The greatest thing about Keenethics is that this company is all about ideas. They do not strive for money only. These people aim to make a difference in the software world. They promote ethical values and show others how to meet Tech4Good demands. They were so excited by how new technologies can be used for the common good that they even asked me for an interview that was published on their blog. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Hernando Sanchez-Faddeev
Leiden, Netherlands
Chief Executive Officer, Owl Tech B.V.
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Hire Our Employee Development Software Developers

Keenethics has in-depth experience in employee training software, and not only. We have been developing software products from the ground up and addressing the most significant challenges with our clients for more than eight years. To help you identify the appropriate employee training solution for your company, we'll work on creating engaging, accessible, and meaningful learning practices that will effectively reach your target audience.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

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What’s the nature of the employee training tools based on the Internet?

Employee online training software has a large number of advantages. Usually, it stands for digital training systems that one can use on the Internet.


Firstly, it offers a way to access training from any location. An employee training management system of this type doesn’t limit you to one workplace.


Secondly, the systems of this type are valuable for being very organized and customizable. An offline platform would require you to use old software or even paper-based materials. With an online solution, you can group everything using the internal tools and introduce changes at will.



Lastly, it’s possible to spread employee training experiences online. For instance, you can share your knowledge with partners through such approaches.

What should I do to develop my first employee training program?

Our recommendation here is to address an expert company that focuses on employee development software. Our company offers services of this kind, for example.



Developing in-house is often suboptimal because you wouldn’t have experience in managing such systems and encounter some common beginner pitfalls of developing customized training development solutions.

What types of this software exist today?

A large variety of options for employee training management software exists. For instance, you can work with Learning Management Systems or Knowledge Management Systems. Digital Adoption Platforms are also a common approach today.

Why should I consider employee training an essential task?

The entire employee training process is about defining the future of your company. The people you train today will become leaders in your organization within several years. Hence, to ensure healthy competition for human resources and prevent ‘brain drain’, it’s crucial to make significant investments into expanding the training opportunities. A comfortable onboarding process can guarantee that talented individuals would stay in your company.

What employee training programs are among the best on the market?

We believe that naming software is useless in this regard. The best employee development software is the one that fits you. It’s for this reason that we generally recommend developing such solutions for in-company purposes.

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