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OneRemission is a company headquartered in New York but with the team members across 4 continents. It aims at making the lives of cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters easier, safer, and more enjoyable.

What Is OneRemission?

OneRemission was launched with the aim to help cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters learn more about cancer and post-cancer health care. It is one of the major apps in the field of Integrative Oncology, which encompasses post-cancer nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management practices. For the OneRemission team, a user’s physical, psychological, and emotional well-being is the highest priority.

How OneRemission Came to Be?

OneRemission, Inc. have mounted an immense challenge for themselves: to launch a company with the needs and interests of cancer survivors in mind, which would let them not feel lost after leaving the hospital.

They successfully beat it off, and today, they challenge others.

“Are you ready to join our team to disrupt the big pharma industry by making a new norm when every cancer survivor will have only One Remission?”

OneRemission App

What Makes OneRemission Special?

Providing Valuable Knowledge

The app features a comprehensive knowledge base of diets, exercises, and post-cancerpractices. It is curated by Integrative Medicine experts, whose goal is to let one live a safe and enjoyable life. For instance, a user can search for the information on cancer-related risks and benefits of a certain food product.

Providing a Sense of Confidence

The app helps patients who have recently left the hospital become self-sufficient and manage their lives by themselves, knowing that they do everything right without a constant need to consult a practitioner.

Providing Urgent Help

If there is a question that requires urgent help of a doctor, the app enables a user to consult with an online oncologist 24/7. Surely, it cannot substitute actual medical help in emergency cases. While the app does not offer a diagnosis or medical prescriptions, it is a perfect solution for informational purposes.

OneRemission App

Our Cooperation


When we started our partnership, we had two major objectives: to upgrade BotPress and to refactor the code. These measures were to optimize the performance of the app and to boost its productivity.


Two devoted software developers and one professional Project Manager from KeenEthics were glad to help OneRemission pursue their great goal.


Currently, the application has been developed only for the iOS platform.

The technologies we used include:

OneRemission App