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Having a fresh idea for a new project which you consider prominent for your business is excellent. If you require professional assistance, we offer to hire Keenethics business analysis services to have the solution with winning potential. Let us prove our expertise in BA and show you the benefits of business analysis consulting.
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Our Business Analysis Services

As a business analysis services company, Keenethics has multiple methods for analyzing your business requirements. Here's an outline of the core services we offer for our business analysis process:

Analysis of Value Proposition

The first step in deciding if a project makes sense or not is to look at its value proposition. One should clearly understand how a certain app or website in your product backlog covers the needs of the users. At this stage, we analyze the market and communicate with stakeholders to ensure that project implementation is going to be beneficial for you. In this regard, the key goal is to understand whether you cover a unique market niche; more importantly, it's crucial to find a clear customer base for your project. In short, our goal here is business strategy optimization. When basic project analysis is over, we go towards the next phases of business analysis, which involve a more thorough testing of the core ideas.

Analysis of the Competitors

If a project is unique and there's enough demand for it, we'll transition to the more thorough analysis of the market. In this respect, our goals are to understand where your business ideas are similar and diverse in comparison to the competitors. This stage of business analysis helps with two core aspects. On the one hand, we assist our customers with diversifying the core features of their app even further, preventing overlap with competitors through requirements management. On the other hand, we highlight what aspects of marketing should become central to the long-term functioning of your business process setup. Competitor analysis is, thus, essential to making your business proposition as unique as possible from the standpoint of the average client.

Analysis of the Customers

While a thorough analysis isn't necessary to establish a demand for a certain project, it's crucial for developing thorough technical requirements and an action plan for a startup. In this regard, we offer our clients customer analysis. Keenethics can establish the core customer personas and clearly highlight what individuals will be the most willing to use your technology solution. Using this information, it'll be possible to establish better communication with clients through marketing to reduce business risk. More importantly, one will be able to focus on a more thorough project requirement implementation.

Feature testing

Keenethics also helps with feature and concept testing according to your business goals. Firstly, we can help your team with analyzing what features are necessary for a project at all. You'll be able to establish clear business objectives with us. Secondly, we can test various feature ideas to see if the audience approves them. In this regard, Keenethics can create clickable prototypes and even minimal viable products to help you test your product ideas.

Process of Business Analysis

Our process of business analysis involves several vital steps. Here are the core processes we provide:
1) Establishing idea viability

The first step to take is to review if your business idea covers some unique niche or adds significant improvements to the already existing ideas. We thoroughly analyze the market to clearly highlight necessary changes in your existing tech requirements.

2) Analyzing stakeholders

It’s also essential to understand who the key stakeholders for your business are. In this respect, you should get a dedicated team to analyze the key customers, valuable influencers, and potential sponsors. On the basis of this knowledge, our project teams will clearly establish what changes will be essential to ensure your project satisfies the needs of all groups.

3) Outlining business objectives

Once we’ve established the viability of your idea and the core stakeholders, we can easily transition to the review of the core business objectives. On the basis of the needs you have, Keenethics can clearly highlight the core goals for our development teams. This plan will encompass all aspects of product creation, offering a clear roadmap towards its successful implementation.

4) Testing interface and feature viability

While planning is an essential component in any product, you should always leave some space for modifications within every plan. In this respect, our goal at the testing stage is to ensure that those modifications end up in the final product. Software development process can highlight a large number of potential issues in the original plans.

5) Creating a minimum viable product

A major step in all types of business analysis is the ability to see a project in real-life conditions on the market. In this respect, Keenethics provides its clients with minimum viable product services. We can create a market-ready version of your project using minimal resources. This approach will allow your team to see if their logic regarding project popularity makes sense or not.

6) Post-release analysis

We can also help our partners with post-release analysis of features. For example, our team knows how to perform high-quality UI/UX analysis. We’re ready to perform it and upgrade your project, even if you have a complete product. Business and market requirements change all the time. As a result, it’s sometimes necessary to transform your apps and websites to better fit the new phenomena established on the market.


Benefits of Business Analysis Services

Modern business analysis services create a set of vital benefits for stakeholders. Let's review the core reasons to try them out:

Enhanced Decision Making: Business analysts provide critical data-driven insights, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions. By understanding market trends and internal data, these services can help your project manager in identifying the most viable options for growth and efficiency.

Improved Efficiency: By identifying business needs and solutions, business analysis helps streamline processes and optimize resource allocation. This leads to increased productivity and cost savings.

Better Risk Management: Business analysts assess potential risks in business strategies and operations. This proactive approach helps in mitigating risks before they become problematic. As a result, you can ensure smoother project execution and business operations.

Increased Agility: With a deep understanding of the business environment, these services help organizations quickly adapt to market changes and customer demand, maintaining competitiveness.

Enhanced Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Business analysis focuses on understanding customer needs and ensuring that solutions meet these needs effectively. This leads to higher quality products and services, which greatly increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Strategic Alignment: Business analysis ensures that all aspects of the organization are aligned with the strategic goals. This alignment helps in efficient resource utilization and ensures that all efforts contribute towards the broader objectives of the company.

Our Business Analysis Techniques and Tools Per Product Phase

Assessment phase

⁃ Stakeholder Map ⁃ Context Diagram ⁃ Value Proposition ⁃ Stakeholders interviews

Research phase

⁃ Competitor research ⁃ Market&Trends research ⁃ Benchmarking ⁃ User research ⁃ Customer Persona ⁃ User Interviews ⁃ Customer Journey Map

Conceptualization phase

⁃ Jobs to Be Done ⁃ Problem-Solution Board ⁃ Information Architecture ⁃ Wireframing

Design&Development phase

⁃ User testing ⁃ Storymapping ⁃ Business process modeling ⁃ Entity-relationship diagrams

Why Choose Keenethics as a Business Analysis Company?

Market-leading solutions

Our experts are constantly innovating their expertise in their tech domain. As a company delivering business analysis services, we assess software products benefitting your end customers and reaching a wider community. We pay close attention to details and quality when working on a project. In business analysis sessions, we devote time to diverse business processes like order processing, billing, data exchange, enterprise strategy analysis, cybersecurity analysis, analysis of software requirements, and more. Playing ethically in the tech world, we strive to combine our unique digital transformations with your visions that fit your business.

Market-leading solutions

Practical advantages of hiring business analysis services from Keenethics

Business analysis is a strong foundation, presenting the following benefits: increased in ROI, high success rate, team collaboration, forecast of business problems, and room for growth. By using our practical and existing affordable solutions, we react quickly and make needed adjustments. Hiring our specialists means you’ll avoid project rework and receive all the best methods and techniques.

Practical advantages of hiring business analysis services from Keenethics

Security with an escrow account

You can employ our escrow partner as a middleman to secure your costs. Before we deploy web development solutions, we may agree on the terms upon which the escrow agent releases your payment to us. With a minimal escrow fee, you can sleep well knowing you pay only for the job done correctly.

Security with an escrow account

Motivated team with our mental health program

When working with Keenethics, a business analysis company, you hire a keen team of dedicated web developers. Our Mental Health Officer monitors each employee’s mental state to ensure happiness, motivation, and loyalty. Our employee satisfaction checkups ensure low employee turnover and no associated project delays. Learn more in this mental health article.

Motivated team with our mental health program

Process Of Business Analysis

We guide businesses through every stage of software development while delivering effective and elegantly designed solutions to improve your daily business processes.
The goal of business analysis is to test the project idea
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Through continuous testing, we make sure the code we develop is clean, effective, and free of bugs
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The goal of a discovery stage is to test and develop the project idea
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Software grows outdated, technical errors occur, and the project idea changes
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Industries We Work With

Our company works with a large number of sectors. When hiring our specialists, you can expect a wide range of potential spheres, such as education and the financial sector. More importantly, we’re always willing to consider new use cases for our products. The infographic below offers a full-scale insight into the industries that our skilled developers cover today:
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Nonprofit software development

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Logistics software development

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Banking and financial software development

Companies choose our custom business analysis services and consulting

Our Customers Say

The greatest thing about Keenethics is that this company is all about ideas. They do not strive for money only. These people aim to make a difference in the software world. They promote ethical values and show others how to meet Tech4Good demands. They were so excited by how new technologies can be used for the common good that they even asked me for an interview that was published on their blog. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Hernando Sanchez-Faddeev
Leiden, Netherlands
Chief Executive Officer, Owl Tech B.V.
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The platform had to feature a number of complex functions and, at the same time, work swiftly, efficiently, and effectively. The most impressive part about working with Keenethics is their openness and transparency. They are willing to communicate and devote themselves to the needs of your project. You do not feel manipulated or lured into additional expenses while working with Keenethics as it sometimes can be with other profit-centered companies.

Dmytro Lazarchuk
Ternopil, Ukraine
Co-Founder, Relokia
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The team was multi-cultural and able to address any communication challenges before they became a problem. Keenethics provided various solutions to problems and consulted on the benefits of each. They have a good network of resources and are able to bring in the best people for each job. From a technological standpoint, they did great work in terms of the results, consulting, and providing options. They have a great network. They chose the right technology and implemented the solution in a very good, perfect way.

Munich, Germany
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What does a business analyst do?

A Business Analyst identifies business needs and determines solutions to business problems. They act as a bridge between stakeholders and IT teams, helping them analyze data and ensure effective communication. Their work leads to better project management and the development of strategies aligned with business objectives.

What does Business Analysis (BA) mean for your business?

Business analysis as a service is a discipline presenting the complete picture of current problems and offering workable solutions. Addressing a competent business analyst contributes to enhancing the company’s growth. The similar specialists have expertise in strategic planning, policy development, organizational structure change, and other business or project improvements. One business analyst, however, can’t solve every issue. Every person is involved, depending on their level of technical expertise – it’s teamwork.

When do you need to employ business analysis services?

Business analysis consulting helps your business keep afloat, adhere to the requirements and constantly update the software to align business. Hiring business analysts and keeping them as part of your internal IT team is critical. Each time you want to improve and advance a specific business process, BA can assist you in setting up a software solution for a particular purpose. Also, having a new idea can be a challenge when you don’t know absolutely if your idea will work for your business and if it’s possible to implement it. The business analysis services make sense, helping you foresee the potential pitfalls and offering appropriate strategies for improvements.

What does the business analysis session usually cover?

In business analysis sessions, we usually aim to provide changes through determining needs and setting potential solutions to discussion.


We typically devote the session to the examination of diverse business processes like:



  • order processing;
  • billing;
  • data exchange;
  • enterprise strategy analysis;
  • cybersecurity analysis;
  • analysis of software requirements, and more.



You are welcome to comment and ask questions during the session as we examine various findings based on industry research and competitors. 



Nevertheless, you should understand that each business analysis session differs from the others. Depending on the initial demands of your company, the topics it covers could change. Therefore, the list above is just an approximate estimation meant to show you the scope of our work.

What are the benefits of business analysis for business owners?

Business analysis as a service is a strong foundation, presenting the following benefits:



  • Increase in ROI


ROI measures the efficiency of the implemented solutions and examines its investments. Due to BA, we can cut costs, thus achieve more profits.

  • Higher success rate

BA allows us to react quickly and make adjustments if necessary. By using practical and existing affordable solutions, we can achieve a higher project success rate. 

  • Team collaboration

Usually, to solve one grave mistake, we are forced to put the project on hold while wasting time and money. But the use of business analysis solves this. It improves the whole team’s cooperation, leading to faster implementation of priority tasks.

  • Foresee business problems

We can avoid project rework and apply all the best methods and relevant techniques. Negative issues are always inevitable in a business. Consequently, it’s better always to predict critical issues on time and fix them to anticipate future more significant problems.

  • Room for growth

From time to time, businesses encounter problems. However, BA consulting helps to improve, change, and advance itself in the industry market. 

How much do business analysis services cost?

In many ways, everything depends on the scope of the product and its project timelines. The best option to learn how much business analysis consulting services will cost your business is to address professionals and clearly outline your requirements to them.

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