Business Analysis Services

Reducing development expenses and boosting sales through sound project research

What Is Business Analysis?

Business Analysis is a business process of laying the foundation of your project. At this point, you should understand how to improve your project idea or whether to terminate it whatsoever.

For your project to be successful and profitable, it needs to offer an outstanding solution to a pressing problem. You have to find out who is your target audience and understand their needs and interests. Also, you should analyze the existing competition and try out different marketing channels. The most important of business analysis activities, you must convey a unique value-based message.

Business Analysis may also include building prototypes, the development of PoC, and a minimum viable product. All of these will help you develop a perfect final product in a time-efficient and cost-efficient manner.

Why Business Analysis?

  • Reduces expenses. Timely and effective business analysis helps you reduce the cost of project development. It minimizes the number of requirement changes that are going to occur. platforms are more convenient for complex tasks than mobile applications.
  • Speeds up development. Business analysis helps to make the project development be completed sooner. The research phase is a time investment that pays off.
  • Improves cooperation. Business analysis training lets you achieve a high level of understanding in the team. Clear requirements and documentation will ensure that all team members are on the same plate.
  • Boosts sales. A thoroughly researched idea is going to translate into a competitive product. Your prospective clients will appreciate that their needs are heard.
  • Enhances quality. Business analysis consulting services help you minimize the risks. With a well-thought-out development strategy, you will not forget about technology challenges, data security measures, or legal liabilities.
  • Facilitates retrospective. Detailed project documentation is essential for effective analysis and reporting after the project completion. Comparing results with forecasts, you will understand what went well or wrong.
Technology research

Technology research

Industry and market research

Industry and market research



Technical documentation

Technical documentation

PoC development

PoC development

MVP development

MVP development

How We Do It?

To be successful, your product should solve a problem. The business analysis that we offer consists of five major stages and business analysis techniques.

  • 1. Studying target audience, product selection criteria, and JTBD

  • Risks:

    • There is no problem. What will you solve?
    • There is a problem but people are not ready to solve it.
    • Product selection criteria are not identified properly.
  • 2. Researching market niche and main competitors

  • Risks:

    • There are a lot of similar products, Does the market need another one?
    • There are no competitors. Does anyone need such a product?
    • The main competitor is not identified/identified wrong.
  • 3. Defining innovativeness and betterness of your product

  • Risks:

    • Your product is neither innovative nor better than all the other ones. How will you overrun your main competitor?
    • Your competitors can easily copy your solution. How do you prevent it?
  • 4. Outlining potential clients, marketing channels, and messages

  • Risks:

    • The potential target audience is too small to cover development expenses.
    • Marketing channels are not effective, the cost per client is too high.
    • Messages are unclear or irrelevant to the audience.
  • 5. Developing minimum viable product

  • Risks:

    • MVP cannot be developed quickly and inexpensively.
    • MVP is low-quality so it fails to attract the clients.

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

Sound research prior to the development of your project is essential. It will let you make sure that your product is going to be in demand. For your development efforts and costs not to go in vain, we conduct comprehensive business analysis. By choosing the right business analysis techniques, we empower the growth of your business.

2Building value

Our cooperation can be based according to Time & Material or Fixed Price approach, depending on which you find to be more suitable. The pricing policy we offer will be equally suitable for a start-up and for a large corporation. IT business analysis services and software solutions we offer are cost-efficient. Let us estimate your project

3Launching in a matter of weeks

Business systems analysis may take too long if organized ineffectively. We strive to conduct the discovery stage quickly without compromising the quality of results. This is what our professional Engagement Manager is here for! They will make sure that business analysis is completed and transitions into the development stage quite swiftly.

4Bringing tech expertise

Our Business Analyst engages UI/UX designers, senior software developers, and solution architects in the research process. While we organize this business process in a time and cost-efficient manner, we do not forget about the quality of the results. Our professionals are experts in what they do. They will provide you with business analysis training if you ask. See our case studies to make sure!

5Protecting your data

We do everything to ensure the security of your information and data at all stages of project development, including business analysis services. Together with general data safety measures, we take some industry-specific and technology-specific steps. You can read more about these at our blog!


These are some of applications and websites we have provided business analysis services for:


  • Logistics


  • Finance & Banking


  • Digitalization

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