UI/UX Design and Development Services

Creating elegant, responsive, and effectual user interface and experience designs with the latest market tendencies in mind


of one’s decision on a website’s credibility depends on its aesthetics,
according to the British Computer Society.

What Is UI/UX Design?

UI/UX design is the process of developing a software product interface and making the user experience as perfect as it can be. Whether you plan to develop an app from scratch or to revive an existing one, you have to keep in mind its visual appearance.

The goal of user experience design is to understand the needs and wishes of a prospective user and to implement those in the app interface. In turn, the idea of UI design is to make your app look excellent without compromising user experience.

Although the common term for the design process is “UI/UX design”, you should understand that the user experience goes first. However beautiful and unusual your app was, it is not going to work if your users get lost in it.

What Do We Offer?

  • Mobile app design
    Mobile app design
  • Web design services
    Web design services
  • Cross-platform UI UX design services
    Cross-platform UI UX design services
  • Design workshops and consulting
    Design workshops and consulting

How We Do It?


  • Define requirements
  • Define use cases
  • Define user personas


  • Discover industry trends
  • Discover market trends
  • Discover competitors


  • Draw sketches
  • Draw wireframes
  • Draw logo design
  • Evaluate and re-draw


  • Design prototypes
  • Design style guides
  • Design UX guidelines


  • Implement UI/UX guidelines


What Tools Do We Use in Design Process?

  • Sketch
  • Invision Studio
    Invision Studio
  • Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Illustrator
  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe After Effects
    Adobe After Effects
  • Principle
  • Zeplin
  • Framer
  • Avocode

Why UI/UX Design?

  • Boosts sales
    If done effectively, user experience design increases sales by almost one third. Responsive design is also important for the website to be ranked higher by search engines, which results in better organic search results.
  • Facilitates onboarding
    Excellent user experience translates into easier user onboarding and higher adoption rates. If the user is having difficulties within the first two or three screens, they will close the app or website forever with little hesitation.
  • Attracts users
    The outstanding user interface translates into higher user attraction. If your website looks unique, your visitors will be quite likely to show it to their friends.
  • Decreases dropout rate
    The first impression is what counts, and user interface is what the first impression is about. If your website does not generate interest in the first 15 seconds, you can count the visitor as a lost one.
  • Increases user satisfaction
    Both UI and UX greatly contribute to increased user satisfaction. Modern-day users want everything to be not only simple and fast but also looking beautiful.
  • Simplifies navigation
    Well-though-out customer experience and user interface design means that your target audience will not feel lost. People are impatient about difficulties and vaguenesses, and they will not give your website a second chance.

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

We do not just develop an app or a website – we want it to be loved and enjoyed by users. Our customer experience and user interface designs are created to be convenient and attractive. The best UI UX design is a responsive design. By helping you earn the love of your target audience, our design team will help your business grow and achieve new heights.

2Building value

Your cooperation with KeenEthics can be organized in accordance with both Time and Material and Fixed Price approach, whatever you find to be more suitable to your needs. The same goes for our pricing policy – we can compromise costs, but we do not compromise the quality of our web design services.

3Launching in a matter of weeks

Our UX UI designers are interested in getting ahead with your project as soon as possible. Each wasted day is a wasted opportunity. Along with our expert Project Managers, they will help you choose the optimal development methodology. Your project will be launched in a matter of weeks.

4Bringing tech expertise

Our design team creates elegant, simple, and responsive web interfaces and mobile app designs, which correspond to the latest tendencies in the market. Check our case studies to see our web design services yourself! If needed, our UX UI designers may also conduct a design workshop or offer consultation about graphic design services and design process.

5Protecting your data

We understand how important your data security is to you and we are ready to ensure it at all stages of project development. We will take all the necessary physical, technical, and legal measures to protect your data. Sign a non-disclosure agreement with us and be sure that it stays safe.


These are some of the cloud applications that we have developed:

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