We deliver a holistic approach to self-care through user-friendly interfaces, personalized features, actionable insights, and seamless integrations. Request our innovative development solutions and let your users start their wellness journey right now.
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Wellness App Development Services We Offer

Custom business analysis of the project

We start by clearly defining the requirements and objectives of the wellness and fitness app. By analyzing existing apps in the market, we create a comprehensive marketing strategy to develop custom projects, from fitness tracking to nutrition guidance.

Custom wellness app development

You provide us with your vision, and we deliver a full-fledged custom app aligning with your requirements. You'll work closely with our specialists and control the development cycle to implement the best functionality and reflect the exceptional user experience.

User-friendly UX design

We follow a user-centered approach to ensure that every aspect of your app, from its intuitive interface to functionality, is crafted properly with your target audience in mind. One of the priorities of our UX/UI specialists is to engage and delight your users.

Wellness app integration

Your fitness and wellness app can integrate with a wide range of health and fitness tracking devices to let users conveniently monitor their health needs like nutrition, sleep patterns, and physical activity within one solution.

Ongoing support and maintenance

After the app release, our dedication doesn't end. We maintain partnerships with our clients, implement regular updates, and fix diverse technical issues to keep the app running smoothly.

Wellness App Development Technologies

We work with a large tech stack when providing our clients with wellness app development services. Our tech specialists are always ready to take on a new project and contribute to its success by integrating different frameworks, libraries, technologies, and APIs.

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uMore revolutionizes the understanding of mental health and its importance. uMore is an AI mental health app identifying stress levels with the scientifically proven PSS (Perceived Stress Scale) method. Then, based on the users’ results, uMore helps them figure out what matters to them and why. It controls the quality of users’ well-being and visualizes their progress. The users can share all information with people who can help them take the required steps to reduce the stress level in their lives. This software tool incorporates only credible information. uMore isn’t here to promote particular medical treatments but to help users cope with stress and improve their health.



OneRemission was launched to simplify the lives of cancer survivors by allowing them to learn more about cancer and post-cancer health maintenance. It includes post-cancer nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management practices. The app features a comprehensive knowledge base of diets, activities, and post-cancer practices. It’s curated by Integrative Medicine experts, whose goal is to monitor patients’ well-being and let them manage their lives by themselves. The app gives users confidence, allowing them to search for information on cancer-related risks and ensure they do everything right without consulting a practitioner.


Our Experience


A convenient mobile app for patients to record and understand their blood test results. The app offers a useful function for health report generation and sharing. It’s augmented with AI, which improves data analysis results according to the demographics and lifestyle of a user.

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OneRemission was launched to help cancer survivors, fighters, and supporters learn more about cancer and post-cancer health care. It is one of the major apps in the field of Integrative Oncology, which encompasses post-cancer nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management practices.

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Do you catch yourself responding to the same question again and again? Cordian is a reliable, intelligent AI assistant in data visualization, analyzing questions with natural language processing and producing the response with deep learning. You get higher productivity through instant answers, security through verified content, and effectiveness through a flawless workflow.

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Ruuster is ​​a tool that helps clients plan their home-buying process and eventually purchase the home of their dreams. With the help of Ruuster, anyone can easily plan their home-buying process by following actionable step-by-step checklists and guidelines. Understanding costs and learning your budget makes this process much easier for a buyer.

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Bookmaker is a book publishing platform that unites storytellers, writers, and editors. Through Bookmaker, it’s easy to maintain communication, schedule interviews (in-person or remote), fill in surveys, update or approve the draft of the book, and create a cover and a book design. Constant collaboration between all participants allows the customer to get a uniquely designed and printed book.

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The idea behind BankerAdvisor was to create an efficient investment banking service for buyers and advisory firms that would provide relevant insights into bank operations based on verified client reviews. For us, this app is an opportunity to make investment banking more efficient by providing unbiased reviews and showing the advisory services their weaknesses and strengths.

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GetPart is an Estonia-based procurement platform for on-demand manufacturing aimed at making procurement of metal components simple, safe, and efficient. By following a standardized template, a Customer can easily create a price request. A Supplier, in turn, can make an offer. Customers can efficiently compare all offers they’ve received and eventually make a deal with the selected Supplier.

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Ready to transform your wellness vision into a reality?

Partner with Keenethics to develop cutting-edge wellness app development software. If you want to revolutionize wellness and fitness app segments, we have the expertise to bring your app to life. Contact us today to discuss your project, receive a personalized consultation, and unlock the full potential of your wellness app idea. Let’s build a solution empowering users and driving your business forward. Get in touch now to embark on your wellness app development journey!

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Industries We Serve


As a wellness application development company, we specialize in building innovative and secure wellness products that transform how people care about their well-being.


Our educational projects aim to provide educators and learners with an exciting learning environment for enhanced learners’ engagement and growth.


Do you want your digital solutions to make your business thrive in the digital marketplace? We’re ready to show you how the properly-configured development processes can help you increase conversions and foster brand loyalty.

Real Estate

Our experts will help you understand how the real estate industry works. Together, we’ll build a custom solution that expands the possibilities for agents, buyers, and sellers.


Farm management optimization, crop monitoring, and supply chain processes are priorities our clients usually focus on. But if you have a different vision, we’re here to listen.

Banking & Finance

Recently, we developed one of the fintech tools, a pay stub generator, for providing accurate personal payout and deduction reports. If you have another idea for a fintech project, don’t postpone contacting us.


With us, you’ll get scalable and secure digital products for logistics responding to your requirements.


We love to create and deliver meaningful changes in diverse spheres. Start today and engage your audience through a visually compelling and practical product.


Our Wellness App Development Full-Cycle Method

We guide businesses through every stage of software development while delivering effective and elegantly designed solutions to improve your daily business processes.

Business analysis

Business analysis icon
Our specialists can advise if your wellness project idea benefits your business and how we can efficiently implement it technically and financially.

Development & testing

Development & testing icon
Our software developers start working on writing the project code and work hand-in-hand with QA specialists who are testing this code.

UI/UX design

UI/UX design icon
At Keenethics, we create elegant, responsive, and productive user interfaces and experience designs with the latest market tendencies in mind.

Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance icon
We offer custom product support and maintenance, focusing on security, modern methodologies and standards, bug-free software algorithms, and preventive maintenance.

Why Choose Keenethics as a Wellness Application Development Company?

2-week trial period

We, as a wellness app development company, offer a 2-week trial period split into two options.

First option.

We don’t charge for the first week of development if you’re unsatisfied with it.
Second option.

If we terminate our contract by the end of the notice period, we don’t bill you for the last week of the development.

2-week trial period

Quality with the Strike Force approach

You hire a dedicated team of our best software developers, Strike Force, to set the ground for a successful project launch. We deliver a full-cycle web development solution in industries ranging from education, healthcare, finance, and banking to real estate. Within a month, they’ll set up the project architecture and major development processes for the client’s solution. Afterward, we suggest switching the developers to the junior and middle ones while the Strike Force stays as a consulting team. This way, you have a more affordable project with top-notch quality, no matter the project size.

Quality with the Strike Force approach

Improved ROI with a UX audit

Our UX audit shows you what upsets your users and holds back the success of your solution. This approach is the best way to cut development expenses and improve your ROI in the long run. In the UX audit, we analyze the design of your solution to improve user flows. At the same time, we eliminate the pain points of your users as well as improper design practices. Learn more in this UX presentation.
Improved ROI with a UX audit

Mental health program and motivation inside the team

Our mental health program implies that an employee’s happiness translates into high productivity and quality relationships. In Keenethics, people are the highest value. Our Mental Health Officer monitors the mental state of employees to guarantee a low employee turnover and to exclude associated project delays. So, you hire a keen team of dedicated developers that are excited about what they’re doing. Learn more in this mental health article.
Mental health program and motivation inside the team

Our Customers Say

I’m the co-founder of Self Leaders, a virtual leadership training company. Keenethics has been part of our journey in developing our digital tool from the start. The team designed and tested the first version and now are continuing to build and update it. The reason we chose Keenethics is because we got the impression that they could support us with the terms of how and having the capacity to really unlock this tool. They connected with us on a more why level. They really took the time to understand why we were building it. That was important to us.

Stockholm, Sweden
Co-Founder, Self Leaders
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I’m the technical lead at Isapiens srl, an e-learning company. We provide services to corporations in Italy. The Keenethics team performed well alongside our internal team. Their developers produced high-quality code and efficient scripts emphasizing the app’s performance. The team was highly accessible and responded to any inquiries within 30 minutes. They built and helped launch a training progress page that shows each student’s progress and a general overview of Italy’s geographical regions. They also implemented a system to track how each administrator creates or modifies information. Keenethics accommodated two weeks of 10–12-hour days to help us meet our strict deadlines. They truly invested themselves in the project.

Anton Mihlin
Technical Lead, Isapiens srl
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I am the founder and CEO of an early-stage edtech company. We hired Keenethics to help develop the UI/UX for our app and also a clickable prototype that we could share with customers. Once we had the clickable prototype in hand, our customers’ understanding of our product increased significantly. We were able to help them visualize and conceptualize what it was we were doing for them. Also, since the designer provided components in Figma, our developers were able to quickly implement the designs. They adhered to the deadlines, scope, and cost projections while providing an end product that has been extremely valuable for us.

Testimonial author photo
Aditya Kaddu
Redwood City, California
CEO, EdTech Company
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Is a wellness mobile app useful only for instructors?

A wellness and fitness training mobile app is practical not only for instructors. While instructors can manage their classes, schedules, and client interactions, the wellness apps also fit another user base. They aim to guide everyone seeking guidance in health-related issues. Access to workout routines, progress tracking, goals setting, and engagement with a community of like-minded individuals are only some of many cases. As a benefit, the users can connect with certified trainers for extra support. So, while instructors are the one group of users, the wellness and fitness training apps are designed to serve a wider user base to enhance their well-being.

Can my wellness mobile app deliver real-time tracking and monitoring?

Yes, your wellness mobile app can incorporate real-time tracking and monitoring features. These features can give users valuable insights into their wellness experience and enhance their wellness journey. Let’s present you few samples of real-time tracking features:


#1 Progress and activity tracking

The app can be integrated with wearable fitness trackers to track diverse activities, from steps taken and calories burned to real-time active minutes.


#2 Heart rate monitoring

The app monitors heart rate to minimize exertion level when required.


#3 Nutrition tracking

Users can log their meals and snacks throughout the day. In turn, the app can provide users with immediate feedback on nutritional information to help individuals make informed choices. 


#4 Goal progress 

Users can set specific wellness goals within the app, and through real-time progress updates, charts, and notifications, the app will keep the users motivated and informed about their progress. 


When implementing real-time tracking and monitoring features, don’t forget to integrate your app with compatible devices and APIs and care about privacy and data security issues. We guarantee it’s worth the effort, and with the right development approach and tech stack, you’ll provide the target audience with a meaningful wellness experience. 

Can I implement a subscription service from my fitness app?

Yes, running a subscription service from your fitness app is a great option to monetize your app and offer additional value for your users. A subscription service is relevant if your app can provide compelling content and useful functionality. Consider which exclusive personalized features you can offer to subscribers. Before implementing a subscription service, we discuss and select a specific pricing plan depending on the user segments. In-app purchases, free trials or promotions, and customer support are other features allowing you to build a loyal subscriber base and advance your wellness app.

Is there a difference between wellness and fitness on-demand mobile app?

Although the terms may often be used interchangeably, there is a distinction between wellness and fitness on-demand mobile apps.


A wellness on-demand mobile app offers a broader range of services beyond fitness. It includes various dimensions of wellness, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. These apps may include guided meditation, stress reduction techniques, sleep tracking, nutrition guidance, mindfulness exercises, goal setting, and holistic health content. These apps support users in achieving overall balance and well-being in multiple aspects of their lives.


A fitness on-demand mobile app is primarily centered around physical fitness and exercise. It provides users access to workout programs, fitness classes, personal training, and exercise tracking features. These apps often focus on specific fitness goals like weight loss, muscle building, cardiovascular endurance, or athletic performance. Fitness apps may include workout plans, exercise demonstrations, progress tracking, challenges, and social engagement with other fitness enthusiasts.


The key difference between wellness and fitness apps lies in their overall focus. Wellness apps aim to support users in achieving a holistic sense of well-being, whereas fitness apps primarily focus on physical fitness and exercise-related goals.

What is the benefit of wellness & fitness mobile app development?

Developing a wellness and fitness mobile app can bring many benefits, so let’s define some of them:


#1 Users can access apps at any time, which is convenient for them to lead a healthy life.


#2 Users have enhanced wellness experiences through the personalization feature based on their preferences, healthy goals, and fitness levels. Users can receive tailored guidance through features like personalized workout plans, nutrition recommendations, and progress tracking, leading to more effective results and improved user satisfaction.


#3 Users don’t face barriers to exercise; they can do their fitness activity at any location.


#4 Wellness and fitness apps better motivate and engage users in fitness activities by offering motivational features like goal setting, progress tracking, challenges, and rewards.


#5 The users always have the experts’ guidance in their wellness journey, helping them to change their habits.

What is the cost of developing a wellness & fitness mobile app?

The starting price of the MVP fitness app is $10,000. We can’t define the exact price until our business analyst evaluates all development costs for each function you want to integrate. The cost of developing a wellness and fitness mobile app can vary based on several factors. After analyzing all challenges and peculiarities of your wellness project, we ensure to deliver high-quality, secure, and modern solutions tailored to your needs. Some key factors influencing the overall cost include app complexity, platform and device compatibility, UX/UI design, back-end development, third-party integrations, the size of the project team, and support of your app. For more details, you can contact us for a free consultation. 

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We're responsible for every stage in the development cycle, from idea to execution. Contact us if any questions, and trust us for all project-related issues.

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