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Solving software challenges associated with medical responsibility, patient ethics, high costs, technological advancement, and holistic approach

Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is historically the most popular and important industry as it provides people with a chance to live a full life. While it shows absolutely no signs of decline in demand, the field undergoes an inevitable shift. At the point when the spheres of education, e-commerce, hospitality, or transport have been already revolutionized by the advancement of information technologies, the healthcare industry seems to be resistant to change.

Sure, there are some advancements, such as the introduction of telemedicine or AI diagnostic devices. Yet, some routine tasks, such as reporting, prescribing, or billing could be greatly improved. With the help of medical software development, we are able to free medical specialists from administrative tasks and to let them do their important job.

Another significant healthcare aspect comprises self-care, and web and mobile applications may greatly improve self-care practices. The fitness and nutrition niche is full of various applications. But when the time comes for a person to find their perfect self-care app, they get lost among useless, impractical, excessively expensive, or not user-friendly solutions. We strive to help businesses bring their outstanding ideas to life with transparent healthcare development services and high-quality healthcare software solutions.

Challenges in Healthcare Software Development

  • Challanges you faceChallenges you face


    As a healthcare provider, you shoulder an immense responsibility for the health and well-being of a patient. Often, there is absolutely no room for a mistake, and you want to be sure that the platform or application you use will not fail you. How can you protect yourself from a sudden malfunction?

  • Solutions we offerSolutions we offer

    • Hire a team of dedicated professionals, who will provide you with high-quality code. They will make sure that it is legible and constantly refactored.
    • Do not forget about the importance of Quality Assessment. QA specialists will try and test the app to ensure that it does not malfunction under any circumstances.
  • High cost

    Healthcare is a very costly industry, especially in developed countries. The challenge is, when implementing custom healthcare solutions, how can you avoid imposing additional costs on your patients?

    • Healthcare software development services are not necessarily expensive. We are an agency that does not compromise between quality and cost but strives to provide the optimal product at the most efficient price.
    • Hiring an ethical company , which prioritizes the best interests of partners and users over its own revenues, is the best way to ensure that the development of a high-quality app will not come at an exorbitant price.
  • Patient care ethics

    Privacy is one of the major concerns of healthcare patients since nobody wants their health records to be disclosed. If you are an entrepreneur but not tech-savvy, you can use the application but you will never know what is going on behind the curtain of it. How can you protect your user data?

    • You should review and follow data safety regulations when requesting medical software development services.
    • We suggest that you sign a non-disclosure agreement with the healthcare software development company to have legal guarantees of your data safety.
  • Holistic healthcare

    Often, mental and social well-being is left unattended while everyone focuses on physical health. However, the importance of the holistic approach for the best patient outcome is a proven fact. Do you have an idea of how to address the mental and social well-being of your users?

    • We are eager to implement your best ideas for a medical or self-care application, especially if it offers a great benefit to your user.
    • Our BA specialists and UX designers will help you conduct a comprehensive discovery stage prior to healthcare app development to test your idea and see how it can be improved.
  • Technological advancement

    The world of technology is changing at an unstoppable pace. Losing grip on innovations directly translates into losing the competition. How can you make sure that your recently developed app is not going to be outdated in a few weeks?

    • Maintenance and support is an important stage of healthcare application development. We will help you to make sure that your app is up-to-date and functioning impeccably.
    • To ensure that our healthcare software development company keeps up with technological progress, we organize and attend various lectures, workshops, and conferences.

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Custom Healthcare Software Development Services We Offer

  • Custom healthcare solutions
    Custom healthcare solutions
  • Healthcare system management platforms
    Healthcare system management platforms
  • Fitness and nutrition software
    Fitness and nutrition software
  • Electronic health records systems
    Electronic health records systems
  • Medical education platforms
    Medical education platforms
  • Revenue management and billing systems
    Revenue management and billing systems
  • Health information exchange platforms
    Health information exchange platforms
  • Pharmacy management systems
    Pharmacy management systems



OneRemission is a healthcare app aimed at helping cancer survivors and fighters to deal with their condition and at letting relatives and friends improve cancer and post-cancer care. Currently, it is one of the most comprehensive and popular apps in the Integrative Oncology field. The application encompasses various nutrition, exercise, sleep, and stress management practices for post-cancer care.

Team: 2 full-stack developers and 1 Project Manager

Hospital Marketing Administration System

This system was developed to facilitate and optimize business processes in dental clinics. This web platform is commercial, meaning that it does not serve a single clinic but is available for purchase. It is expected to be used specifically by a front desk assistant, a marketing specialist, and a patient consultant. In general, it helps to automate documentation and improve patient service.

Platform: Web platform
Technologies: React, Redux, Express, RethinkDB, and Webpack2
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 1 middle software developer, 1 QA specialist, 1 HTML/CSS coder, and 1 UI/UX designer

Blood Testing Application

It is a blood test management application, the idea of which is to help people record and understand their blood test results. Such a service may not be relevant for average people but it is utterly important for patients with specific health conditions, such as diabetes. This app is augmented with AI, serves an educational function, allows creating a unique user profile, features a Q&A section and a messenger.

Technologies: UI/UX design only – Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, InVision App, and Avocode
Team: 1 UI/UX designer

Digital Hospital App

This platform is called a digital hospital since it provides patients with high-quality end-to-end medical care. Here, users can request an appointment with a medical specialist providing cancer care, hair treatment, eye treatment, fertility treatment, as well as with doctors making cosmetic, weight loss, and orthopedic surgeries. The digital hospital is aimed at transforming the outdated and inefficient, traditional healthcare system.

Platform: Web platform
Technologies: React and Node.js
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 2 full-stack software developers and 1 QA specialist

Diagnostic Appointment Scheduling System

This healthcare booking service enables patient to find and schedule medical appointments without wasting time while holding on a line or standing in a queue. Besides, they conduct numerous successful public health events to encourage healthy lifestyle, support people suffering from diabetes or living through menopause, help to prevent cardiovascular diseases, or encourage to give up on smoking.

Platform: Web platform
Technologies: SQLite, React and Redux
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 2 full-stack software developers, 1 PM, and 1 QA specialist

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