Integrating creativity and innovativeness into your product to engage the right audience is a good perspective. By going hand in hand with advanced technologies, we can offer you the most beneficial solutions for your project, from which you can win one day. Contact us, share your vision, and start the best gamified e-learning development journey for your product. Don't postpone your idea for tomorrow. The best products are those with a push at the right time.
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Top Gamification Techniques

Keenethics as a software development company, can offer you a set of interactive, elearning gamification elements that correspond to your requirements and user preferences. We don't overuse the techniques but use them for educational purposes. In the end, you get the needed ROI, and your users get an exciting product that engages your learners like never before. Let's see which techniques are impactful in bringing your product the most profit (profit lies in money and usefulness).
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Regular tests can stress students out, but quizzes integrated into an e-learning app or platform are different. They’re like a fun way to review material and check what the learners have learned, through integrated elements like videos and images.

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Tracking bars

Visual indicators in tracking bars keep learners on track and motivated to get the desired results. Tracking bars show how far the learners have come and how much they still have to complete. The benefit is a manageable and rewarding process. 

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Storytelling isn’t perceived as traditional course material. Through an interactive form of learning, the learners get on a new adventure while getting new information. They focus on grasping the content and emotional connections as they go. The result is complex concepts become more understandable.

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Learners have the option to solve the puzzles and test their knowledge and skills through gamified, simulated scenarios. As a result, the learners foster their problem-solving skills through active engagement and critical thinking. 

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By integrating this technique into your app, you inspire your learners to compete and excel. The leaderboards not only foster competition but also develop a sense of community and teamwork. 

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Points system

Learning and getting rewards for your progress and achievements – is there something better? For learners, it’s a push to be motivated to get a sense of accomplishment. The results won’t take long.

The Benefits of Gamification

Cognitive development

Elearning gamification serves as an effective technique for brainstorming, keeping the regions of the brain constantly involved in development. Through games and brainstorming activities, the learners expand their problem-solving skills. The rate of processing and maintaining information is enhanced, and their ability to engage in cognitive thinking also develops. 

High market value

The market value of gamification continues to grow. Compared to the value of the global gamification market in 2019, which was $6.33 billion, it’s expected to reach $37 billion by 2027 and jump to $96.8 billion by 2030. 

Interactivity & engagement

When people need to participate and interact, they are more eager to be involved in the learning process and directed toward better results. Through gamification techniques, learners can control their learning journey, decide how to proceed, and keep in step with other students. Gamification ruins any level of boredom in traditional learning environments. It makes learning a game, which drives the learners’ motivation and overall experience.

Corporate culture promotion

Collaboration increases productivity and better functioning in classes. Considering everyone has different personalities, temperaments, and learning styles, gamified lessons make them more engaged and ensure these different personalities can work together effectively, which isn’t easy in practice. Collaboration is about a common ability to adapt and find compromises. 

Clear goals & feedback

Thanks to elearning gamification, the learners see the clear learning goals they must achieve in their online learning process. The best outcome of their process is the feedback. The feedback on their performance is the one that helps them better understand their gaps in learning and the knowledge they still need to get. As a result, when learners have clear goals and objective feedback, they can improve their performance over time. 

Social learning catalyst

Gamified elearning software with gamification features foster interaction and teamwork among learners. Through knowledge sharing and collective support, the learners get a much more vibrant experience with new ideas and collective achievements.

Enhanced retention

Acquiring new people is costly compared to keeping existing ones. No matter who your audience is, you can use gamification to retain your TA. Make your product addictive, and you’ll see the results. Elearning gamification is the technique that helps you reach this goal. Leaderboards, notifications on progress, points, and a reward system are only some possible techniques you can engage your audience with.

Workforce productivity

Involving your employees in gamified learning programs makes your corporate environment fun and compelling. Gamified training programs translate into faster onboarding, a better reputation, increased business awareness among employees, and overall staff performance.


eLearning gamification roadmap

Depending on your project scope, requirements, and goals, the stages may slightly differ. But based on Keenethics’ experience, we provide you with the compulsory stages in e-learning development, with which every project is complete.

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Business analysis


The challenge of the business analysis is to understand and define what the project needs to succeed. It’s also important to figure out which goals are most important, what features the project should have, and how to ensure it’s easy to use. It’s like solving a puzzle to make sure everything fits together just right!


With our team, you’ll conceptualize your project idea. At this stage, we define target KPIs and system effectiveness, the app features you want to include, and the range of gamification elements that can bring you the most profit. You also select the learning process you want to gamify, which processes should be redesigned, the tech stack for making your idea live, and the segmentation of your TA. Through thorough business analysis, we’ll form the key software solutions and tailored strategies so that you achieve measurable results. 


Now, we should translate the requirements we gathered during the first stage into user-friendly experiences. We agree on creating visual representations, user flows, and wireframes that communicate effectively with the final product. 


It’s time to set yourself as a user and combine creativity and innovation while considering all software specifications. Our software designers efficiently blend educational material with appealing interfaces and gamified elements by ensuring it’s oriented toward target users. An important here is not to overuse gamification so that it won’t negatively influence the users’ motivation. Also, to get the maximum result, we conduct user testing to get feedback for adapting your gamification solutions to the needs of the users.


One of the toughest challenges of the implementation stage in development is ensuring that the designed solutions are translated accurately and efficiently into functional software systems.


We agree on solutions to bring your gamified e-learning product to life. With years of experience, we can smoothly integrate all the requirements into your existing solutions or develop a custom elearning gamification solution from scratch. We guarantee a seamless quality implementation service aligning with your needs and goals.


Ongoing stability, reliability, and security of the software product are critical assets


After the product release, we don’t stop our partnership. To maintain the high quality of the project, our team is always up to you to deliver ongoing support and ensure your product has a long-term perspective success. While you care about the growth and update of your e-learning solution, our team monitors performance and tracks key metrics to improve those areas requiring attention. 

ELearning Gamification Costs

With years of experience in software development, Keenethics can offer insights and the best solution for our clients. Our priority is focusing on your needs and goals so that your investment leads to a solution that clients like. Although we can’t provide the exact cost for an elearning gamified software, we’ll guide you through the factors that influence the cost. Some of them may differ, considering your project vision and requirements. In any case, you can address Keenethics to get competitive offers; we’re confident in our expertise. 

  • product coverage presupposes for whom the solution is developed – whether this is a specific department of the company, all staff, or the individual learners
  • design and development issues, which presuppose the complexity of the project and tech stack included; the complexity lies in the flow of the content and its alignment with personalization; it starts from instructional and graphic design to iterative prototyping and testing and proper development implementation of all issues
  • tech stack included (from technologies like Node.js and React to advanced technologies like AI and VR)
  • personalization which includes the scope of customization depending on the client preferences; all the content should be tailored not only to the user but relevantly match the company’s culture, values, and objectives through the product
  • number of integrations and the complexity of their implementation, including API integration, data migration, and compatibility testing
  • functionality, including feature development, integration, UI/UX design, testing and quality assurance, performance optimization, documentation, and analytics
  • product maintenance, including ROI and value proposition through user engagement
  • scalability, including the flexibility of the solution to adapt to the larger user base and measures considering future expansion and content updates

Why Choose Keenethics for Gamified eLearning Software Development?

User-centric solutions

Have you ever wondered what’s going on the backside of your solution and what areas hold your product back? By performing a UX audit, we dive deep into understanding what your users truly need and want and ensure we address these issues head-on. By optimizing the user experience on our side, we slash development costs and set the stage for long-term ROI growth. You’ll see higher engagement and better results.

User-centric solutions

Guaranteed software quality

It appears that most web development companies write about security. But when it comes to Keenethics, to check that we function properly, you can review our clients’ feedback. With rigorous testing, we try to follow industry standards to deliver nothing but the best. No matter if the project has a short or longer timeframe for development. From regular meetings and development sessions to ongoing communication with our clients, we prioritize collaboration and transparency every step of the way.

Guaranteed software quality

Trying before the partnership

Thinking of working with us? Give us a try, risk-free, for two weeks. First option: We don’t charge for the first week of development if you’re unsatisfied with it. Second option: If we terminate our contract by the end of the notice period, we won’t bill you for the last week of the development. Our teams are derived from passion and expertise, so make your choice and convert it into a real digital solution.

Trying before the partnership

Our Customers Say

I’m the co-founder of Self Leaders, a virtual leadership training company. Keenethics has been part of our journey in developing our digital tool from the start. The team designed and tested the first version and now are continuing to build and update it. The reason we chose Keenethics is because we got the impression that they could support us with the terms of how and having the capacity to really unlock this tool. They connected with us on a more why level. They really took the time to understand why we were building it. That was important to us.

Stockholm, Sweden
Co-Founder, Self Leaders
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I’m the technical lead at Isapiens srl, an e-learning company. We provide services to corporations in Italy. The Keenethics team performed well alongside our internal team. Their developers produced high-quality code and efficient scripts emphasizing the app’s performance. The team was highly accessible and responded to any inquiries within 30 minutes. They built and helped launch a training progress page that shows each student’s progress and a general overview of Italy’s geographical regions. They also implemented a system to track how each administrator creates or modifies information. Keenethics accommodated two weeks of 10–12-hour days to help us meet our strict deadlines. They truly invested themselves in the project.

Anton Mihlin
Technical Lead, Isapiens srl
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I am the founder and CEO of an early-stage edtech company. We hired Keenethics to help develop the UI/UX for our app and also a clickable prototype that we could share with customers. Once we had the clickable prototype in hand, our customers’ understanding of our product increased significantly. We were able to help them visualize and conceptualize what it was we were doing for them. Also, since the designer provided components in Figma, our developers were able to quickly implement the designs. They adhered to the deadlines, scope, and cost projections while providing an end product that has been extremely valuable for us.

Testimonial author photo
Aditya Kaddu
Redwood City, California
CEO, EdTech Company
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E-Learning Software Development Services We Offer

Custom solutions for e-learning

Our clients hire our e-learning services for different purposes. Their solutions usually target different audiences - students, employees, or educational businesses. In any case, Keenethics, with years of expertise in web development, is ready to provide custom e-learning software development. What does it entail? In this case, we create a product that specifically fits your company (and not any other business on the market).

Integration into Learning Management Software

Many organizations can boast top-notch educational content but lack the means to digitize it effectively. Keenethics can break this gap by offering our learning management solutions. We can successfully turn your valuable knowledge into digital content and put it on a user-friendly website, making your educational materials more modern, upgraded, and gamified.

Transition into the cloud

For businesses with existing LMS, we have an extra advantageous option. Seamless cloud migration. Our development team offers expert guidance and active development support to streamline this transition. If you’re considering cloud migration or seeking efficient tools for the process, our team can provide comprehensive consulting and assistance every step of the way.

Mobile development services

We use smartphones for everyday purposes. So do the students who turn to their devices for educational purposes. For some, they offer mobility; others like them for their strong media integration. Recognizing this trend, Keenethics specializes in crafting powerful mobile e-learning solutions. With extensive experience in developing high-quality mobile software, we're equipped to meet your needs, whether it's enhancing mobility or integrating multimedia seamlessly. Reach out to us, and explore how mobile technology can change your audience's digital learning experience.

E-learning platforms

If you're interested in educational software service solutions that can help your company create high-quality environments for various courses, Keenethics can assist. We know how to deliver features like video integration, chats, forums, testing interfaces, and user profile systems.

Language-learning apps

Language learning is in demand in the modern world. With globalization, the cultural barriers between various nations are falling. In this light, developing a language-learning app makes sense. Keenethics can create both language course programs and full-scale training apps for learners.

Skill assessment solutions

Assessment is a complex process for most educators since it's a time-consuming task requiring much attention. If you want to save time, developing a solution for automating test-checking is perfect for you.


How much does it cost to develop a gamified e-learning product?

Considering the factors we’ve already listed above in one of the blocks on this page, the cost of elearning gamification products can vary based on your project’s complexity and scope. We can only provide the approximate cost for this solution, which is $10K–$30K. But please consider that this price is approximate. If you do want to get gamification consulting or the project estimate, feel free to book a free consultation with Keenethics, and we’ll provide you with advantageous offers aligning with your values. 

Which standards should be considered when developing an e-learning gamified product?

When developing e-learning gamified solutions, it’s crucial to adhere to various technical standards and regulations to ensure effectiveness, interoperability, and data privacy. Let’s provide you with the common standards you can consider when creating an e-learning solution. These standards include the xAPI (Experience API), which enables the tracking and reporting of learning experiences across different platforms and devices. Another standard is SCORM  (Sharable Content Object Reference Model), which is used for packaging and delivering e-learning content. We can also name LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) as a standard for integrating external learning tools or applications with relevant Learning Content Management Systems. And finally, compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is important when managing personal data in your gamified solution.

What is the most common gamification element used in e-learning apps?

We can’t tell for certain. The reason is the following: Some of our clients choose to build their elearning gamification software by considering the users and communication with them, instead of focusing on integrated challenges and competitions as such. Sure, they use gamified elements, but not as native things in the product. They use them gently, regarding the users’ needs. Because users are different, we orient toward them foremost. Some like time pressure and leaderboards; others like storytelling, but only as a list of their values. For this reason, we can’t define the best or most popular elearning gamification technique. We listen to your vision, develop the product, get user feedback, and thus adapt gamification to their preferences. 

How do games & gamification differ?

Games usually have defined rules and challenges and provide the players with a sense of achievement. Players often engage with games for entertainment and enjoyment. Sure, games may serve some educational value, but primarily, they provide an entertainment-oriented experience. In contrast, gamification is the application of game elements, principles, and techniques that can be used in diverse industries, including finance and banking, healthcare, and education, of course. It involves badges, leaderboards, and levels, but the main purpose of the gamification is to provide the users with better training and practice in specific domains and improve their results. If you have your vision of gamification and want to integrate it into your product, share it with us, and let’s create a successful solution.

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