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Logistics Industry

Today, logistics is considered one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It prepares the ground for both international and local trade. Under the conditions of the pandemic, the need for logistics and transportation software development is only rising. Just imagine the scope of the industry, taking into account that people now order most of their goods online.

As a result, businesses feel the need to expand their technological capabilities to reach a wider audience and increase their representation. Yet, rapid growth means constant changes. To meet market demands and stand out from the competition, logistics businesses should keep pace with the latest tech innovations.

Making your logistics business more tech-oriented saves money, time, and effort and boosts the effectiveness of both internal and external processes. Software developers can help you transform the way you view your business, improving the quality of service delivery from the point of production to the point of consumption.

Challenges in Logistics Software Development


Lack of Integration

Imagine the situation: your client cancels an order, and you should inform your employees that the order is dismissed. Yet, informing other people takes time, and workers have already started the delivery process. You lose money for the organization and tracking. You lose time. You make all your system function messy.
So how can you prevent such information gaps?


As a software development company, we can build a platform that will serve as a single logistics management system. Using this system, you will be able to track and exchange information about the transportation stages and the delivery process. You will save time and minimize the risks of inconsistencies, ensuring the effective functioning of your company.


Data overload

Yes, storing information about logistics processes and their financial aspect on your PCs is more secure and convenient than keeping thousands of documents in folders. However, the same data should be shared by a number of people, and sending emails or manually notifying employees about updates are no longer an option.
So what are the ways of diminishing data overload?


Using applications and platforms for storing your data is a helpful way of reducing information overload. A powerful resource management platform will not only increase performance but also boost the company’s image in the eyes of clients. Seeing that you modernize your business and make your workers’ routine more pleasant, a customer will build a positive view of your company as a progressive and growing business.


Outdated mechanisms

As an owner of a logistics business, you are aware of the challenges that come with a lack of integration. Companies that neglect the importance of the technological basis manually control data transferring from one department to another. It often happens that information flow within a company is disrupted, which leads to significant losses and errors in the delivery process.
So what can be done to synchronize data?


Automation is the key to success. Still doubting whether you need software for your logistics business? Think about the volume of time you lose while dealing with tasks that can and should be automated. For example, automatic reminders about the geolocation of your shipper will make communication between departments twice easier.


The need to reduce costs

There is a direct relation between the quality of work and the volume of tasks assigned to a person. The more duties your employees have, the less effectively they will perform. Moreover, the more obligations your employees have, the more costs you spend on salaries and external services.
So how can you save costs and time?


Our logistic management software services are aimed to reduce your costs long-term. We will develop a platform that will perform many tasks for your employees. They will track all the updates, all the management data, and all recent changes in one place. Estimating how much money you spend on unnecessary and minor tasks and how much time your workers devote to performing them, you will see that becoming more tech-oriented can make a difference.

Logistics Software Development Services We Offer

Supply Chain Solutions

Resources Management Systems

Navigation Software

Invertory Management Software

Transportation Software

Accounting & Reporting Software

Custom Logistics Solutions

Warehouse Solutions



ParkQX is an example of a logistics app that embodies the value of space and time in the modern sense. This innovative tech solution is developed for those who get bored with looking for a free parking space every day. Using this application, people can become either Renters or Lenders. If one chooses to be a Renter, they search, book, and pay for a parking spot with the help of ParkQX. Meantime, if you are a Lender, you can offer your parking space in exchange for money. Great benefits for everyone!

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: Redux, Node.js, MongoDB, Firebase, Twilio, React Native Maps, React Native Push Notifications
Methodology: Scrum
Team: 1 UI/UX designer, 2 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 Project Manager.



no description


This project occupies an important place in our portfolio since it can be used for both everyday purposes and more global transportation goals. Preliminarily, the aim of Pree is to help users find things that they often lose. Developed by analogy with iBeacon protocol, the Pree device is attached to users’ keys, car, bag, etc. People can check the device’s location using their smartphones and explore the information in their accounts. In perspective, Pree can change the perception of the notion of location and become an effective solution for global location-tracking in one’s logistics scheme.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies: Node.js, MongoDB, Express, Ionic, Cordova, BLE, Google Maps, Geolocation
Methodology: Agile
Team: 1 PM, 1 BA, 2 developers, and 1 QA.



no description

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