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Benefits of Flutter App Development

Excellent performance

There is no hanging or cutting while scrolling because Flutter uses the Skia Graphics Library. Flutter UI performs smoothly and delivers 60 or 120 frames per second on devices with 120Hz screen updates. So, the apps are responsive and user-friendly.


Flutter is more beneficial than native solutions since it helps companies significantly save money on development. The framework allows a Flutter developer to devise apps on several platforms. Thereby, it reduces HR costs and shortens development time.

Less testing (up to 50%)

Since you have the same app on multiple platforms, you can test less, and the QA process is faster and more efficient. However, manual testing is still accomplished at the same level as with native programming. QAs have to check apps on every platform by hand.


Fast go-to-market

It’s not always possible to predict whether iOS and Android teams will properly launch the product on time. The Flutter team guarantees a fast go-to-market by simultaneously working under multiple systems. The framework offers an efficient toolkit, fast rendering engine, the Dart language. Flutter stands out by accelerating the process by 20% to 50%.

Attractive apps

Visual details of Flutter apps stand out with super-attractiveness. Using rich widgets, you can design your mobile app quickly and beautifully. You can create your own or customize the existing widget.



Our Full-Cycle Method

We guide businesses through every stage of software development while delivering effective and elegantly designed solutions to improve your daily business processes.
The goal of business analysis is to test the project idea.
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Through continuous testing, we make sure the code we develop is clean, effective, and free of bugs.
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The goal of a discovery stage is to test and develop the project idea.
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Software grows outdated, technical errors occur, and the project idea undergoes changes.
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Why Choose Keenethics as a Flutter Mobile App Development Company

Quality with Strike Force

You can hire a Flutter team of our best senior developers called Strike Force for a perfect start to your project. Within a month, they will set up the development environment, major development processes, and project architecture. Afterward, we suggest switching most of the team members to junior or mid-level developers, while senior developers stay as consultants. This way, you have a more affordable project with a perfect quality set from the start.

Quality with Strike Force

Satisfied users with UX audit

Our UX audit shows you what upsets your users and holds back the success of your solution. This approach is the best way to cut the development expenses and improve your ROI in the long run. In the UX audit, we analyze the design of your solution to improve the user flows. At the same time, we eliminate the pain points of your users as well as improper design practices. Learn more in this UX presentation.

Satisfied users with UX audit

Security with an escrow account

You can employ our escrow partner as a middleman securing your costs. Before we start development, we may agree on the terms upon which the escrow agent releases your payment to us. To calculate your approximate escrow expenses please visit our partner’s website. With a minimal escrow fee, you can sleep well knowing you pay only for the job done properly.

Security with an escrow account

Motivated team with our mental health program

When working with Keenethics, you hire a keen team of dedicated Flutter developers. Our Mental Health Officer monitors closely the mental state of each employee to ensure happiness, motivation, and loyalty. With our employee satisfaction checkups, we ensure low employee turnover and no associated project delays. Learn more in this mental health article.

Motivated team with our mental health program

Our Experience

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Our Clients Say

In a software partner, I value liability, trustworthiness, and transparency the most. I can say that all three are present in Keenethics. Our work was effective, and we definitely demonstrated a great deal of progress as the project grew larger. The most valuable thing about Keenethics is their attitude, both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and thus, effective.

Coen Borgman
London, United Kingdom
Director of Productio, StoryTerrace

I’ve been working with Keenethics since 2017, and they grew impressively since then. Keenethics is great in comparison with other Ukrainian software development companies. They have decent project managers and very proactive developers. It’s always nice to work with developers who can solve your issues before you even anticipate them.

Karim Ben Smida
New York City, New York
Project Manager, FutureThinkNow LLC

We hired Keenethics to create a well-designed web interface for the chatbot. As the name suggests, the Keenethics team was quite transparent. They listened and made sure they understood what I was trying to achieve, not just the features I wanted. Keenethics delivered exactly what I hoped for. The chatbot is up and running with excellent functionality. We’ve got positive feedback from test users about how easy it is to use.

Testimonial author photo
Rob McCormick
London, United Kingdom
Founder, Ideal Role

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FAQs About Flutter App Development

What is Flutter mobile app development?

Many apps need to run on different platforms, like IOs, Android, and the web. So, Google developed Flutter, an open-source, cross-platform UI software development toolkit that doesn’t compromise the speed, quality, and performance. Technology renders the app itself, enabling you to create a super-fast and responsive app for multiple platforms. Flutter mobile application development has a single codebase for mobile, web, and desktop apps. This software development kit comprises a built-in set of tools, like libraries, frameworks, APIs, and documentation, sufficient to develop a genuinely functioning app.

What is the programming language of Flutter?

The framework uses the Dart programming language (developed by Google). It ensures rapid application development for any mobile platform. Dart is a client-optimized object-oriented language. The Dart language is type-safe; it uses static type checking to ensure that a variable’s value always matches the variable’s static type. As a result, developers can write more safe code with less or without bugs.

In addition, Dart apps can be run directly on a server, but with the Dart2js transcompiler, they are converted to JS for the browser and to native code for the mobile devices. The structure of Dart is very similar to Java. 

Does Flutter come with widgets?

Sure. Flutter mobile app development includes Material Design and Cupertino widgets. However, these widgets are only a starting point. Flutter allows you to easily create your widgets and modify or customize the existing widgets.

What is Flutter App Development Company?

There are thousands of companies specializing in different technologies in the tech world. Keenethics has high-professional developers having experience in various technologies, including Flutter. We have years of experience in the mobile industry, and our team guarantees high-quality and fast-to-market products. We opt for Flutter because it’s easy to master and has a great community. With Flutter, we can develop attractive apps faster and more affordable. If you have innovative ideas and wish to implement them in your business, you can contact Keenethics at any time, and together we’ll find the best reasonable solution.

What are the benefits of Flutter?

The crucial benefits of Flutter app development are faster development (compared to native), excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, less testing (up to 50%), fast-go-to-market, and attractive apps.

How long does it take to build a Flutter app?

The time to develop an app on two platforms (iOS and Android) depends on several factors like the functionality and complexity of the app, requirement type, and others. The app development journey involves various stages like idea development, design sprints, app development, testing, and deployment. Generally, it may take around 4-5 months to develop an e-commerce app and about 1 month to create a simple, functional application on two platforms.

Who can own code?

The code remains in your single proprietorship.

What is better: React Native or Flutter?

To get a detailed answer to the question, you can read the article from our blog outlining the side-by-side comparison of the old and reliable (React Native) and the young and revolutionary framework (Flutter). Chief Technical Officer of Keenethics, Alex Pletnov presents the battle between React Native and Flutter comprehensively by analyzing their architecture, performance and speed, ecosystem, user interface, code reusability, community, learning curve, and popularity. 

Can Flutter be used in your existing app?

Sure. You shouldn’t throw away the existing app or make significant amendments using Flutter. You can create a library or module, and Flutter code can be easily converted into that app. Furthermore, Keenethics developers will help you render the module into an existing app using Dart logic.

What tool you use to monitor the progress?

As to management, Keenethics developers use their own CRM system to handle tasks and goals, track time and get reports.

Can I switch to your company from another software development provider?

Yes, you can. Keenethics developers have immense experience in supporting legacy code. The team is highly professional and guarantees you a fast and smooth transition.

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