Aurelia Development Services

Using a simple but powerful platform for building performant web, desktop, and mobile projects


websites are built with Aurelia, according to SimilarTech.

What is Aurelia?

Aurelia is a powerful platform for building web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is not a monolithic framework but a collection of open sourced feature-oriented JavaScript modules. These modules are written with JavaScript and TypeScript. Each of them can be used separately when developing any JS project. However, altogether, these modules offer a powerful app performance and a convenient development experience.

Aurelia offers an extensive set of plugins and tools, rich component model, dynamic UI composition, and routing. This platform is characterized by impressive rendering speed and efficient memory usage. Most importantly, it is the only JS framework that gets out of your way – it lets you write your code in plain JavaScript or TypeScript without imposing any extra requirements. This way, you can easily build an outstanding front-end experience of any web, mobile, or desktop app you can think of.

Why React Native App Development?

Easy to learn
With some knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, you can start working with Aurelia pretty soon. Learning a few essential things, you will be able to develop even the most complex app.

Aurelia Development Services

Such business giants as Microsoft, Momondo, and KFC use Aurelia to power their websites. Moreover, the Aurelia framework is open sourced and supported by a large dedicated community.

Aurelia Development Services

Aurelia offers consistent user experience and remarkable performance regardless of the complexity of your app. It is reactive and effectively batching DOM updates.

Aurelia Development Services

Aurelia is not a mere framework but a comprehensive ecosystem for software developers. It features a lot of official plugins and tools that facilitate the development experience.

Aurelia Development Services

Coding with Aurelia is simple because conventions let you focus not on the framework but on the code and the business logic of your app. Testing is also made easier with Aurelia’s unobtrusive approach.

Aurelia Development Services

With Aurelia, you can develop the front end of all kinds of apps – web, mobile, and desktop. Being simple but powerful, Aurelia can be used to build applications of any size and complexity.

Aurelia Development Services

What React Native Development Services Do We Offer?

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Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

We understand how important a high-quality application is for your business growth. By offering reliable and resource-efficient Aurelia development services, we help you get an app of the highest quality. As a convenient and customizable framework, Aurelia lets us implement any features and functions you desire. This way, the app brings the maximum benefit to your business.

2 Building value

We strive to make all our partnerships transparent and friendly. Only an honest and dedicated approach can help us build outstanding software solutions. This unique ethical attitude is the principal value that we offer. Alongside this, we work hard to accomplish our mission – to make the tech world devoted to the social good. Do you want to join us in this initiative?

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

The software development process takes time, and you cannot really shorten it without losing in terms of price or quality. Yet, what can be optimized is the partner engagement and project onboarding process. Our expert Partner Engagement Manager will hear out your ideas and needs, document them, and forward them to the development team. The project will be ready to start really soon.

4 Bringing tech expertise

KeenEthics employs only full-stack JavaScript software engineers. Some of our professionals have over ten years of development experience, and some have W3Schools certification. The quality improvement measures we implement include code reviews, pair programming sessions, and experience-sharing events. We will gladly share our technical expertise for the sake of your project success.

5 Protecting your data

Regardless of which development framework you choose, you should make sure that your app is not susceptible to technical errors or cyber-attacks. Along with technical data safety measures, there are legal information security measures that the development team ought to follow. When partnering up with KeenEthics, you can be sure that all the requirements are met.


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Aurelia Development Services
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Aurelia Development Services


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