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Hiring freelance Fastify developers - good. Addressing a proven loyal Fastify development team - better. With Fastify development services from Keenethics, you’ll get faster scalability and innovation.
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Why is Fastify perfect for your web development goals?

Great Performance

Fastify is renowned for its fastest web performance among backend development frameworks. It offers seamless performance that is ideal for backend dashboard development. The efficient design of Fastify ensures quick server response times, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction.

Easy Development and Maintenance

With Fastify, developers enjoy an excellent developer experience due to its straightforward structure and comprehensive documentation. This simplicity accelerates development cycles and facilitates easier maintenance. As a result, it’s a smart choice for any web project.

High Flexibility

The framework’s high flexibility is evident in its Fastify plugin development ecosystem. This ecosystem allows for easy customization and extension. Such adaptability ensures that Fastify can meet a wide range of backend development needs, from simple applications to complex systems.

Advanced TypeScript Compatibility

Fastify’s advanced TypeScript compatibility provides robust type-checking and developer tooling. In this way, it enhances code quality and reliability. This feature is crucial for developers seeking to leverage the latest in web technology for their development goals.


Why Choose Keenethics as a Fastify Development Company?

An experienced development team

Choosing Keenethics as your Fastify development company means partnering with an experienced development team proficient in key JavaScript frameworks. Our team’s expertise extends beyond Fastify Development Solutions, incorporating a deep understanding of the JavaScript ecosystem to create scalable, efficient applications. This breadth of knowledge ensures that we deliver high-quality Fastify development services tailored to meet your specific needs. In this respect, we leverage the best of JavaScript and TypeScript technology to achieve optimal outcomes.

An experienced development team

Agile-based development process

Our Fastify Development Company employs an Agile-based development process, ensuring flexibility and rapid delivery of Fastify development solutions. This approach allows us to adapt quickly to changes and feedback. It ultimately ensures that the final product aligns closely with your expectations and business goals. Our commitment to Agile methodologies means that we can offer continuous improvement and deliver solutions that are both innovative and aligned with the latest industry standards.

Agile-based development process

Major UI/UX and mobile development expertise

As a leading Fastify development company, Keenethics brings significant UI/UX and mobile development expertise to every project. Our comprehensive understanding of user-centered design principles and mobile development trends ensures that our Fastify development solutions aren’t only fast and reliable but also offer an engaging user experience. This expertise is crucial in developing applications that stand out in the competitive digital landscape, providing an intuitive interface and seamless interaction across devices.

Major UI/UX and mobile development expertise

Stable development team

Our Fastify development company prides itself on having a stable development team, which is vital for delivering consistent and high-quality Fastify development solutions. This stability fosters a deep familiarity with our clients’ projects and objectives, allowing for more tailored and effective solutions. The continuity provided by our dedicated team enhances collaboration and ensures that every project benefits from accumulated knowledge and expertise.

Stable development team

Our Customers Say

The Keenethics team performed well alongside our internal team. Their intermediate developers produced high-quality code and efficient scripts that emphasized the app’s performance. The team was highly accessible and responded to any inquiries within 30 minutes. Keenethics accommodated two weeks of 10–12-hour days to help us meet our strict deadlines. They truly invested themselves in the project. Customers can expect a highly productive team that delivers high-quality products at competitive rates.

Anton Mihlin
Technical Lead, Isapiens srl
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I’ve been working with Keenethics since 2017, and they grew impressively since then. Keenethics is great in comparison with other Ukrainian software development companies. They have decent project managers and very proactive developers. It’s always nice to work with developers who can solve your issues before you even anticipate them.

Testimonial author photo
Karim Ben Smida
New York City, New York
Project Manager, FutureThinkNow LLC
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In a software partner, I value liability, trustworthiness, and transparency the most. I can say that all three are present in Keenethics. Our work was effective, and we definitely demonstrated a great deal of progress as the project grew larger. The most valuable thing about Keenethics is their attitude, both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and thus, effective.

Testimonial author photo
Coen Borgman
London, United Kingdom
Director of Productio, StoryTerrace
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The greatest thing about Keenethics is that this company is all about ideas. They do not strive for money only. These people aim to make a difference in the software world. They promote ethical values and show others how to meet Tech4Good demands. They were so excited by how new technologies can be used for the common good that they even asked me for an interview that was published on their blog. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Hernando Sanchez-Faddeev
Leiden, Netherlands
Chief Executive Officer, Owl Tech B.V.
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Industries we serve

Our company works with a large number of sectors. When you hire TypeScript developers, you can expect a wide range of potential spheres, such as education and even the financial sector. More importantly, we’re always willing to consider new use cases for our products. The infographic below offers a full-scale insight into the industries that our skilled developers cover today:
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Education software development

Open a new era of education technology with our powerful solutions. Our educational software development company helps businesses increase students’ engagement and digitize learning.

service icon

Healthcare software development

Solving software challenges associated with medical responsibility, patient ethics, and development costs
service icon

Nonprofit software development

Helping non-profit companies achieve their ethical goals
service icon

Logistics software development

Embodying goal-oriented values and taking your business to a new level
service icon

Real estate software development

Automating routine tasks and making the real estate market more transparent
service icon

Retail software development

Solving retail challenges with digital transformation and technological advancement
service icon

Agriculture software development

Making the agricultural industry smarter and more efficient
service icon

Banking and financial software development

Bringing the world of banking and financial services one step closer to people

About Hiring Fastify Developers

What are the key reasons to use Fastify?

Fastify is used for building fast and scalable web applications. It is a high-performance web framework for Node.js, designed to be lightweight and efficient. It features a strong focus on speed and low overhead. Fastify facilitates the development of web and mobile backends, APIs, and microservices. Consequently, it offers developers a robust foundation for creating high-quality applications that require quick response times and efficient request handling.

Does Fastify have advantages over Express?

If Fastify is better than Express depends on the specific requirements of a project. Fastify offers faster performance due to its efficient processing model and built-in support for schemas and serialization. It’s designed for speed and low overhead, making it suitable for applications that demand high throughput. However, Express has a larger community and more middleware. Therefore, it’s a more versatile choice that suits a wider range of projects. Both have their strengths, and the choice depends on the project needs.

Does an open-source team develop Fastify?

Yes, Fastify is open source, available under the MIT license. This makes it freely accessible to developers worldwide: the platform encourages collaboration and independent contributions to its codebase. The open-source nature of Fastify ensures that it is continuously improved and updated by a dedicated community of developers, which contributes to its reliability and security. Being open-source also allows for greater flexibility in customization and integration with other tools and technologies.

Why should one use Fastify as the core platform?

The benefits of using Fastify include its exceptional speed and efficiency, which significantly reduce latency and improve the performance of web applications. It offers an easy-to-use developer experience, with a focus on high scalability and support for asynchronous programming. Fastify also provides robust security features and seamless TypeScript integration. These factors make it an attractive choice for modern web development projects that prioritize performance, maintainability, and developer productivity.

How to hire a Fastify developer from Keenethics?

You can send a request or book a call to tell us your needs, goals, and timeframes. After, we’ll select a team or pre-vetted Fastify developers by Keenethics based on your preferences for a project. Hiring isn’t the process you should highly focus on. Keenethics cares. While we’re in charge of offering you the right specialists for your needs, you can focus on your roadmap. 

What is the price of hiring a Fastify developer?

The price for a backend Node.js developer who knows Fastify depends on skills, knowledge, and experience, including junior, middle, and senior levels. The hourly pricing ranges from $25 for a junior freelancer to $70-80 for an architect with extensive Node experience. 

How to check that the Keenethics’ Fastify developer is experienced enough?

Keenethics is responsible for high quality. Our community of pre-vetted specialists minimizes any roadblock to developing your scalable and efficient software product. If you require freelance developers, we can offer you the best options. We ensure that by hiring skilled Fastify developers from Keenethics, you’ll get security, reliability, effective communication, and quick response to your needs. The choice is yours. Sending us a message or booking a call, you’ll get answers to all your queries. 

Is there a free trial period for hiring a Fastify developer at Keenethics?

We have a different model. With a client, we determine a particular scope of work Fastify developer should complete. Usually, this small test task should be finished in two days. Then, we assess if our developer coped with the assignment. If they don’t, we won’t ask for payment. But if our specialists did everything according to the request, the task would be paid for.

Hiring Fastify Developers

We assist small start-ups and large enterprises in developing best-performing projects. Contact us to have a team of skilled specialists swiftly and accurately do Fastify or other technology-integrated projects.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

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