Duration: 5 months

Learn English while chatting with AI

Learn English through chatting with AI

ComicEnglish is the service that helps users learn a foreign language through playing games. It was designed as a chatbot that would interact with a user in English. The service included quests of various levels of difficulty. The higher the level, the better language competence user needs to complete it.

Chatbot that helps you learn English

The application of chatbot technology in language learning is not new. Chatbots are often applied for providing users with individual personalized language practice whenever they feel like studying. This is a great way to improve language skills.

ComicEnglish uses gamification and motivation. Rewards and other fun features make users feel more engaged. They have fun playing games and thus become more motivated to achieve new language goals.

Idea behind ComicEnglish

English has become a global language. Some people are only making their first learning steps whereas the others are already looking for the ways to improve their language skills. They all want to speak English, but very few like to study. Luckily, spending hours on end trying to memorize boring rules from textbooks is not the only way to improve the level of English.

If people like games, why not to create a game that would help users acquire skills that could later be applied in real life? That was the idea behind ComicEnglish. The service was developed to make the language learning easy, engaging, and entertaining.

Main features

Every user had to create a profile in the system to start playing. Throughout the experience, the users were encouraged to apply their English skills to win. ComicEnglish incorporated various language learning resources and tools: English lessons, study cards, daily games, chat rooms. ComicEnglish also provided daily updates to keep the users engaged.

Contribution of Keenethics

Keenethics participated in developing MVP. Our team managed to complete required tasks on time. The website is currently offline.