ComicEnglish is a chatbot-based app for interactive English learning

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What Is ComicEnglish?

ComicEnglish is a service that helps users develop their language skills by playing games with the English learning chatbot. The service includes quests of various difficulty levels and language competence. This gamified platform motivates users to stay on the track of learning English with rewards and multiple fun features. Achieving a language goal becomes as simple as completing another level in a favorite game.

Our Cooperation


The world of education and self-development has changed, and nobody is eager to spend hours cramming grammar rules and doing boring bookish exercises. At the same time, this change opened multiple opportunities for companies willing to enter the ed-tech industry.

ComicEnglish, unlike most one-time install-open-and-delete applications, strove to keep English learners motivated. Together with their creative manager, we have developed an English learning chatbot making the language acquisition process easy, engaging, and entertaining.

Our Team

Two of our best software developers have been working on the project. To meet the best needs and possibilities of the client, they did not only develop the app but also tested it and managed the overall project.


The chatbot for learning English has been developed for both iOS and Android, with the use of Meteor and Ionic.


We used Kanban because the team working on the project was quite small and the requirements for this English bot were constantly changing.

What Makes ComicEnglish Special?

The English learning chatbot enables users to improve and practice their skills in listeningand writing and to develop knowledge of vocabulary and grammar. For this purpose, it features various language learning resources and tools, such as theoretical English lessons, word cards, daily games, fun stories with comic book characters, language quests, and chat rooms. To pass a game level, users have to apply their English skills to the best of their knowledge. To keep users engaged, the English bot sends daily notifications and updates.

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