Business Research Platform

A mediator between business consultants and consultees.

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What Is Business Research Platform?

Name: Business Research Platform
Business Development: Business development
Size: > 250 employees
Location: London, Great Britain🇬🇧

This business research platform lets users take well-thought-out investment decisions. There is a lot of useful information online, but the challenge is to find exactly the information you need. Our partners strive to play the role of a mediator – to help a person in need of a business consultation get in contact with the most suitable business consultant. This may concern any sphere, ranging from HR management to marketing or accounting.

The business consulting industry enterprise of our partner is multifaceted and huge. We are delighted to help them with developing their major tool. The web platform we are working on is an internal tool for their employees. It lets them process business consultation requests and contact clients with the most suitable consultants.

Our Cooperation

Platform: Web
Technologies: Node.js, LoopBack, React
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 3 developers, 1 QA, and 1 PM

Challenges & Solutions

We have been cooperating with the enterprise, and the project has been in production all the time. These two conditions placed a few significant challenges in front of us.

The company has an extensive system of privacy and corporate culture policies. While all companies have some regulations, the large-scale business has a lot of them. Making sure that we follow all of them without compromising our own ethical and security policies is quite challenging. A professional Project Manager, who organizes communication with the partner according to the principles of Kanban, significantly facilitates our lives.

As for security, it is our top priority and major headache. The system contains quite a lot of sensitive and confidential information about businesses and people associated with them. It is our job to ensure the safety of their data. We have to make sure that in no case a wrong person may receive somebody else’s consultation results.

Since the project is in production, our Quality Assurance specialist shoulders a great deal of responsibility. We have to make sure that the web platform does not stop working once we release updates and the system is not susceptible to technical glitches.

Our Team

The team, which is currently working on this project, consists of three devoted full-stack software developers and one Quality Assurance specialist. They are managed by an expert PM.


The management consulting industry project has been developed with LoopBackMySQLReactAWS (SES, S3, Secrets Manager, Lambda, CloudWatch, ElasticSearch, Kibana), ServerlessTerraformJenkins.


To ensure continuous communication with the client and timely implementation of all project requirements, we are cooperating according to the principles of Kanban.

What Makes This Project Special?

First of all, this project is an internal tool for company employees, who change the future of consulting industry. IT lets a user process a consultation request, schedule a consultation, record it, transcribe, and send it to both a consultant and a consultee. Then, the former sends the business analysis results to the latter also via the platform.

Such a software solution helps a business to automate the process of organizing conference calls and to enhance the quality of calls? by recording them.

It is an important and unique tool for business growth consultants, which helps:

  • businesses to optimize their research process and take the best investment decision,
  • business managers to find an external consultant instead of hiring an in-house one,
  • business strategy consulting firms to find their clients

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