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An e-commerce B2C web platform with usual functionality but exceptional performance

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What Is the Online Store?

Name:B2C Online Store
Size:11-50 employees
Location:United States

The project we have worked on is an equipment e-store for the American market. The functionality was nothing unusual. Instead, the partner wanted us to develop online store focused on performance. The question was how to develop an online store as responsive and swift as possible. Unfortunately, we are not able to disclose the name of this web platform so that you could test its performance yourself.

We did not start working on this project from scratch but took it up halfway. The partner asked us to complete it as soon as possible because his business suffered huge losses while the web platform was inactive. We embarked on the development in only two days after all the legal papers were signed and project requirements were collected.

Our Cooperation

Technologies:Meteor, Node.js, Reaction Commerce, MongoDB, Spree Commerce
Team:2 software developers

Challenges & Solutions

We stumbled upon the first difficulty when we had to migrate a large database of tags and products from the old version of the store, which was written on Spree. Also, we have enhanced the performance and security of the payment system with the help of a visa solution Authorize.Net. As for the delivery system, we have implemented different types of delivery and address verification. We also configured FedEx and UPS.

Besides, we had to implement search filters, which included the number of products in a certain category. These had to be based on the current product list and be reactive. Initially, this function was implemented on the client-side. Yet, this solution was cumbersome and slow if the number of products was large. To solve this issue, we had implemented an element of PWA – web workers. It gave a huge boost to the web platform speed. Do you face similar challenges? Let us know! We can develop your store online.

Our Team

The project was relatively small and had to be developed in the shortest terms, so two full-stack software developers have been working on it.


This web platform has been developed with the help of Meteor, Node.js, MongoDB, Reaction Commerce and Spree Commerce.


The project was to be developed as quickly as possible, the requirements were constant and clear. Thus, there was neither time nor need to interact continuously. We chose to employ Waterfall to manage the project development. It was organized in linear sequential steps, which let us complete it in the shortest terms possible without losing in quality.

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