Indoor Positioning System

This solution will bring your customer service and employee management to a new level.

$ 40.99 billion

is the projected indoor location market size in 2022, according to Markets and Markets.

What is indoor positioning?

From the technical perspective...
Indoor positioning is a technology, which uses a network of devices to locate people or objects in such places where GPS and other satellite technologies cannot do it properly. For instance, GPS technologies are not precise enough to locate people inside large buildings, such as airports, malls, or warehouses. And this is where indoor positioning comes into play. This technology offers a few ways for locating people and objects with one-meter accuracy. One of such ways is based on iBeacon — the technology developed by Apple, which employs BLE transmitters.

From the business perspective...
Indoor positioning system is an IoT solution, which lets businesses efficiently locate their employees or customers and use this information for business development purposes. For example, indoor positioning in retail can help businesses advertise their products to the customers passing by their store. At the same time, indoor positioning in airports can help passengers find their way around the building and receive timely flight information. Meanwhile, indoor positioning in warehouses can help employers control their employees. The opportunities are indeed endless when you start thinking about it.

Whom we offer our indoor positioning solution to?

  • Stores & Shopping malls
    Stores & Shopping malls
  • Exhibition & Business centers
    Exhibition & Business centers
  • Warehouses & Construction sites
    Warehouses & Construction sites
  • Airports, Subway & Railway stations
    Airports, Subway & Railway stations
  • Hotels & motels
    Hotels & motels
  • Plants & Factories
    Plants & Factories

What do we offer?

We offer the advanced IPS indoor positioning system, which will be configured and customized specifically for you.



We create a virtual map of your building and embed this map into a mobile solution. Now, the system is customized for your specific needs — you have the entire venue at your fingertips.


The BLE beacons we install help us locate your customers and employees. This way, you can help people navigate around the venue and collect their behavior statistics.


User behavior data is analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence. Now, you collect and analyze almost any statistics you need and adjust your business strategy accordingly




Use case:

When a client spends a lot of time in front of a certain item in your store but leaves with nothing, you can send them a promo code for this very item to convince them to make a purchase.



Use case:

If a person gets lost in a mall, they can see their precise location and find their way around the building. You can show them a route which will take them directly to your store.



Use case:

You can send personalized information on discounts and special offers directly to your potential visitor once they step into the vicinity of your store.



Use case:

At the end of the day, you can see how much time your employees have spent working and how much time they were wandering around.



Use case:

There is no need for brochures and handouts — all the relevant information can be sent to a passer-by’s phone directly. This is how you reduce paper waste.

Why choose KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

In our portfolio, we have many projects and a lot of experience to share so that we can help you implement effective indoor positioning technology and let your business grow.

2 Building value

Our unique ethical strategy says that the tech world should work in favor of social good, so we strive for transparent and honest relationships with our employees, clients, and partners.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Our expert Partner Engagement manager will work hand-in-hand with you to launch project development in the shortest possible terms.

4 Bringing tech expertise

Aside from indoor positioning expertise, we specialize in web and mobile development and will provide you with a custom web or mobile solution, which will make your indoor positioning system complete.

5 Protecting your data

Using different testing approaches, pair programming, and external code review, our developers and QA specialists make sure that the app is error-free and resistant to malicious attacks.

What is our experience with indoor positioning companies?


PREE is an IoT system for indoor positioning, which is implemented with BLE beacons and a mobile app. The goal of PREE is to let users always know where their precious belongings are. The idea is simple. The user attaches a beacon to their bag, laptop, car keys, or whatever they need. They add this device to their account in mobile app. Now, they can always see in real time where their thing with a beacon attached to it is. There are a lot of opportunities for customization: users can get notified when their items get out of range, share locations with a circle of trusted people, or set a safe zone where notifications will not disturb them.

Platform: Android and iOS
Technologies:Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Ionic, Cordova
Methodology: Kanban
Team: 1 UI/UX designer, 2 full-stack developers, 1 QA specialist, and 1 PM
Airport Solution

Airport Solution

The airport solution optimizes and automates navigation and the communication with passengers. The solution includes a mobile app and Bluetooth sensors.

The mobile app offers a wayfinding map to users where they can see all the necessary objects and facilities and the optimal route towards them. The app can be downloaded via a QR code. Besides, the app allows admins to change the map, routes, information, and so on allowing them to set up the system without the help of developers.

Additionally, the admins can tag Bluetooth sensors with certain content making it appear to the users when they are nearby. The user, for example, can get a message about special offers, promotions, and exclusive products when going near Duty Free stores. They can also receive notifications from airlines about delays, issues, or promos. All in all, it is a good place for both timely communications and ads.

Platform: Mobile
Technologies:Node.js, Express, React, PWA
Methodology: Kanban
Team of 7: 1 Product Owner, 1 UI UX designer, 1 back-end developer, 1 full-stack developer, 1 mobile developer, 1 hardware engineer, 1 QA special
Airport Solution

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