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Are you interested in promoting a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform for your business? Our SaaS development company offers a perfect solution for your needs.
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SaaS Development Technologies

We use these technologies to deliver high-quality SaaS:

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AI data analytics platform revolutionizing the corporate and the banking markets.

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Find the best investment banking option.

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A convenient mobile app for patients to record and understand their blood test results.

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Comprehensive revenue management system for increasing customer loyalty.

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Our SaaS Application Development Process

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1. Vision

Our company analyzes your approach and turns it into a full-scale vision of the relevant project.

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2. Feature analysis

Once we have a vision, it’s time to look at the SaaS development services the client needs. During this stage, our company delivers a list of features you may require for your idea and provides them for your approval. We create a full outline of your app here.

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3. Development

We develop your app via a set of sprint cycles. During a cycle, our company creates a set of features and lets you analyze the overall direction of your work. Then, we go for another cycle that considers your feedback. SaaS development services organized this way enable us to create software that fits your vision.

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4. Product Deployment

Once we deliver all the crucial features for your product, our SaaS development company transitions to testing and making the app available to the users. We remove all the critical bugs and release the product on an online platform. During this process, we also provide your employees with key instructions on working with the SaaS system.

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5. Maintenance

After developing the SaaS app, we don’t leave it alone. Our company continues to offer support and can even provide new features based on the feedback of the clients. The idea of SaaS software development services is that they provide constant upgrades. Keenethics helps with this aspect of SaaS promotion.

Why Choose KeenEthics as a SaaS Development Company?

1. Delivering high quality and speed with our Strike Force

Speed and quality are essential for surviving in modern competition-driven markets. Our Strike Force can help with achieving both aspects. What’s the Strike Force? It’s our team of senior developers who can set up the foundation of your project within a month. They help choose the top architecture and major features necessary for your app. Once a foundation is there, we give a project to junior and middle developers who build upon the existing framework under the guidance of the Strike Force. In this way, our company also achieves affordability: we split the tasks according to the difficulty, entrusting them to relevant specialists.

1. Delivering high quality and speed with our Strike Force

2. Ensuring strong user experience with UX audit

You can have the most feature-rich app on the market, but this factor alone can’t guarantee success. Sometimes, features hide behind uncomfortable interfaces, or the number of options overloads the average user. Our SaaS software development company can analyze your user experience to find the pain points and identify the best resolution strategies. Using this data, it’s possible to completely remake the app to fit the users’ needs.

2. Ensuring strong user experience with UX audit

3. Working with a motivated team

We do everything to ensure the strong motivation and loyalty of our team. In this regard, our company is especially proud of the investments in mental health. This approach allows us to have minimal turnover and prevent major project delays.

3. Working with a motivated team

4. Using top technologies

Every SaaS development company must use top technologies to succeed in the market. At Keenethics, we manage to fulfill this requirement. Our company uses frameworks such as Node.js and ReactJS to develop novel projects. They’re among the most popular and well-developed solutions on the market. With us, you can develop SaaS frameworks using the most advanced technologies.

4. Using top technologies

Our Customers Say

Due to their responsiveness & patience, the collaboration itself progressed smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a high-quality product & ensuring continued engagement. Keenethics’ skill set was exactly what was needed, and despite a language difference, communications never suffered.

Mike Casey
from the USA, Georgia
Founder at BankerAdvisor, an investment banking company

Despite the physical distance and never meeting each other in person, Keenethics has built a complicated dairy industry related web app for us. I found the cooperation in the development of this tool good, honest, and straightforward.

Wim Honkoop
from the Netherlands
Founder at My Grass Growth, an agriculture company

In a software partner, I value liability, trustworthiness, and transparency the most. I can say that all three are present in KeenEthics. Our work was effective, and we definitely demonstrated a great deal of progress as the project grew larger. The most valuable thing about Keenethics is their attitude both to partners and to employees. Our cooperation has never been stained by conflicts or mistrust. By contrast, it was very transparent, friendly, and, thus, effective.

Coen Borgman
Director of Production, StoryTerrace


What's SaaS development?

SaaS development is about creating software-as-a-service apps. The idea behind them is to offer online subscription software. A SaaS development company can deliver such services.

What metrics are the most essential for a SaaS?

Essential metrics for SaaS include how much money they make each month, how many customers they gain or lose, and how happy their customers are.

What's the average cost of a SaaS app?

It all depends on the scope of the app. In our SaaS app development company, for example, an hour of a developer’s work time costs between 25 and 50 dollars. 

What architecture does SaaS require?

SaaS requires a multi-tenant framework for its architecture. This approach helps the relevant app to work with multiple users securely.

What's the idea behind a SaaS framework?

SaaS app development services help you work via a subscription framework. Its idea is to offer a constantly developing service that requires monthly or yearly customer payments.

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