A tool for online collaboration and task-management

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Knotable makes things flow. It’s a modern conversation platform that let’s groups focus — organized and modern like productivity apps and seamlessly open like email. You can bring people together and keep them on the same page.

Kill permathreads. Move them to shared knotepads. Seamless with mail where the conversations are starting, Knotable lets you move to spaces where you can manage the people, manage the content, and use more than words: deadlines, decisions, votes, tasks.

Knote is an app for teamwork that let’s you grab the idea wherever it strikes then move it forward simply. Knotable helps teamwork by keeping people on the same page.


  • Implemented different mute levels for alerts and email notification for separate boards(pads);
  • Worked on React Native app implementation,(it is suspended at the moment at the will of the owner);
  • Helped to implement customised WYSIWYG;
  • Users can answer on cards(notes) and create them via email;
  • Worked on chrome push notifications;
  • Integration with Mixpanel.

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