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What Is Software Deployment Services?

Software deployment is very close to the end of the software development life cycle. After your software product has been studied, planned, designed, developed, and tested, you need to make it available for the market. This is where software deployment services come into play. Software deployment consists of installing, configuring, testing, and optimizing the performance of your software product.

Requesting software development services can be compared to buying a table. Software deployment is the process of delivering this table to your house and assembling it together. In the case of the table, you might be able to deal with it yourself. Yet, a software product, should it be a web platform or a mobile app, is a much more complicated system to handle. Professional software deployment services help you make sure that your product is installed properly and securely.

How to Deploy a Web App?

At first, the software product is deployed to the development environment. Here, software engineers can run and test the functionality. Then, the web app is deployed to the staging environment, which is also referred to as preproduction. Here, the product closely resembles the final version but is more economical in terms of resource usage and can be shown to test users. As soon as the product is tested, optimized, and ready to be launched, it is deployed to the production environment. Here, it will use real-life data and will be accessible to the target audience. If the software deployment procedure is thoroughly followed, the entire website will not go down, your users will not face any errors, and you will not lose your customers.

How to Deploy a Mobile App?

After a mobile app is developed, it is deployed to the testing environment, such as TestFlight for iOS or HockeyApp for Android. Once the app is tested, errors are fixed, and performance is improved, it is deployed to the AppStore or Google Play. Before submitting it to the store, the development team needs to make sure that the app is tested and functioning properly. The app information and metadata has to be complete and accurate, and the submitter’s contact information needs to be up-to-date. Backend services should be enabled, and all the non-obvious features should be explained. Besides, both Android and iOS have a unique set of technical and ethical requirements that developers need to follow.

Why Software Deployment Services?

  • Gets your product out to the market
    If you do not deploy your software product to the web or an app store, the entire software design and development process becomes useless. Having come so far, why would you hide your product from the target audience?
  • Secures your users
    A diligent and thorough software deployment process makes the final product more secure. By running safety checks and hardening infrastructure, software engineers make sure that neither an app nor its users are susceptible to a cyber attack.
  • Enables real-life tests
    Having brought your software product to your target audience, you can finally see how it is doing in real-life settings. Do your users like your product? Are there any errors, difficulties, or bottlenecks? What can you add or improve?
  • Brings profit
    Regardless of what product you develop, the purpose of it is to save money by solving some tasks or to bring profit by marketing it. Software deployment is the way for you to finally profit from it by bringing it to the market.

What Do We Offer?

  • Deployment on our servers
    Deployment on our servers
  • Deployment on your servers
    Deployment on your servers
  • Continuous deployment
    Continuous deployment

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

By developing and deploying a high-quality software product, we help your business grow. As planned, this product will let you automate some business processes or earn some extra revenue. Either way, it will increase your profits. The more profit you have, the faster your company grows.

2Building value

The business mission of KeenEthics is: “We strive for a tech world devoted to the social good”. This is the essential business value that our company works hard to promote. If you share our views and wishes to make the world a better place for everyone, we will be delighted to partner up!

3Launching in a matter of weeks

The sooner we launch your software product – the sooner your business starts to grow. While the development process cannot be rushed, the engagement and planning process can and should be optimized. Contact our professional Partner Engagement Manager, and she will ensure the prompt launch of your project.

4Bringing tech expertise

All our team members are full-stack, JS-oriented, and highly skilled. Most of them have the W3Schools certification, 10+ years of experience, or an academic degree. Along with technical expertise, our team offers industry-specific expertise, ranging from education and healthcare to e-commerce and agriculture.

5Protecting your data

Data security and user privacy should be your primary concern at all times. Users do not give a second chance to the app if it compromised their private information at least once. Our team will make sure that the code is not susceptible to data breaches and technical errors.


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