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Keenethics provides HR software development services for diverging businesses to help them enhance their internal talent management. Address us if you want to try out high-quality custom human resource management software.

Our expertise

Keenethics currently has more than eight years of experience developing custom software. Our fields of expertise involve fintech, edtech, and, of course, HR tech. In this respect, our company has helped develop multiple solutions for boosting employee performance. Firstly, we have projects for advanced payroll management. Secondly, our firm has developed a mental health app to assist with employee turnover. Lastly, we have experience creating strong employee onboarding platforms. We’ll outline some of those projects in the case study sections below. Besides, Keenethics has massive experience creating high-quality UI/UX. We can adapt your software to a genuinely wide number of needs. This means both expert and non-expert audiences will be able to use it without major barriers. All in all, our company understands how to build a strong HR platform. The next section will delineate the key types of technology we’re ready to develop.

HR software development services we offer

Our company offers several types of HR software for improving business operations. Here are the core technologies we focus on:
Talent Management Systems

It’s not enough to recruit competent people. The best companies always focus their recruitment on talent. Keenethics can help you develop an application that combines employee engagement with strong data-driven decisions. This means you’ll be able to benefit from both strong recruitment tools and, more importantly, proper motivation tracking. Few practices are so potent at enhancing employee experience as HR software development. Find talented employees with our help.

Learning Management Systems

Training a newcomer isn’t sufficient for success. After all, training is only one of the business requirements to consider. A good candidate must also be able to improve their knowledge. For example, modern IT specialists have to constantly be learning to create custom solutions with great potential. Our company can help you develop an app for these goals. Our development is custom, so we will be able to add features that will be helpful both for a recent applicant and an advanced expert.

Employee Training Solutions

A key aspect of performance management is preparing employees for complex tasks. All companies have unique processes that require training. Consequently, having systems aimed at transferring vital experience is essential. Today, you can streamline everything through automation. In this regard, the best options include course-based products and even AI-centric solutions. We can create an AI system that will teach the newcomers about all aspects of your workflow.


Benefits of HR software development

An HR software development company can provide multiple benefits for you. Let's learn about them:
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Efficiency and Time Savings

The first reason to invest in HR is the ability to automate various processes. Modern HR tools use AI in, for example, recruiting or mental health analysis, helping optimize most processes. These improvements in existing operations are essential for any business that wants to boost efficiency and save time.

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Data Accuracy and Compliance

A major problem for many businesses is that they’re vulnerable to human errors. For instance, various circumstances can disrupt expert attention during the hiring process. As a result, a company may lose a potentially valuable employee. Modern HR software functions as a fail-safe solution for those cases. It can analyze your data and tell you if it’s accurate enough. In the end, you’ll be able to greatly boost your ability to make strong decisions.

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Improved Decision-Making

It’s not only data that makes decisions better in modern computerized HR systems. HR tech software development also helps create solutions that clarify processes for everyone. For instance, a high-quality AI HR system can improve information access. As a result, you’ll be able to share power in your firm to form a more democratic workspace. Team democracy is, ultimately, the best framework for boosting decision-making and generating great ideas.

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Employee Self-Service

In the past, many HR systems demanded a lot of time due to employee requests. For example, every request for benefits management required individual involvement. HR specialists finally get an opportunity to transform their jobs and set more ambitious goals with novel HR software. For instance, it’s possible to track all benefits requests in a separate app. This factor alone can automate a significant portion of application tasks.

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Streamlined Recruitment Process

The ability to find a high-value employee is one of the core aspects of success for modern business. An incorrect hiring process can disrupt your team through bad cultural fit or even lead to security problems. Firstly, it’s crucial to create analytical frameworks for fast application analysis. Secondly, you can greatly benefit from automated interview processes.

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Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Communication is the core aspect of impressing a customer. Companies that can quickly organize certain processes create an extremely positive impression. HR software is essential for this goal. For example, modern HR tools help with creating anonymous feedback channels. Yes, some findings may be discouraging, but improved communication also offers great growth opportunities.

Case Studies


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Keenethics delivers the required tasks within the time frame and at high quality. Their expertise in software development and their dedication to our company has helped WorldLabs launch a fully functional product. Keenethics’ cost-effective and hands-on approach was an integral part of our early growth.

Andreas Feller
from London
Co-founder & COO at WorldLabs

Address us to start developing a unique HR solution.

Our HR software development company can help you transform your business.

Daria Hlavcheva

Head of Partner Engagement

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What does HR software do?

HR software helps optimize many internal processes in modern companies. For example, you can transform recruitment or talent management. How exactly? Firstly, there’s an opportunity to have a centralized data repository. Secondly, HR tech is also vital for automating various processes. In fact, many American businesses have even automated employment interviews. The key goal of HR tech is to free up the work time of HR managers to allow them to target more strategic tasks.

How much does HR software development cost?

The cost of HR software development services depends on a wide number of factors. Deadlines, project size, demand complexity, and regulatory issues can all have a significant influence. Consequently, we can’t tell you an exact price in this case. The best option is to address us to perform a full-scale project evaluation. 

How long does it take to build an HR software development solution?

Once again, everything depends on the project’s demands. Smaller projects can take 2 to 3 months. Larger ones often require up to a year and even more.

What should be included in HR software?

You should primarily include only those features that you need. Our company develops solutions that target your specific requirements and not anyone else’s. If you’re unsure if you’ve considered all useful features, however, here’s a list of good ideas for HR tech:


• Employee Database

• Payroll Management

• Time and Attendance Tracking

• Benefits Administration

• Performance Management

• Recruitment and Applicant Tracking

• Onboarding and Offboarding

• Training and Development

• Employee Self-Service Portal

• Leave Management

• Compliance Tracking

• HR Analytics and Reporting

• Succession Planning

• Employee Engagement Tools

• Mobile Accessibility

• Document Management

• Workforce Planning

• Health and Safety Tracking

• Employee Surveys

• Integration Capabilities

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