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Who is the Next.js developer?

A software developer who uses Next.js alongside React.js to create web apps is known as a Next.js developer. They have in-depth knowledge of JS, HTML5, and CSS3. Next.js developer is the one who knows how to work with Restful APIs building, React.js frameworks like Flux or Redux, and version control tools. Since Next.js is a React.js framework, consequently, Next.js developer must be a React.js expert.

What is Next.js? 

Next.js is a small open-source framework created by Vercel for server-rendered and static universal JS web applications. Server-side rendering speeds up page loads, improving the user experience and SEO for better Google indexing.

Why use it?

A framework is a great tool that makes cloud computing accessible to everyone. Next.js assists in deploying websites in a low-effort way. SSR, also called static pre-rendering, is integral to Next.js. That means – faster load time, better SEO, and fewer security vulnerabilities.

At KeenEthics, our next js developers prefer Next.js for such main benefits as rich UI, outstanding performance, fast feature development, resources, security, and reliability. We strive to provide innovative and truly unique solutions. We understand your business objectives, so owing to our Next.js development services, we can create opportunities that are uniquely tailored to your needs.

Nest.js development company

Hire Nest.js developers from KeenEthics

KeenEthics has a pool of developers who excel at Nest.js development. Having hands-on experience, our team of Nest.js developers can build the most ambitious web apps from scratch.

Hire Nest.js development team from KeenEthics to create a highly scalable, quality, and productive web app. 

Reasons why you need to hire a Nest.js development company

1. Transparency in communication

2. Business ethics 

3. Technical capability to handle complex projects

4. Quality standards 

5. Client-centric approach 

6. Outstanding customer experiences

React JS Development Company

React js development

React is an open-source front-end JS library used to build effective user interfaces and UI elements. With React, dedicated developers build a client’s side of a solution. The client’s impression of a product defines a company’s chances of success. That’s why React.js application development is a helpful tool on your way to a profitable business.

Popular websites like Facebook (React Web Development Creator), Netflix, BBC, Instagram, and Yahoo Mail were built with React. It’s a perfect choice for companies that want to get visually appealing and responsive products. React software solutions are lightweight and versatile so that businesses forget about system overload or boring data processing.

React web development is widely used because of its simplicity. With its help, you can get bug-free and highly flexible end products. Cross-field experience in react js development services allows our specialists to create performant and efficient products for any audience and industry.

Are you planning to create a powerful solution but doubt what technology to rely on? Hire our react js developers. We’re always here to help and consult you on your choice.

Flutter App Development Company

Our Flutter App Development Services

1 Flutter strategy & consultation: If you need advice on whether Flutter app development is suitable for building your next product or bringing your project to life, contact KeenEthics qualified developers.

2 User experience: Using Flutter app development service, we help clients deploy Flutter apps that are robust, fast to design, easy to navigate and maintain.

3 Development: Our strong suit is fast development on time, including all your requirements. Our team always stays in touch to discuss all pros and cons in the various scenario.

4 Testing & QA: We provide quality assurance and testing for numerous types of apps. You can opt for this kind of Flutter app development service if you have a ready-made app and still want qualified experts to optimize and improve it.

5 Analysis: We define your business goals and expectations following a deep business analysis and suggest problem-solving steps.

6 App maintenance & support: To make your app development effective, fast, and smooth, we provide you with 24/7 technical assistance and monitoring.  

MySQL Development Services

What is MySQL?

MySQL is a relational database management system, the most popular and one of the most secure databases in the field. This technology is easy to work with since it has all the necessary functionality and does not offer any excessive features. The basic knowledge of SQL is enough to understand and learn this technology.

MySQL development is perfectly suitable for data warehousing, e-commerce, and logging applications. Yet, this technology is mostly used for a web database. MySQL has very clear and detailed documentation, and the support community is large. This way, using MySQL database management for your web or mobile app, you can be sure that this technology is not going to grow outdated any time soon.

Up to January 2022, MySQL ranks number 2 in the list of the most popular database management systems, according to DB Engines. Its users include Netflix, Facebook, and Spotify. If you decide to choose MySQL for your business, contact us, and we will find  MySQL Developers who will work only on your database design and development.

REST API Development Services

What is REST API?

Computer scientist Roy Fielding firstly introduced REST (Representational State Transfer), allowing for interaction with RESTful web services. REST API is an architectural style and approach of large-scale networked software. It enables the systems to communicate with each other. Making stress on the easy exchange of information and scalability, REST represents how to define and address distributed data objects or resources.

REST aims to produce a representation of an object’s current state and present it over the network. We can get the content of resources in various formats, like HTML, XML, PDF, JPEG, JSON, and others. We access and use metadata about the resources to control caching, find transmission errors, discuss the specific representation format, complete authentication or access control.

REST offers 6 critical constraints showing any web service as a truly RESTful API service. They are uniform interface based on HTTP protocols, stateless, caching that improves performance, scalability and provides a better load for a server, separate and independent client-server, layered system, code on demand that enables coding or applets to be communicated via API and used within the app.

Today, REST shapes how we view, change, and share content online. Many popular web and cloud companies tested out and used REST APIs for their applications: Facebook, Twitter, Goggle, Youtube. Among REST API development companies, you can contact us. Our REST developers will do their best to help you develop a genuinely RESTful API project or deliver another efficient solution to your business.

GraphQL Development Services

What is GraphQL?

GraphQL is a computer language which has been publicly released in 2015. Due to the fact GraphQl is known for offering clients exactly what they need, this language increased its popularity over the years. In short, what is GraphQL and how can this technology make your app greater?

GraphQL is a query language for your API which lets developers describe the complex, nested data dependencies of modern applications. GraphQL is designed to operate over a single endpoint via HTTP, optimizing for performance and flexibility.

GraphQL queries access not just the properties of one resource but also smoothly follow references between them. While typical REST APIs require loading from multiple URLs, GraphQL APIs get all the data your app needs in a single request.

Long story short, the key benefits of GraphQL app development are:

  • Apps can use types to avoid writing manual parsing code.
  • Apps using GraphQL are fast and stable because they control the data they get, not the server.
  • Apps using GraphQL can be quick even on slow mobile network connections.

Our GraphQL developers can grow your app from a small project all the way to something big. Amazing scalability is one of the main reasons why companies prefer GraphQL. Of course, everything depends on your projects. Here we suggest you contact our astronauts to receive free tech advice about GraphQL and other technologies.

React Native Development Services

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source Javascript-based mobile application framework developed by Facebook. Creating a separate app for each platform is time-consuming, inconvenient, and expensive. React Native took the tech world by offering the opportunity for cross-platform development. The question is how React Native app development differs from other cross-development platforms.

React Native helps to quickly and easily develop applications for mobile devices on different operating systems using the same codebase. The technology is good for projects with easy functionality, eCommerce, social media, Javascript-based apps, and rapid development in short iterations. Since React Native allows you to render the application natively, we get a much higher speed compared to other cross-platform frameworks.

Initially, hybrid and mobile web apps were in high demand because of their uniqueness. However, the more complicated app is, the more bugs it faces. As a result, React Native was created to make development easier. With React Native development service, you can connect JS to native code and in-built native features.

Today, React Native application development services have huge community support. Hundreds of businesses and industries worldwide successfully adopted React Native. The technology was chosen as a good solution for mobile development by companies like Uber, Microsoft, Facebook, Tesla, Instagram, Skype, Pinterest.

MongoDB Development Services

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a cross-platform and document-oriented non-relational (NoSQL) database. It facilitates data integration by delivering high performance and easy scalability. MongoDB is free and open-source software. The question is whether MongoDB development is serviceable. What are the unique features of this database?

MongoDB development services meet modern development requirements. It’s used for event registration and storage, document control system, e-commerce, and monitoring of operational data. Its architecture guarantees today’s data is handled efficiently. MongoDB consists of a set of databases which in turn consists of collections where data is stored.

It’s a good choice both for startups and high-growth businesses. MongoDB helps companies handle heavy write loads, large data volumes, and location-based data. Tech giants such as Facebook, eBay, Uber, Google, Adobe, Stack use this technology.

Are you ready to fulfill your decisions using MongoDB or other technologies? Feel free to address KeenEthics for MongoDB consulting services. MongoDB consulting will help you drive and achieve a multitude of your ideas.

Svelte Development Services

What is Svelte?

Svelte web development is an MIT-licensed frontend compiler introduced by Rich Harris in 2016 and actively supported by Svelte team members. It’s a free, open-source, adaptable, and well-designed framework. Is Svelte an original and beneficial approach to creating web apps? Let’s walk through the details.

Svelte is a new approach to creating multifaceted user interfaces. It’s used for web apps for low-power electronics, highly interactive pages, complex visualizations, and for beginners in web development. The framework provides interoperability, code splitting, open-source maintenance, simple data storage, encapsulation, and smooth compatible transition from other frameworks. With Svelte development services, you get better performance, smaller application packages, and improved features.

You can start building apps using Sapper or Svelte Native. Both are built on Svelte. While Sapper is used for web development, Svelte Native helps create native device applications. The Svelte environment is on GitHub where you can either address for help or contribute to technology. It’s widely adopted by many companies like The New York Times, Rakuten, Avast, Apple, and Ikea.

Professional Svelte.js developers from KeenEthics will help you implement your ideas. If you have doubts about what technologies to choose from, you can always contact our specialists for advice.

Angular Development Services

What is Angular?

Angular is a popular open-source web and mobile software development. It is supported by Google and a community of developers. Today, it’s one of the best-performing web development JS frameworks. You may wonder what made Angular web app development so popular today.

We’ll recap the strengths that differentiate Angular development services among others. Angular technology incorporates a Model-View-Controller structure, two-way data binding, directives, pattern recognition, and JS community. With Angular software development, developers produce dynamic content with HTML. They don’t need to continually write extra code for synchronization.

Angular application development is a fully-fledged framework covering a range of functions. Though it’s not the easiest framework to use, the result is worth the time and resources you invest in. If this wasn’t the case, Google, Microsoft, Gmail, Forbes wouldn’t risk their reputation supporting the framework.

Angular development continues to gain popularity. In this way, we find it to be a good choice both in terms of business and development. If you still have some doubts, KeenEthics is ready to provide you with the best solutions.