Angular Development Services

What is Angular?

Angular is a popular open-source web and mobile software development. It is supported by Google and a community of developers. Today, it’s one of the best-performing web development JS frameworks. You may wonder what made Angular web app development so popular today.

We’ll recap the strengths that differentiate Angular development services among others. Angular technology incorporates a Model-View-Controller structure, two-way data binding, directives, pattern recognition, and JS community. With Angular software development, developers produce dynamic content with HTML. They don’t need to continually write extra code for synchronization.

Angular application development is a fully-fledged framework covering a range of functions. Though it’s not the easiest framework to use, the result is worth the time and resources you invest in. If this wasn’t the case, Google, Microsoft, Gmail, Forbes wouldn’t risk their reputation supporting the framework.

Angular development continues to gain popularity. In this way, we find it to be a good choice both in terms of business and development. If you still have some doubts, KeenEthics is ready to provide you with the best solutions.

Express.js Development Services

What is Express.js?

Express.js is a flexible, minimalist, scalable backend web framework. It’s a JavaScript framework that makes app development robust, fast, and easy. The framework is a proven well-known technology today. Let’s define whether web development with Express.js is as beneficial as with other technologies.

Express.js functionalities help you create single-page, multi-page, and hybrid web apps efficiently. So, it’s fully customizable in terms of the development process and the final app. Express.js development services have also inherited Node.js profitability and performance. Besides, it offers content negotiation, robust routing, application view options, environment-based configuration, dynamic view helpers, and session-based flash notifications.

You shouldn’t doubt the reliability of the platform. The framework supports many apps and sites like Paypal, Yahoo!, Wall Street Journal Online, Twitter, BlaBlaCar, and Stack.

KeenEthics is a company with hands-on experience in technologies as well as the Express.js app development framework. If you want to kick-start your software project, we’ll help you solve complex problems with coordinated decisions.

Meteor Development Services

What is Meteor?

Why is Meteor framework ranked so high in the list of top technologies? Because of the speed and efficiency. Since 2012, Meteor has been one of the most popular frameworks for building online desktop and mobile applications on the basis of Node.js development services. Mazda’s Car Configurator, Plutio, and many other powerful apps were built with Meteor.  

Meteor is an open-source JS framework used for rapid prototyping and cross-platform app development. It is used to write highly functional web solutions and real-time apps. The great benefit of Meteor lies in the fact that it allows for full-stack development

When our clients want to get a fast and scalable solution, they opt for Meteor software development. Our Meteor team actively supports this framework. The CTO of KeenEthics has been supporting the open-source community. He has even been trying to establish a Meteor development group here in Ukraine. 

Meteor deserves attention due to the benefits it offers. Our article describing Meteor powers will help you dive deeper into the reasons to choose a Meteor development company. 

Vue.JS Development Company

Vue.js development

In 2013, one of the former developers at Google, Evan You, decided to create Vue.js. His goal was to combine the power of Angular and the speed of React in one technology. As a result of his work, we got a framework with clean code and unprecedented speed. Today, Vue.js has become one of the “Big Three” frameworks for front-end development.

Vue.js is an open-source JS framework for building functional, adaptive, and beautiful user interfaces. It allows for swift and quality software development of any scope. Being easily approachable, Vue.js allows skilled developers to build flawless applications. They run perfectly on any device or screen dimension. 

Such corporate giants as Adobe, WizzAir, or Glovo are implementing the potential of Vue.js in their digital solutions. Besides, choosing Vue.js development agency is ideal for MVP development as the setup and configuration of Vue.js don’t take long. Dedicated Vue.js developers don’t need to spend extra hours on optimization. Vue.js and Next.js, a framework built on top of Vue, are also perfectly suitable for PWA development.

Node.js Development Company

Node.js Development Services We Offer

1 Consulting services: Our specialists can help you with code reviews, scaling, detecting issues affecting performance, implementing outsource node js development services or common web-development best practices.

2 Mobile development solutions: We continue to develop lightweight, adaptable, and high-performance apps under our nodejs development services.

3 Web app development services: Our years of experience have made us experts in Node.js software development. To develop robust and effective apps, we formulate strategies and offer new business opportunities with our high-end Node.js solutions.

4 UX/UI development for Node.js: To provide users with a positive and cohesive experience, we integrate Node.js to apply interactive and visual design principles on websites and web apps. 

5 Customization: Our team can add customized functionalities and make changes according to your project requirements.

6 Revision and integration: With KeenEthics, you can improve your product developed in Node.js or integrate this product with other technologies or tools. Our Node.js development team will help you with the right solution by developing APIs to enhance the functionality.

7 API development: As a node js web development company, we use Node.js technology to build secure and ready-for-use REST API from scratch in a short time frame.

Elasticsearch Development Services

Elasticsearch is not as well-known as many tools and technologies but used properly it can give mind blowing results. Let’s start from what is Elasticsearch and how it can improve your business.

In a few words, Elasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene. Elasticsearch is a distributed, multitenant-capable full-text (RESTful) search and analytics engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents capable of solving various use cases.

Firstly, Elasticsearch helps to perform and combine structured, unstructured, geo, metric, and any other searches needed.

Secondly, Elasticsearch aggregations help to zoom out to explore and analyze trends and patterns in data and understand the bigger picture. This type of Elasticsearch usage is recognized in E-Commerce projects and also loved by business analytics. As metaphorically mentioned on the official website, Elasticsearch helps to discover the expected and uncover the unexpected.

Take a look at some key Elasticsearch cons:

  • Speed;
  • Easy to install and setup;
  • The price (open source under the terms of the Apache License);
  • JSON over HTTP transfers;
  • Scalability (running on several servers is possible);
  • Real-Time indexation;
  • Multi-tenancy;
  • Possible to transfer to the Cloud.

Elasticsearch services are used by various companies and organizations, including such giants as GitHub, Stack Exchange, Blizzard, Dell, eBay, Warner Brothers, Netflix, Facebook, Slack, BBC, Walmart, USAA, and a lot more.

Hire Elasticsearch Developers

Hiring in-house teams or local market players can be expensive and burn a hole in the project budget. No wonder many businesses, from small to large, are looking for offshore partners.

Since for the last few years every future-oriented businesses are interested in data analytics, Elasticsearch development became a highly required service. Outsourcing this type of service allows companies to focus on core competencies and strategy. Therefore, outsourcing is not only effective for saving costs without additional risks but may also minimize business disruptions.

On our KeenEthics spaceship, Elasticsearch developers can build a search engine for your E-Commerce, Enterprise and other projects. Tell us more about your project and your ideas so we can help to find the most efficient solution for you to grow.

Braintree API Integration Services

Payment System Integration is one of the basic services you are going to look for when launching a business online. Braintree is one of the most trusted online payments gateway providers.

Braintree is a PayPal service. So you get Braintree’s innovative technology and support by one of the world’s most trusted fintech brands. This fact makes Braintree Payments safe. Therefore, Braintree development services are required on the market.

Braintree integration is a complex solution, and there are 4 products to choose from:

  • Braintree Direct. Used when you are looking for accepting direct payments;
  • Braintree Marketplace. Great when you want to power your marketplace;
  • Braintree Auth for those who want to take action on merchant’s behalf;
  • Contextual Commerce is used for creating connected commerce experience.

So if you want to go big and grow your business, Braintree API Integration will help you to achieve your goal. Braintree has the tools you need to grow internationally. With one integration, your business can accept online and mobile payments in 130+ currencies and 44 countries.

Braintree Integration helps businesses accept, process, and split payments to help maximize business opportunities and revenue growth.

Hire Braintree Developers

Outsourcing is one of the most popular tools to cut the software development costs and save up to 40% of the budget. What kind of work companies outsource? Front-end and back-end development, PayPal, Stripe, Braintree API Integration services, chatbot development, and a lot more.

The problem is, finding a trustworthy partner can take time. Many companies consider Eastern Europe, due to the closer proximity of time zones, similar values, and solid technological expertise. Ukraine remains one of the top IT outsourcing destinations in the region offering great results for reasonable prices.

Depending on the aspects that are important for your business, you may decide which vendor is better for you and hire Braintree Developers for effective cooperation.

On the KeenEthics spaceship, astronauts can provide the integration with technologies and tools like PayPal, Stripe, Elastic Search, and Braintree API Integration. Strong experience in back-end development guarantees the work will be done properly and on time. Contact us to find an effective solution for your project.

PayPal API Integration Services

Every E-Commerce project needs to be integrated with a Payment Processing System. We suggest choosing only trusted and world-known systems like PayPal Payment Processing System. PayPal makes it simple to get paid securely anywhere you do business: online, on mobile, in person or via an invoice. You can create a personal or business PayPal account.

PayPal Integration offers a few ways on how to accept payments:

  • On your website or app;
  • In person or in your store;
  • By email or phone.

What is great about the PayPal Payment System, you can easily integrate with Braintree for next-generation commerce solutions. On our KeenEthics spaceship, astronauts can provide any integration you need.

According to the Nielsen’s Online Buyer Insights, businesses that use PayPal API Integration can sell more. Up to 5.3% incremental new buyers, up to 44% higher checkout conversion with PayPal and up to 83% of PayPal shoppers are new to the business. In the list of PayPal partners you will find WooCommerce, Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and others.

The next step will be to find and hire PayPal API Developers and open new opportunities for your business.

Hire PayPal Developers

For many companies, software development services are budget-burners. To cut the software development costs many businesses hire offshore providers and outsource the part of the project or the entire project. In web app development, front-end development, back-end development, Stripe, Braintree, PayPal Integration services are the major parts businesses choose to outsource. The main difficulty is to find a reliable partner that has related experience and resources and can deliver a high-end product you need.

On the KeenEthics spaceship, we do not offer everything. We focus on front-end and back-end development, chatbot development, API Integration and other related services. We use wide-known JavaScript frameworks like Node.js, Vue.js, Redux.js, and others. We can provide Braintree, Stripe and PayPal API Integration and help to understand how the system works.

Contact us to choose the most efficient technologies and Payment Processing Systems and get some tips on how to build or improve your product.

Stripe API Integration Services

When integrating online business with a payment processing system, forward-thinking companies usually choose Stripe API Integration, PayPal or Braintree. Each of these systems works great. The choice mostly depends on your requirements.

Stripe is known as a powerful and flexible software platform for running a business online. Whether you are building a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, an e-commerce store, or a crowdfunding platform, Stripe Payment System will suit you.

The key features of Stripe are that in almost all cases, Stripe is a cheaper option than PayPal because of lower service fees. Stripe is an always-improving product that gains new features every month. Integrating Stripe API means you get early access to the latest technologies, from Apple Pay to Bitcoin.

Also, Stripe values data portability. If you decide to leave Stripe, your Stripe Developers can migrate your credit card data in a secure and PCI-Compliant way. It is good to know you have a choice, and will not be locked in forever.

Therefore, Stripe API Integration services are good for almost all fields:

  • Mobile Commerce;
  • On-demand Economy;
  • Software as a service;
  • Nonprofits;
  • Platform Payments.

World’s most innovative technology companies are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on Stripe. Kickstarter, Facebook, Slack, Asana, Wetransfer, Dribble, The Guardian and others use Stripe API Integration services to create the best possible product for users.

Hire Stripe Developers

For companies looking their ways to get savings outsourcing becomes one of the most prominent, and safe tools. Hiring an outsource Dedicated Development Team helps to save up to 40% of the software development costs. You can outsource front-end and back-end development, PayPal, Braintree, Stripe API Integration, and a lot more.

As an Agile-oriented company, here at KeenEthics we strive to satisfy the customer through an early and continuous delivery of high-quality software. Our back-end astronauts have experience using a wide range of technologies and tools for different purposes. Our Stripe API Developers can easily integrate your business with a robust payment system. If you need PayPal or Braintree API Integration, we can do that as well.

Contact our astronauts and find out what technologies will help you to achieve your business goals.

PhoneGap & Cordova App Development

2,5 times faster

it is to develop a hybrid mobile app than a native app.

What Is PhoneGap and Cordova?

Cordova, also known as Apache Cordova, is a cross-platform mobile app development framework, which was introduced in 2009. PhoneGap is the most popular distribution of Apache Cordova. PhoneGap and Cordova can be used interchangeably — there is basically only one difference between them. Cordova is free and open source, and so is PhoneGap, but the latter belongs to Adobe. If for some reason you prefer one over the other, we will gladly comply with your request. For us as for Cordova & PhoneGap app development company, there is barely any difference.

Cordova and PhoneGap application development offer a lot of benefits, chiefly — convenience and universality. Yet, these solutions are not a panacea. PhoneGap and Cordova are perfect for prototyping or for internal business applications, which serve as add-ons, not the core of your business. However, if a mobile app is in the essence of your business, you should choose native development instead.

Why PhoneGap and Cordova?

Cordova and PhoneGap let a developer build a mobile app with no knowledge of mobile technologies, only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Both Cordova and PhoneGap are open-source projects. They have large communities of devoted developers, who constantly update and support the frameworks.

PhoneGap and Cordova are supported by multiple libraries, tools, and plugins, which may greatly facilitate the development and advance the software solution.

Cordova and PhoneGap let you bypass the app store approval and deployment process, which will save you a lot of time and effort. Updating a Cordova app may be as simple as updating a website.

The apps built with PhoneGap and Cordova can be used on all popular mobile operating systems, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile.

Cross-platform development is by definition faster and cheaper than the native one. PhoneGap application development company lets you save on both development and maintenance.

What PhoneGap Development Services Do We Offer?

PhoneGap application

PhoneGap applications
maintenance and support

UI/UX development for PhoneGap

PhoneGap data management

Custom PhoneGap mobile
development solutions

PhoneGap migrating

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

Large enterprises can afford to go native. If you own a start-up or a small or medium business, you should choose a more cost-efficient option. By offering Cordova application development and PhoneGap development services, we let you save on building a mobile app for your business. This is how we help your company grow.

2 Building value

For the app to be not only affordable but also valuable, it has to perform impeccably. Cordova and PhoneGap apps are often associated with poor performance because there are a lot of inexperienced developers in the niche. KeenEthics specialists make sure that the app is high-quality and brings value.

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

Cross-platform development is a star known for efficiency and speed. But what if we can do it even faster? We have optimized the partner engagement process so that we could start working on the project as early as possible. The sooner we start, the sooner your app goes to the market.

4 Bringing tech expertise

KeenEthics professionals have a lot of experience with JavaScript and with mobile development in general. By involving software engineers in the process of idea discovery, we make sure that they understand what exactly is expected from a mobile app.

5 Protecting your data

Along with quality and efficiency, there is one more important point that cannot go unnoticed. Data security is an essential aspect of Cordova development. Our experts take the necessary legal and technical measures to make sure that your app data and information of your users are safe.


These are some web and mobile apps that we have developed:

Aurelia Development Services


websites are built with Aurelia, according to SimilarTech.

What is development and Quality Assurance?

Aurelia is a powerful platform for building web, desktop, and mobile applications. It is not a monolithic framework but a collection of open sourced feature-oriented JavaScript modules. These modules are written with JavaScript and TypeScript. Each of them can be used separately when developing any JS project. However, altogether, these modules offer a powerful app performance and a convenient development experience.

Aurelia offers an extensive set of plugins and tools, rich component model, dynamic UI composition, and routing. This platform is characterized by impressive rendering speed and efficient memory usage. Most importantly, it is the only JS framework that gets out of your way – it lets you write your code in plain JavaScript or TypeScript without imposing any extra requirements. This way, you can easily build an outstanding front-end experience of any web, mobile, or desktop app you can think of.

Why React Native App Development?

Easy to learn
With some knowledge of JavaScript and HTML, you can start working with Aurelia pretty soon. Learning a few essential things, you will be able to develop even the most complex app.

Such business giants as Microsoft, Momondo, and KFC use Aurelia to power their websites. Moreover, the Aurelia framework is open sourced and supported by a large dedicated community.

Aurelia offers consistent user experience and remarkable performance regardless of the complexity of your app. It is reactive and effectively batching DOM updates.

Aurelia is not a mere framework but a comprehensive ecosystem for software developers. It features a lot of official plugins and tools that facilitate the development experience.

Coding with Aurelia is simple because conventions let you focus not on the framework but on the code and the business logic of your app. Testing is also made easier with Aurelia’s unobtrusive approach.

With Aurelia, you can develop the front end of all kinds of apps – web, mobile, and desktop. Being simple but powerful, Aurelia can be used to build applications of any size and complexity.

What React Native Development Services Do We Offer?

Aurelia app development

Aurelia applications maintenance
and support

UI/UX development for

Aurelia data management

Custom Aurelia software
development solutions

Aurelia migrating

Why KeenEthics?

1 Empowering growth

We understand how important a high-quality application is for your business growth. By offering reliable and resource-efficient Aurelia development services, we help you get an app of the highest quality. As a convenient and customizable framework, Aurelia lets us implement any features and functions you desire. This way, the app brings the maximum benefit to your business.

2 Building value

We strive to make all our partnerships transparent and friendly. Only an honest and dedicated approach can help us build outstanding software solutions. This unique ethical attitude is the principal value that we offer. Alongside this, we work hard to accomplish our mission – to make the tech world devoted to the social good. Do you want to join us in this initiative?

3 Launching in a matter of weeks

The software development process takes time, and you cannot really shorten it without losing in terms of price or quality. Yet, what can be optimized is the partner engagement and project onboarding process. Our expert Partner Engagement Manager will hear out your ideas and needs, document them, and forward them to the development team. The project will be ready to start really soon.

4 Bringing tech expertise

KeenEthics employs only full-stack JavaScript software engineers. Some of our professionals have over ten years of development experience, and some have W3Schools certification. The quality improvement measures we implement include code reviews, pair programming sessions, and experience-sharing events. We will gladly share our technical expertise for the sake of your project success.

5 Protecting your data

Regardless of which development framework you choose, you should make sure that your app is not susceptible to technical errors or cyber-attacks. Along with technical data safety measures, there are legal information security measures that the development team ought to follow. When partnering up with KeenEthics, you can be sure that all the requirements are met.


These are some web and mobile apps that we have developed: