App Development Services

Maybe, there are a few businesses left that can successfully function without any web and software products. But most companies can significantly improve and grow their business with a help of desktop and mobile app development, chatbots, machine learning and artificial intelligence projects, and a lot of more.

Future-oriented FinTech companies promote themselves with banking apps, E-Commerce businesses integrate the application with other corporate tools and third-party platforms, such as payment systems, CRMs, ERPs etc.

So here are some tips on what to consider if you want to hire App Developers:

  • Do not make a decision based on a hasty Google search;
  • Think twice if you want to hire the cheapest app developer possible;
  • Check out company’s portfolio and case studies on their website and professional social networks;
  • If the company offers many different and unrelated services, it is not a good sign;
  • Look for reviews and social proof of your potential partner. If possible, contact their old and/or existing clients.

On our KeenEthics spaceship, we have strong expertise in Hybrid App Development. Native iOS and native Android development services are time-consuming and usually cost a lot. If you do not have specific requirements and are not sure which platform to choose, hire App Developers to build a multi-platform solution.

Cross-platform apps help businesses to reach a larger audience. With a hybrid app, you can go upon the Google Play Market and the App Store: one code works for all platforms and devices.

For app development we use the following technologies:

  • Phonegap;
  • Cordova;
  • Electron.

Also, our astronauts are good at Progressive Web Apps development. Progressive Web App (PWA) is a hybrid of a regular website and a mobile application. This model combines features offered by most popular browsers with the features of mobile experience.

Hire App Developers

For a lot of companies, in-house app development is unreasonable and very expensive. Hiring local software development service providers is not always as cost-effective as you would probably want it to be. That is why market players from different industries delegate app development to an offshore software development company.

There are a few essential benefits of hiring an offshore app development company:

  • Outsourcing is a great tool to cut costs and reduce the workload of your in-house teams.
  • You get an efficient solution at a reasonable price.
  • There is no need to spend time finding, hiring, and training new employees.
  • The overall process of app development takes less time. Teams may work on a product round-the-clock and launch it faster.

On our KeenEthics spaceship, we believe in Agile software development and do our best to deliver top-notch product to clients. We can build a cross-platform application from scratch or update an existing one. Feel free to contact us, receive a free consultation from our astronauts and hire a team that will develop an app you need.