Software Testing and QA Services

Creating a perfect final product with thorough development and expert Quality Assurance services

What Is Development and Quality Assurance?

After we thoroughly research the project idea, finalize the design, and process project requirements, the fundamental phase begins. Software developers start working on writing the project code. They work hand-in-hand with QA specialists, who are testing this code.

The software development process involves back-end (server-side) development and front-end (client-side) development. Software Quality Assurance testing services are conducted manually or automatically. Testing can be of a different type depending on its purpose. The result of the development and testing process is a software product, which we present to the partner.

What Do We Offer?

Development Services

  • Custom Web App Development
    Custom Web App Development
  • Cloud Application Development
    Cloud Application Development
  • Mobile App Development
    Mobile App Development
  • Internet of Things Development
    Internet of Things Development
  • Progressive Web App Development
    Progressive Web App Development
  • AI and Chatbot Development
    AI and Chatbot Development

Quality Assurance Services

Automated & Manual Testing
Both types of testing execute test cases and validate the software. While manual testing is conducted by a human tester, automated testing is conducted with the help of written code scripts. Usually, manual testing takes longer than QA automation testing services.
Exploratory Testing
This type of software Quality Assurance testing services is conducted without predetermined test cases. Instead, the tester checks the system on the go by investigating the system. This type of testing can be conducted only manually as it relies on cognitive thinking.
Compatibility Testing
Compatibility testing is aimed to check whether a software product can run properly on any device. QA specialists check the compatibility of a product with different OSs and their versions, different hardware, software, devices, platforms, networks, and browsers.
Functional Testing
Each software component has functional requirements, and the idea of functional testing is to check whether these requirements are followed. This type of testing is focused not on the process but on the results of the function execution.
UI/UX Testing
This type is focused on analyzing the efficiency of UI and UX design. The goal of it is to find the best way for a software product and its components to interact with the target audience. UX testing is a considerable part of the business analysis process.
Regression Testing
Regression testing is aimed to check whether after a certain change the software product works as well as it did before. It is a full or partial re-execution of test cases aimed to make sure that some changes did not affect the existing functionality.
Unit Testing
The object of unit testing is a single component of a software product rather than the product in general. A unit is the smallest part of the software that can be tested. It has a single output, and testing makes sure that this unit performs as it is expected to.
API Testing
API (application programming interface) testing is conducted at the business logic layer. It tests how the application interacts with API. The errors that API testing can identify are unused flags, security issues, performance issues, or reliability issues.
Performance Testing
The idea of performance testing is to estimate the stability and responsiveness of the app. This type of software QA services shows why a software product may lag or fail, where the bottleneck in the system is, and what is the heaviest data load that the system can handle.

Why KeenEthics?

1Empowering growth

The high-quality software product is a great way for you to optimize a certain process or to earn some additional profit, which in turn will let your business grow. We are here to help you develop this high-quality product. Through thorough development and continuous QA testing services, our team makes sure that the app fully meets your needs and works exactly as expected.

2Building value

KeenEthics does not chase profits. Our business mission sounds as follows: “We strive for a tech world devoted to the social good”. This is the business value that we strive to promote. If you share our vision and our desire to make the world a better place, we welcome you into a partnership and cooperation with us!

3Launching in a matter of weeks

We appreciate your time and respect your interests and needs. If you want to start the development in a week, our Engagement Manager along with developers and a PM will help you meet the deadline. Our team will make sure that such a swiftness does not affect quality. Development and Software Quality Assurance testing services can be both fast and effective.

4Bringing tech expertise

The hiring process at KeenEthics is challenging – we strive to work with people who know what they do and who share our business values. All our team members have sound technical expertise, considerable working experience, and an academic degree. Our developers and QA services specialists, together will designers, PMs, and BAs, comprise a professional team.

5Protecting your data

Regardless of what kind of software you plan to develop, data security should be your primary concern. Users will not forgive you if you let their private information be compromised even once. Our skillful developers make sure that their code is not susceptible to data breaches. After that, Quality Assurance specialists conduct performance testing and double-check it.


These are some web and mobile apps we have provided development and software Quality Assurance testing services to:

Now, let’s discuss your business idea!