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Comprehensive e-commerce platform for effective SEO optimization

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What Is The Check Network?

The Check Network is a unique business development and promotion platform, which presents universal solutions for companies from different industries. This ecommerce platform for SEO purposes is built as an international network, which combines localized price comparison websites in a variety of themes and subjects, ranging from coffee products to equestrian goods.

Each website offers a concise overview of all businesses marketing in a certain field and provides a side-by-side comparison of their prices. In this way, businesses are able to show their advantage over competitors and to target exactly the audience that they may appeal to. In turn, customers are offered a priceless opportunity to find a vendor or a service provider that suits them the most. Such an approach enables growing agencies, brands, and e-stores to get the most advantage from their platforms by promoting their products or services to the specific target groups and generating extra sales. This ecommerce platform for SEO is not about economizing or underperforming. Instead, it is all about doing the right thing in the right place and at the right time.

Our Cooperation


The first priority of this client was scalability: as the network grows more extended, new business domains are added. Respectively, the client wanted to be able to introduce such structural changes by himself without asking for help from developers. More than that, scalability directly translates in a constantly increasing data load, which is bound to bring about another challenge – data security and reliability. Finally, choosing the best ecommerce platform to advertise or to consult with, users pay attention to the topicality of data presented there. Therefore, impeccable synchronization is another challenge for the platform to be updated 24/7.

Our Team

This project was designed and managed by the client himself. On our part, we provided him with three proficient software developers and an expert QA specialist to bring his idea of the ecommerce platform for SEO and business vision to life.


As the client is well-experienced in the field, he has done all the business analysis, UI/UX design, and marketing by himself. Our job was to develop a perfect web application. For the development of this ecommerce platform for SEO, we have used Meteor and React.


Our client as the Project Manager insisted that we work according to the principles of Scrum, and we fully agreed to it. The requirements were altering, new features were added, the prioritization of tasks underwent changes on a regular basis. Scrum is the best PM methodology for flexible cooperation in such circumstances.

What Makes The Check Network Special?

Being the first and the only

The Check Network is the one and only web network that enables companies choosing the best ecommerce platform both to promote their business or brand online and to generate extra turnover. Unlike other similar platforms, The Check Network does not want to play the role of an intermediary between a business and a user. Instead, brands and companies create their own business profile on the platform, where they provide their direct contact details. The platform also allows you to boost your conversion rates with discount codes and special offers.

Universality and visibility

The Check Network is an ecommerce platform for SEO that integrates meaningful and relevant pieces of content into a universal shopping environment. For a start-up or a small local company, it is neither efficient nor effective to create and optimize their website. Instead, they can make use of The Check Network’s visibility and be listed in the top Google search results. Similarly, you profit from the growing popularity of the platform on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, the network offers distinctions by business fields, so it makes sure that a business is connected with the right user and a user is connected with the right business.

Cooperation and transparency

The idea of The Check Network is to become not a service provider but a partner for your business and the best ecommerce platform. They are inspired by the opportunity to cooperate with your business and to improve sales results together with you. Respectively, The Check Network does not prioritize profit. Instead, they suggest that you pay separately for each received order, which means that your expenses would depend on results.

Fair pricing

The Check Network offers three subscription plans: a free one, a standard one for 10 euros per month, and an advanced one for 25 euros per month. Depending on its budget possibilities and business needs, the company is able to choose any plan without any unexpected charges.

The Check Network is a unique mix of simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, which defines the success of business promotion. It is the best ecommerce platform for those who are looking for a business partner rather than a service provider


Due to their responsiveness & patience, the collaboration itself progressed smoothly from start to finish, resulting in a high-quality product & ensuring their continued engagement.

Maarten Pieter Maarten Pieter Overvliet, the Netherlands

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