Duration: 1 month. 1 developer. Full cycle of React web app.

Increasing loyalty of existing clients


Revenue management machine-learning based service Paceup provides the user with flexible charts and reporting. The application visualizes Python REST API of the service and generated data that can later be used for improving revenue management performance and subsequent revenue grows of the business.

Importance of Revenue Management

These days, there are very few successful businesses that consider revenue management unnecessary. It is virtually impossible to help the company boost the revenue growth if it has no tools to connect with their customers or understand changes in their business.

The revenue management of the previous decades is the procedure based on pricing by occupancy-level or plain seasonal strategies. The revenue management of today is almost supernatural mechanism. Due to the implementation of machine learning into their daily operations, hotels shifted to open pricing. They forecast booking curves in real time and make corresponding adjustments. The most successful hotels change their prices hundreds of times every day.

Extraordinary revenue management is exactly the kind of service that Paceup provides. Paceup has an amazing setup that generates very real revenue improvement. The application revolutionizes revenue management by giving your business the power to always set an optimal price.

Revenue Management Style

Many companies in hospitality industry manage their revenues through rules and manual overrides in their channel management, which is time-consuming and not particularly effective at times. Paceup enables the business to dynamically respond to changing demands of the market, which makes an appreciable impact on revenues. Paceup provides the companies with a very clear vision for changes that are necessary to foster their growth. Thus, you receive a great operational consultant and financial advisor in one application.

Paceup for Your Business
  • Forecasting in Real-time

Paceup enables your business to forecast booking curves ahead of the time. It foresees the unusual patterns and gives you the ability to respond immediately. Based on the obtained data, you can adjust your pricing for each segment, room-category, and a night spent in your hotel.

  • Actualizing price sensitivity

Paceup is based on the machine learning algorithms. This means that the application enables demand forecasting at any price, which is a significant leap from the previous years when the revenue management relied on unconstrained demand. Now, the ability to capture optimal revenue is extended on each and every point of the booking curve.

  • Gorgeous intuitive interface

Despite Paceup being a comprehensive data management tool for business, it has intuitive user-friendly and beautifully designed interface. It elegantly arranges even the most complex data into a coherent visualization. No training is required to figure out the dashboard functionality, and the user is able to start working right away.

Contribution of KeenEthics

KeenEthics developed front-end for this application. We are proud to have created a smooth user-friendly interface for Paceup. Our achievements on this project also include the implementation of beautiful graphs of data and successful application of the results of client’s machine learning calculations. We are delighted to know that the client was completely satisfied with our work.